This handy kneeling pad from Laser Tools (part number 6407) includes the innovative feature of two rows of twelve surface mounted LEDs built-in – throwing plenty of light upwards when underneath or at the side of a vehicle.

Useful dimensions of 460mm x 270mm and manufactured from thick 30mm closed-cell foam, this kneeling pad is water and oil resistant and ideal for breakdown, wheel changing or general workshop use. Powered by three AA batteries. Particularly useful as a head-rest when sliding under the car.

One of these useful products that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again it’s available now from More >


The B-G Racing Digital Dual Axis Angle Gauge can be used to measure absolute and relative angles to 0.1° accuracy in single and dual axis.

It features a large back-lit LCD screen, a hold button to freeze the display, a programmable audio buzzer, auto power off function and V-shaped multiple magnetic sides for easy mounting.

The digital gauge has low power consumption with a re-chargeable battery life of 40-hours. A USB and a mains charger are included in the kit, which is priced at £89.99 inc VAT.

For more details contact 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.


SECURLUX safety film effectively protects vehicle windows from forced-entry by containing the breakage. The safety film offers splinter, intrusion and UV protection properties and is already used to safeguard the windows of German government vehicles. In addition, the film protects occupants from aggressive UV-rays.

Unlike window tinting films, SECURLUX is virtually clear and is permitted to be installed on car front side windows in the UK (testing with a light meter and certification is required in Germany but unless your window tints are already only marginally legal, a police light meter check is unlikely to be necessary in the UK).

Foliatec SECURLUX More >


Omex has just released its new “Direct to Head” throttle bodies for 2- and 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engines.

The system combines individual 45mm diameter throttle bodies with the inlet manifold in one compact casting to allow the system to be installed in a confined space, thus making it ideal for kit cars as well as road and competition vehicles. The system is especially suited to early Escorts and Westfield type cars as the throttle bodies are short, leaving extra room for longer horns.

The fuel rail can be positioned above or below the throttle bodies or the system can be fitted with More >


A new year means a new Burton Power catalogue.

The 2016 edition will be available over the counter at Burton’s store in Ilford, Essex, by request from the Burton website and it will be sent out free of charge to all customers that are registered with Burton Power.

The annual is essential reading for any modern or classic Ford fan as well as anyone with a Ford-based kitcar, of course. The catalogue features all the main performance brands that Burtons sell, including Weber, Vibra Technics, Samco, Titan, Revotec, Quaife, Mintex, Magnecor, OMEX, K&N, Kent, Jenvey, GAZ, Forge, Cosworth and hundreds more that More >


The new year always brings with it some exciting new ‘go faster’ catalogues and 2016 is no exception. The latest Kent Cams catalogue will be available, free of charge, at Autosport International January 7-11 and thereafter direct from the meisters of bump-sticks.

It contains comprehensive listings of all the camshaft applications and profiles from their current range plus some new ones that will be introduced during 2016.

There are also details for the various Kent accessory ranges including: valve springs and collars, cam followers, vernier pulleys and other valve gear products.

For more details call them on 01303 248 666 or visit ENDS.

More >


The Onyx Series™ Flexible Heat Shield is DEI’s next generation of heat protection performance.

Using a combination of advanced textiles and a reliable standoff bracket design, the product has a rich, black finish and provides maximum cooling and heat dissipation thus preventing heat soak and burns.

DEI’s new Onyx Series Heat Shield joins two durable materials together to form a dual-layer design. The outer layer is a heat-treated glass fibre impregnated with molten aluminium that is formed into a tight weave for durability and strength. The inside material is a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) that withstands extreme heat More >


In the run up to Christmas, Doncaster College took delivery of a nice present –a GBS Zero kit.

Students and tutors from Doncaster College visited Great British Sportscars for a tour and to order a GBS Zero kit. Well done to all concerned.

Ruth Hall of Great British Sportscars takes up the story: “A few months ago we were approached by staff at Doncaster College. They were interested in giving their students the opportunity to build their own car from scratch and a kit car seemed liked the ideal option, so after a visit to the GBS Factory from two members of More >


Comma has announced an all-new product, plus significant replacement upgrades to three existing items in its extensive range of 28 gear and transmission oils. Providing additional coverage of 7.4 million cars in the UK, all are covered by Comma’s unique 100 per cent Compatibility & Quality Guarantee and are available from January 18th. Full product details and applications data are online at and also available from Comma factors and distributors.

New Product

Fuel economy Comma MVMTF Plus 75W – the latest introduction – is a low viscosity fully synthetic gear oil for vehicles requiring a 75W API GL-4 lubricant. Supplied in 1L, More >


The compact B-G Racing pyrometer is easy to use for both left- or right-handed users.

The pyrometer records three temperatures per tyre and stores up to 10 sets of memory at any time. The device has the ability to calculate the average tyre temperatures for each side of the vehicle, the cross corners and the axles.

An auto-lock recording feature is incorporated, which means once the highest temperature is seen it is automatically recorded and the user can move to the next location on the tyre.

All four brake temperatures can be recorded and stored in the 10 sets memory, but the brake More >

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