The Mazda MX5 is very much a cultural automotive icon nowadays, a car that’s won over legions of fans thanks to its cheeky looks, beguiling handling and fantastic personality, with many in use as kitcar donors.

The MX5’s un-paralleled success means that there’s now a bewildering array of themed merchandise available for all four generations, though these newly launched Mk3 MX5 computer mice from IL Motorsport might just be the coolest (not to mention useful) yet.

Based around the ever-popular third generation MX5 and available in either wired or wireless forms, the computer mice are available through MX5 Parts, look great and manage to strike the perfect balance between realism and functionality. They offer an impressive amount of detail and are precisely cast from high quality moldings, and both wired and wireless versions can be ordered in either white or red.

The wheel has been neatly positioned in the middle of the bonnet and features a smooth, easily controlled scrolling action. The bonnet itself has been ‘split’ down the middle, with the resulting left and right sections now functioning as the mouse’s buttons, and both feature a satisfying ‘clicking’ action.

Both wired and wireless versions come with red light up rear headlights, a touch that helps lend both products an impressively professional quality.

As already mentioned, the mice are available in either wired or wireless forms. The former features a tough, plastic-protected cable with a USB attachment that enables it to connect to all mainstream PCs, Macs and Laptops. The wireless mouse also comes with a USB plug, albeit one with a wireless receiver, and again can be used in conjunction with all popular computer hardware.

It produces a strong signal that can be relied upon to provide reliable connectivity from an impressive range, while the mouse itself can be simply and effectively used on a wide variety of surfaces and at an impressive distance from the USB receiver. It will require the buyer to purchase two x2 AAA batteries, as these are not supplied with the mouse.

Priced at £24.95 inc VAT, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a wired or a wireless version, both will be equally good at promoting your passion for Mazda’s fantastic little sportscar, and both will serve to brighten up any office or workspace you place them in.

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