IVA and…

IVA UPDATE……… Here’s our list of manufacturers who have advised us that they have had a car PASS IVA. The number of ‘passes’ we’ve been told about is 60.…if you are a manufacturer, or know of a manufacturer we haven’t got listed then please do advise, and we’ll add them.


Manufacturer Model
AGM Sportcars WLR
AK Sportscars AK427
Amphibious Cars Surf
Autotune (Rishton) UK Aristocat
Beauford Cars Beauford
Birkin Europe S3
Blitzworld JoyRider Sport & Howie
Caterham Cars Seven & CSR
Chesil Motor Company Chesil Speedster
DC Supercars DC Roadster
DJ Sportscars (DB Replicas) DAX 427
Furore Cars Formula One
Fury Sports Cars Fury
Gardner Douglas Sportscars GD427
Gentry Motor Car Company Gentry TF
GKD Sportscars Legend & Evolution S
Great British Sportscars Zero
Hawk Cars HF3000 & 289
Marlin Sports Cars Sportster & Hunter
MAC#1 Motorsports Type ZR
MEV Ltd Exocet, Sonic, Missile & Eco-Exo (MSVA)
MNR Ltd VortX
Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd Classic 140 & C-type
Peninsula Sportscars Minari
Pilgrim Cars (DB Replicas) Sumo
Quantum Heritage SunRunner
Quantum Sports Cars Xtreme
Race Car Replicas RCR40
RAW Engineering Fulcrum, Striker & Phoenix
RoadRunner Racing SR2
Road Track Race Ltd Atomic, Rocket and tR1ike (MSVA)
RS Motorsport Evo200
Saturn Sports Cars Saturn Roadster
SDR Sportscars V-Storm
Sebring International Exalt & TMX
Southern GT Southern GT
Spire Sports Cars GT-R
Sylva Autokits J15 & J16
Tiger Racing HS6, GTA, Avon, Aviator & R6/R10
Tornado Sports Cars TS40
Typhoon Sportscars Mojo 2
Ultima Sports Can-Am & GTR
Z Cars Monte Carlo
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