UK Donor Listing – Who uses what…

Here’s another extremely handy list that is a quick cross-reference guide to possible donor vehicles. You can see just what’s currently available for every donor catered for and then cross reference it against our manufacturers list, where you’ll find the website and phone number for each respective manufacturer.

BMW 3-Series based
GKD Sports Cars GKD Evolution S
GKD Sports Cars GKD Legend
Great British Sports Cars Zero
JBA Motors Falcon
JWE Motorsport Thruxton GT200
MAN Motorsport Rush
Marlin Cars Sportster
MK Engineering Beam-R
MNR Ltd VortX
Vindicator Cars Vindicator range
BMW 5-Series based
Vindicator Cars Vindicator range
BMW 7-Series based
Vindicator Cars Sprint range
BMW Z3 based
Bertini Bertini GT25
Stuart Taylor Motorsport STM-A
Stuart Taylor Motorsport STM-3000
Tribute Automotive Z300S
Tribute Automotive Kobra
Audi A4 based
Deronda Cars Type F
Citroën 2CV based
Pembleton Motor Co SuperSports
Pembleton Motor Co Brooklands
Ribble Kits & Classics Pilot CV
The 2CV Shop Mehari replica
Ford Cortina based
Aries Motorsport Loco-range
Tiger Racing Avon
Tiger Racing Avon Classic
Ford Cougar based
DNA Automotive 5Scudo
DNA Automotive DN8
Ford Escort Mk2 based
Aries Motorsport Loco-range
Autotune Gemini
Fury Sports Cars Fury
MK Sportscars MK Indy
Raw Striker Ltd Striker
Ford Granada based
Vindicator Cars AS427
Vindicator Cars Venom
Fiero Factory V2
Sebring International TMX
Sebring International MXR
Sebring International ZX
Ford Sierra based
Fury Sports Cars Fury
GKD Sportscars GKD Evolution
Marlin Cars Sportster
MAN Motorsport Rush
MK Sportscars Indy
MK Sportscars HSR
Quantum Sports Cars Xt
Raw Engineering Striker
Raw Engineering Fulcrum
Raw Engineering Phoenix
Spire Sportscars GT-R
Tiger Racing Tiger range
Tiger Racing Avon GTA
Vindicator Cars Shadow
Vindicator Cars Sprint
Vindicator Cars Sprint Family
Vindicator Cars Sprint XL
Vindicator Cars Vandicator
Vindicator Cars Vindi-Sprint4
Vindicator Cars Vulcan
Ford Fiesta Mk5
FRS Arrow Arrow
Ford Focus based
Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd MEV Missile
Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd MEV Sonic
Road Track Race Rocket
Road Track Race Atomic
Road Track Race tR1ke
Ford Mondeo based
Supersnake Supersnake
Vindicator Cars F4
Honda Civic based
Marlin Cars 5EXi
Jaguar based (XJ6/XJ40)
AK Sportscars AK 427
Autotrak Cobretti Viper
Autotune Aristocat
Crendon Replicas CR 427
Dunford Classic Cars C-type
Dunford Classic Cars D-type
Dunford Classic Cars Lightweight E-type
Gardner Douglas GD 427
Gardner Douglas GD T70
Nostalgia Cars UK Classic 120
Nostalgia Cars UK C-type
Realm Engineering D-type
Realm Engineering Heritage C-type
Realm Engineering Ram SC
Realm Engineering XKSS
Suffolk Jaguar Suffolk SS100
Suffolk Jaguar Suffolk C-type
Lancia Beta based
Hawk Cars Ltd HF 2000/3000
Lister Bell Automotive STR
Land Rover Discovery based
Action Automotive Storm Warrior 2
Dakar 4×4 Designs & Conversions Dakar 4×4
NCF Motors Sahara
Lexus SC430 based
MI6 Cars Cali
LTI Taxi based
Imperial Motor Company Imperial range
Lotus Elan 2+2 based
Spyder Engineering 2+2 Conversion
Mazda MX-5
Aries Sports Cars Aries
Aspire Kit Cars Aspire
Ewens Sportscars Ewens Roadster
Great British Sports Cars Zero MX
Healy Designs Enigma
MEV Ltd Exocet
MNR Ltd VortX MX-5
Replicar DBR1
RoadRunner Racing SR-2
Stuart Taylor Motorsport STM-XII
Stuart Taylor Motorsport STM-TR
Tribute Automotive MX GT
Westfield Sports Cars SDV
Widow Sports Cars SPR
Mercedes Benz SL based
DNA West Coast V8
MG Midget/Sprite
Hall’s Garage Rana
Hall’s Garage Sebring SS
Sammio Motor Company Silverstone
MGB based
Hawk Cars Ltd 289 range
RPS Engineering RP251
VeeBee Wing VeeBee Wing
MGF based
De Havilland Motor Company DGT GT & GTS
Sylva Autokits Vectis
Mini based
ABS Group ABS EuroLamme etc
Auto Fashion Minicos/Magic
Lynx AE R1 Mini Conversion
Marcos Heritage Spares Heritage Mk VI
Minus Cars Minus
Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd NC1000 Coupé (Ogle SX)
Pro-Motive Ltd Pro-Motive Mini
Watson’s Specialist Cars Watson’s Mini
Z Cars Mini Bike engine conversion
Z Cars Monte Carlo
Range Rover based
Action Automotive Storm Warrior
Dakar Cars Dakar 4×4
NCF Motors Traka
Reliant Scimitar
Ribble Kits & Classics Ribble G-46
Rover Metro/100 based
Alternative Cars Midas Cortez (100)
Alternative Cars Midas Excelsior (100)
Alternative Cars Midas Gold Convertible (Metro)
Rover 200 based
Marlin Cars 5EXi
Subaru Impreza based
SDR Sportscars V-Storm WR3
Suzuki Jimny based
Tim Dutton Amphibious Cars Surf
Suzuki Vitara
NCF Motors Out Bak
Toyota MR2 Mk1 based
Furore Cars Furore F1
Toyota MR2 Mk2 based
Fiero Factory F355
Fiero Factory MR40
Jakabi JA8
JH Classics DGT VII
MR2 Kits GTA
Rtec Motorsports La Bala
Veranti Motor Company Veranti Coupe
Vindicator Cars Veleno
Toyota MR2 Mk3 based
DNA Automotive DNA 3sixty
DNA Automotive DNA 4thirty
JH Classics DGT VII Spyder
Turismo UK Avalanche GT
Toyota Celica Mk7
Veranti Motor Company VXF Sport
Veranti Motor Company Vivace
Triumph Herald/Spitfire based
Sammio Motor Company Pilot
Sammio Motor Company Navigator
Tiger Racing HS6
Tribute Automotive A352
VW Beetle based
Blackjack Cars Zero (Engine & Gearbox)
Chesil Speedster
DoonBuggies Doon Buggy
Flatlands Engineering Manxter
Kingfisher Kustoms Chenowth
Kingfisher Kustoms Kango
Martin & Walker Technic Speedster
Renegade Speedsters Speedster
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