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Boreham Motorworks the racing division of the DRVN Automotive Group has signed a licensing agreement with Ford Motorsport to produce a total of seven ‘continuation’ models of Ford legends under the ‘Icons Re-Imagined’ banner.

The first two announcements are RS200 and Mk1 Escort. Prices and full specification details are yet to be announced but given the pedigree, it’s expected that they will want for nothing and feature liberal use of carbon-fibre.

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With statistics showing that people are 30 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads in rain than in snow*, renowned car care specialist, Invisible Glass, is urging drivers to look at how to prevent these accidents by ensuring their windscreens are clear.

While drivers are hoping for nicer weather this summer, residents in the UK are usually prepared for a lot of rainy days regardless of the season, and with statistics from Highways England showing the risk of accidents due to rain, Invisible Glass has a solution that will reassure drivers.

There are multiple options available to More >


When working on high-end, show-quality classic vehicles or automotive displays, the fit and finish of the fasteners is just as important as the paint and bodywork. For example, chrome-plated fasteners can be damaged easily, especially when using standard metal spanners and sockets. That’s why Laser Tools has introduced this specialist non-marring imperial (AF) Socket/Wrench Insert Set (part number 8468).

With top-class classic or show vehicles, fasteners can be plated, anodised, chemically passivated or even painted. Lots of care and attention has been put into building and preparing these vehicles, so extra care and attention is also required when working on them. More >


Leading supplier of auto accessories and private labelling manufacturer, Simply Brands, has an incredible range of tools to allow technicians to complete their everyday work.

The ever-growing Simply Tools portfolio covers everything from Allen keys, multimeters and pliers to ratchets, screwdrivers and spanners, plus many more. The company prides itself on the high quality of the entire range, with many made of premium chrome vanadium, and the ergonomic design, that makes them comfortable and easy to use. In addition, they are all backed with a one-year guarantee.

The vast majority of Simply’s tools come as sets because technicians rarely need just one socket, for instance. More >


Steering rack boot (or gaiter) replacement: if you pop the track-rod end and then unscrew it to remove the old rack boot you will affect the front wheel tracking. Yes, you can count the threads, etc, and get the track rod back in approximately the same position, but it won’t be 100 per cent correct.

However, with this easy-to-fit steering rack boot kit from Connect Workshop Consumables (part number 37663), you simply pop the track rod end, then using the specially-designed fitting cone, stretch the new boot over the track-rod end and across to the steering rack housing. Quick and easy, More >


Milltek Sport is future-proofing the heart of the UK modified car scene by ensuring its performance stainless steel exhaust systems for popular fast Fords are fully ECE-compliant.

Ever since it was founded in the 1980s, Milltek Sport has had a soft spot for blue oval products. Whether they have worn an XR, RS or ST badge, fast Fords have always performed and sounded better at the hands of Milltek Sport.

It has been quick to launch its Ford applications, too. As well as its enthusiasm for the brand, Milltek Sport’s near unique position in being able to significantly invest in its own More >


The latest addition to Webcon’s unrivalled range of Weber intake manifolds is a one-piece item that allows the fitment of a pair of Weber 40DCOE carburettors to the Sunbeam Alpine 1725cc sportscar.

Part number MW3040 has an overall length of 80mm and a head port diameter of 34mm. It features a threaded take-off port in one of the runners to allow the servo vacuum pipe to be retained. There is also a pair of 5/16 UNF captive threads to provide attachment points for the Webcon LP5400 rod linkage (which is available separately from Webcon dealers).

MW3040 is priced at £483.39 inc VAT as a More >


Derek Buckler in his Mk5. The car that started an industry in 1949


Welcome to totalkitcar online …

A warm WELCOME TO totalkitcar online … Back after a well-earned two-week break in Alsace and pleased to find – amongst all the emails and post waiting for me was a copy of Robin Hunter’s brilliant book ‘Twickenham Motorcars’ which deals with exactly as it says on the tin! It’s a cracking little book and a snip at £13 and sure to be of interest to specialist car enthusiasts.

You can buy a copy directly from Robin via More >


STEVE HOLE tells the story of the UK’s first Porsche 911 replica. No, it wasn’t the Covin, rather, we’re talking about the Pulsar.

When we think of Porsche 911 replicas one always instantly thinks ‘Covin’. However, it may be the best-known but it wasn’t the first. That accolade belongs to the Pulsar!

That’s Mike ‘Parky’ Parkington, of Lemazone behind the wheel of the Pulsar demo car. Pic taken at Castle Combe in September 1986 by the author.

Unlike the Covin the Pulsar didn’t use a shortened VW Beetle floorpan but rather a box section ladderframe instead, although the veedub parts bin was plundered for More >


If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of a throttle sticking open, or not returning fully to idle, this new component from Webcon will be of special interest.

Webcon is pleased to announce the introduction of an external return spring system for the Weber DCOE carburettor. An external return system is now mandatory for most race series, but it is also a useful addition for road car owners who would like to speed up their carburettor’s return to idle and benefit from a fail-safe mechanism to guard against a throttle sticking.

The Webcon External Return Spring System is suitable for all More >

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