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A mention of a great kitcar name – the Rush, leads me this week to XCS Designs. They are best known for being the manufacturers of the brilliant XCS427, designed by former DAX duo, Peter Walker and Gary Sanders.

There have been plenty of developments lately at the sparkling new Saffron Walden workshop of XCS, run by Harvey Rice. The company has announced an entry-level version of the XCS 427, while regular visitors to their Facebook page in recent months will have seen news of a new Rush-inspired model.

New chassis for brand new XCS model completed

It will feature a new round More >


John Kox, currently the boss of JK Sportscars, the home of the DAX 427 Cobra replica actually began his kitcar career via his DAX Benelux company, which, from 1995, acted as agent for Brian and Pam Johns’ Harlow-based company.

John sold a large number of DAX Rush kits in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg although later also acted as an agent for the Cobra replica, too, which later led to him buying the project and the setting up of JK Sportscars.

I received an email from John this week, telling me that he has been helping a few owners with parts and More >


If your car’s brightwork isn’t looking so bright then Europa Specialist Spares might well have the answer?

It won’t be long before the top is down and you are cruising out in the sunshine. Europa has thousands of parts available for your classic, retro or kitcar to help bring it back to life this Spring.

Their range of high-quality parts features many OEM-style and custom-look interior and exterior mirrors, door handles, hinges, interior parts, engine dress-up products, boot racks, fuel caps, plus much, much more.

Various items are available including a single-bolt 90mm bullet mirror in chrome with a convex lens at £28.75 More >


Leading UK air treatment manufacturer Meaco has announced what they are calling new dawn for dehumidifiers with the launch of MeacoDry Arete One – compressor dehumidifier/air purifier.

A Morris Minor Traveller in a auto bodywork repairshop

Their new product is the result of nearly five years of development involving gathering feedback from over 2000 customers about what they liked and disliked about their Meaco dehumidifiers.

Having obtained ideas and a deeper and clearer insight into how the typical British customer uses their dehumidifier, Arete One was created not from the viewpoint of what is cheapest to manufacture or what will be easiest to put together, but from More >


For more than 120 years, British company Castrol has been at the forefront of oil technology. Company founder Charles Wakefield launched his first vehicle engine oil in 1906, a pioneering blend of mineral and castor oils that offered unrivalled lubrication properties. Since then, and through many further innovations, Castrol oils have lubricated the beating heart of everything from speed records to Mars missions.

Interestingly, Castrol was the first company of its kind to promote its products through sponsorship, which swiftly led to advertising and merchandising. By 1946, when the iconic Castrol Classic branding was launched, Castrol offered a wide range of More >


New from Rally Design is this new Blackline Commercial Pressure Washer.

Inspired by the best German product and developed in the UK, the CPW2030 is probably the best value commercial quality washer sold in the UK.

It features all-metal construction with a powerful induction motor it should not be confused with the cheaper ‘plastic’ machines.

The CPW2030 is supplied with both short and long lances which can both quickly accept either soap pot or turbo-rotary nozzle, offering rapid flexibility of usage. A well thought out package of accessories.

Part number CPW2030 costs £269.79 inc VAT.

More information from 01227 792 792 or via ENDS.

More >


It can be frustrating when confronted with a hex or Torx® fastener that has become damaged, cross-threaded or jammed, and then becomes even more damaged and rounded-off as you attempt to remove it.

Of course, you can drill and use a stud extractor, or drill it out completely, but that is time-consuming and potentially damaging. Instead, reach for these handy extractor sets from Laser Tools, one set for damaged hex fasteners (part number 8052), the other for damaged Torx® fasteners (part number 8053).

The left-hand tapered spiral design bites into the bolt or screw and grips more as more torque is applied.

The 8052 Hex More >


New and in Sealey’s Spring 2021 Promotion you can find their SCT03 and SCT27 Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning Tanks.

Many of their features are similar, the main difference being the tank capacity. SCT03 has a 3-litre tank whereas the SCT27 has a 27-litre tank, simply choose the model which best suits your needs. Designed for the professional, these parts cleaning tanks can be used by garages, jewellers, dentists, hobbyists and more.

Both come equipped with a de-gas function to help improve the cleaning process and a special feature is the soft cleaning mode, enabling you to clean your more fragile items.

Using ultrasonic wave More >


Now we’re able to travel more freely again, there are doubtless quite a few cars out there that haven’t had the care they’re used to over the last 12 months.

These are the times when we need our vehicles to perform faultlessly, yet the law of dynamic negatives suggests that they are the very occasions when something will happen. Statistically speaking, a flat tyre is one of the most common causes of a roadside breakdown.

While it is impossible to predict what lies in the path of our car tyres, Road Hero is mitigating the distress of a flat tyre with an innovative More >


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A VERY warm welcome to totalkitcar online … Another slightly odd year 2021 – as we know – but it’s a year of notable automotive anniversaries topped off by the Jaguar E-type’s sixtieth birthday.

Welcome to totalkitcar online

Another very pertinent one is the seventieth anniversary of the launch of the BMC A-Series. Crikey, there’s been more than a few thousand fitted to – or powering – a wide panoply of kitcars of all flavours and shapes and sizes. Anything Classic Mini-based, for a start.

An 803cc version first arrived blinking into the daylight at the Earls Court Motor More >