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STEVE HOLE tells the story of the little-known sixties LANDER R6 kitcar and the company behind it.

The Lander R6 was a little-known, yet pretty cool sixties kitcar built by a company with a real racing car history that could trace its origins back to the late nineteenth century.

Founded by an enterprising chap called Ernest Randall in Dartmouth Street, Birmingham in 1895, the operation was officially known as E. A Radnall Company.

Under-rated Landar R6 kitcar

Back then cycling was becoming a very popular pastime in the UK and old Ernest had been a handy Penny Farthing racer. He started to produce a More >


After shining a spotlight on the ongoing dependence that vehicle manufacturers (VMs) have made on the 12-volt battery for all their models, whether petrol, diesel, hybrid or fully electric, Ecobat Battery is again highlighting an important message to the independent service and repair sector, this time on the subject of upgrading their replacement.

The issue the UK’s largest battery distributor is raising concerns the quality of the 12-volt battery that the VMs have selected as original equipment (OE), particularly for their electric vehicles (EV), which in many cases is a standard lead acid battery as opposed to an AGM (absorbent glass More >


Let’s be honest, a starter motor is a pretty essential component of any car or campervan. An occasional bump start might get you going in an emergency, but for everyday driving, you need something you know will work when you turn the key.

The guys and girls at Heritage Parts Centre have been in touch with news of just that. A starter motor for a host of air-cooled VW applications from one of their favourite suppliers, FORST.

Suitable for 12-volt models with manual gearbox, including Split, most Bays, Beetle, Type 3 and Karmann Ghia, this unit is brand new, not reconditioned and More >


Machine Mart’s range of garage/workshop/shed units come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, allowing you to protect your pride and joy or create an additional workspace in a tight-fit, well-lit protected environment.

At the smallest end of the range are two bike sheds. The smallest of those, the CIB635 Bicycle Shed is ideal for protecting bicycles from the elements. Not only does it work as a bike storage area, it can also be used on-site, or at events for storage of various equipment. It measures 1.86m in length, 1.58m in height and 0.98m in width.

A slightly larger model More >


Gtechniq has announced the launch of HALOv2, Flexible Film Coating.

HALO is designed to make maintenance of paint protection films (PPF) and vinyl a breeze. When applied to the surface, this chemical bonding, super-dense film becomes the permanent surface of the PPF and vinyl to make the surface incredibly slick and dirt-repellent.

The development of HALOv2 has been extensive and has taken over a year. By utilising the latest in weatherproof composite siloxane technology, the latest version has significant performance improvements. Users can expect to see improved durability, increased hydrophobic performance and dirt repellency. HALOv2 is compatible with a vast array of More >


Designed to simplify and streamline the coolant filling process for a wide range of cars and vans, this Anti-Spill Coolant Funnel set (part number 8638), includes a funnel with a shut-off valve and lid, along with five adaptor caps to fit various vehicles, including popular models from Ford and Vauxhall/Opel.

The adaptors connect directly to the header or expansion tank, then the funnel is fitted onto the adaptor – this enables fast, leak-free and effective coolant re-filling or topping-up. The funnel is fitted with a shut-off valve that enables precise control over the flow and helps prevent over-filling and coolant spillage.

Also More >


Prevent spark crossover and protect your wires from melting on hot engine components with a set of Summit Racing™ Clamp-On Spark Plug Wire Separators.

Available in billet aluminium or heat-resistant nylon, the separators are easy to use – just undo the retaining screw to separate the halves, insert the wires and clamp the halves back together.

Summit Racing Clamp-On Spark Plug Wire Separators come in sets with two each of two-hole, three-hole and four-hole separators.

The nylon separators fit 7mm to 8.2mm wire and are available in black, blue, red, and yellow. The billet aluminium separators fit 8mm to 10mm wire and come More >


Congratulations to designer Robin Hall of Head Engineering (other cars on his CV include FBS Census, Edge Devil and Wells Vertige) who was recently awarded the Nick Carpenter Innovation Award at the CENEX/LCV show for his Mika Meon e.

A happy looking Robin Hall (centre) with his award, presented by Ariel’s Simon Saunders (far right).

One of two new beach buggies from Robin; an electric one and a more conversion air-cooled one, the Meon was developed in association with Ed Morton at Pie Valley and Dr Nick Mason at Ecoclassics.

The ‘e’ features a 22kWh battery pack with and integrated electric drive unit More >


A pair of iconic replicas lead the line-up for Letchworth Motor Auctions’ next Classic, Retro and Performance Car Sale on Saturday, September 30.

A 1988 Porsche 962C Le Mans replica is sure to attract plenty of interest. With five wins at Daytona 24-hour race and three victories at famous Le Mans endurance race, plus championship titles on three continents, the Porsche 962 deserves its special place in motorsport history as one of the most successful Porsche racing cars ever.

Imported from Japan around 10 years ago, this excellent replica presented in the identical Rothmans livery, features an aluminium monocoque chassis, glass-fibre bodywork More >


Set to run from October 1 to December 31, the latest Tool Promotion from SEALEY highlights a diverse array of cutting-edge tools and introduces more than 100 new products. The promotion offers you discounts on selected items from every catalogue section with a special emphasis on seasonal essentials such as Space Warmer® Heaters, Battery Chargers, and Lighting, all designed to get you through the colder months ahead.

Discover the New Range of Paintless Dent Repair Tools:

The promotion showcases their latest line of paintless dent repair tools, each offering unique advantages. The RE106 Hand Shield safeguards against injuries, the RE107 Tyre Support More >

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