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Roller tips are probably the most important factor in reducing valve and guide wear when using modern performance camshafts.

Mini Spares has now produced its own Roller Tip Rocker Assembly for 1275cc big bore engines. The assembly features cradle type alloy rocker posts with an increased shaft size to improve rigidity and stronger EN24 adjuster screws with hexagonal head adjustment nuts.

The roller tips have a centreless ground finish and the competition thick-wall shaft sits in bronze bushes.

This is the ultimate lightweight alloy valve gear, providing maximum efficiency while cutting down side-loading on the valve stems and reducing friction and wear while More >


Help reduce the heat in your engine bay with the Mishimoto Turbo Blanket.

One of the main drawbacks to a turbocharger is the massive amount of heat that it produces, which can lead to cooling issues depending on the placement.

With the combination of a volcanic lava rock outer layer and 96 per cent silica inner layer, the Mishimoto turbo blankets have no trouble keeping the heat from permeating throughout the engine bay.

Mishimoto’s turbo blanket’s interior is rated to 1260°C and can withstand up to 982°C of direct exterior heat. The blankets are available in a selection of sizes and also include More >


Car care meisters, Meguiar’s has launched another exciting new product in the form of their Ultimate Snow Foam Cannon Kit (G194000EU).

The pack contains a 946ml bottle of their acclaimed Ultimate Snow Foam and their branded Foam Cannon (supplied with pressure adaptors for Kärcher, Nilfisk and Bosch devices).

The advanced formula of the Meguiar’s® Ultimate Snow Foam contains a specialised ‘Xtreme Cling’ foaming action that delivers an intense foam that dwells and clings to painted surfaces gently loosening road grime, dirt and contaminants. Meanwhile, the Meguiar’s® Ultimate Snow Foam Cannon is a premium quality cannon.

The kit has an RRP of £55.00 and More >


Whenever you are working on your car it’s all too easy to accidentally damage or get grease on your upholstery.

Now Burton Power has released its own seat covers that will help protect your car while you work on it.

The tough, fully edged covers feature the ‘BURTON’ logo and come in a black, wipe-clean material that won’t easily show the dirt.

The covers fold up when not in use and come with Velcro fasteners for packing away. The nylon seat covers retail at £34.90 each inc VAT. Order as ‘COVERSEAT’.

Available from Burton’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from or even More >


Here’s another interesting device from Laser Tools. The problem to solve: a fastener buried deep in the engine bay. It may be a pulley securing nut, a water pump mounting bolt or an A/C compressor adjustor.

You may just be able to get a spanner on it, but there’s definitely no room for a ratchet handle if you want to remove the fastener quickly. Reach for this new extension ratchet (part number 7655). It’s 340mm long and enables you to remotely ratchet off the fastener, using either a 3/8in or 1/4in drive ratchet handle.

Its length and super-slim profile allow you to More >


In the UK, Millers Oils have, for over 125 years, developed many world-leading oil and fuel additive formulations. All made possible by continuous investment in research and product development.

This development of new oil formulations is driven by close contact with leaders in the world of motorsport. The range includes engine oils, gear oils, brake fluid, octane improvers and workshop fluids.

Merlin Motorsport stocks a full range of Millers Oils products – view the full range of MILLERS OILS & FLUIDS here ENDS.


New from Sealey Tools is this HT111R – Rechargeable Head Torch 5W COB LED Auto Sensor.

It’s a hands-free 5W COB LED spotlight with 40° angle adjustment complete with a dimmer switch, which allows brightness to be adjusted from 20 per cent to 100 per cent.

The main light has one switch with four functions – on, flash, auto sensor and off and if you hold down the switch this enables the auto sensor function which will allow turning on/off just by waving a hand in front.

The rear of the strap includes a red LED warning light, which has two functions, flash More >


Protecting vital engine components from heat is tough, especially when it comes to fitting into all of the nooks and crannies of an engine bay.

Mishimoto has devised a solution with their Gold Reflective Barrier, which is constructed from a metalised polyamide polymer laminated glass cloth that protects up to 454°C of continuous heat.

This heat barrier also features an adhesive backing for simple installation on uneven and tight spaces and can be easily trimmed to suit the installation space. The Mishimoto Aluminium Silica Heat Barrier is available in two sizes, 304.8 mm x 609.6mm and 609.6 mm x 609.6mm to fit More >


The brilliantly named Rocketeer, who over the last two years have sold over 70 of their Jaguar engine conversion kits for Mazda MX-5, is shifting direction slightly.

Rocketeer co-founder, Bruce Southey told me: “With a view to maintaining the highest quality and delivering on our original vision of building tactile, visceral, analogue sportscars, we are going to focus our business on fully built resto-mod cars and turnkey conversions in future. Engine kit sales will cease at the end of 2019. However, we will, of course, continue to support any self-build projects currently in progress.

More information from ENDS.


More >


Here’s a particularly lovely new item from Car Builder Solutions.

It’s a quality wood-rim steering wheel with a 70mm PCD and available in three diameters. It comes with six 5mm boss mounting holes and costs just £108.

The wheel wears part number WRSW70 and is available via ENDS.