Something that many kit and classic car owners will be familiar with is a hot starting problem associated with fuel vapour lock on cars equipped with carburettors.

DEI’s new Vapor (note US spelling when ‘Googling’) Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve provides an easy, sensible and low-cost solution that prevents rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapour lock.

The sleeve has been designed to greatly reduce heat in the fuel line thus keeping the fuel cooler and below evaporation point. The DEI Vapor Block Sleeve is easy to install thanks to a split design and adhesive flap. There is no need to disconnect the fuel line to install it. Simply wrap Vapor Block around the line, remove the adhesive release liner and press the adhesive back flap into place.

DEI Vapor Block Sleeve is made from glassfibre and polyester laminated onto an aluminium outer layer. It offers excellent long-lasting thermal protection and avoids expensive repairs or modifications. It is available in a 36in lengths with a 10mm inside diameter as part number 10671 at an RRP of £13.35.

To see what DEI Vapor Block can do for your vehicle see DEI’s YouTube channel.

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