I’m a big fan of the V-Storm WR3 and it’s hard to believe it’s some 12-years since it first appeared, making its debut under the car’s original creator, Simon Dickens of SDR Sportscars. The design was by the very talented and under-rated designer, Simon Keys.

Originally the three-seat; central driving position exo-skeletal was powered by Aprilia RSV-1000 bike engine but soon changed to Subaru Impreza EJ20 flat-four ‘boxer’.

Dickens was based in Oldham, but after a couple of years moved way down west to Truro, Cornwall, and it wasn’t long before Scoobybits boss, Jason MacDonald stepped into to offer the kit and More >


You may recall that we brought you information on the new Moke several weeks ago? Interest in the car has been phenomenal and the manufacturer has just announced their first dealer – Moke Hendy in Poole. A spokesperson said: From surfer accessory to beach-house buggy, MOKE vehicles are more than just a car – they’re a way of life. This iconic marque is synonymous with unique styling and feelings of freedom and is once again becoming the must-have accessory in the world’s sunniest destinations.

At Hendy, we’re proud to bring the “Riviera chic” of this iconic British automotive brand to the More >



New from our friends at Darkside Developments, official UK agents for the KTM X-BOW is the latest addition to their inventory. They can now supply the brilliant products of Hampshire-based TentBox.

What’s a TentBox? How about a space-saving camping facility right on the roof of your car – hardtop only, of course!

Three models are available – Lite (£995), Cargo (£2495) and the model pictured here, the Classic (£1995) and all are fully insulated, have waterproof seams, can be put up in winds of up to 38mph and the canvas-type material beads water like a Gore-Tex jacket etc.

In the case of the More >


Koch Chemie’s Magic Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, acid-free, high viscosity wheel cleaner that will gently and efficiently clean rims.

The reactive components dissolve brake dust and iron particles from the rim bleeding red as it reacts on the wheel.

Additional dispersing agents help to remove stubborn dirt from the surface. The highly viscous formula adheres to the rim and does not dry quickly allowing a longer working time.

The product should be used in cool conditions and not in direct sunlight, allow 2-5 minutes for the product to react depending on the amount of dirt to be dispersed, then rinse thoroughly with More >


Owners of classic and/or historic Lotus models may be really interested to hear of the company’s new ‘Certificate of Provenance’ programme which for £170 gets the owner a presentation box containing documents relating to their car, an aluminium plaque (engraved with the owner’s name), a keyring, a carbon-fibre bookmark, four badges and a pen.

The documents include the VIN, paint code, production date for the car in question, ‘build-spec letter’ and a personalised letter from current Lotus Cars CEO, Phil Popham, which thanks the customer.

Could well prove to be popular, methinks.


More information from ENDS.


New from Scottish car care maestros, Angelwax is Legacy Titanium Ceramic Coating, which unlike a lot of similar sealants is actually very easy to use. Some of these products can leave you needing a chisel to remove.

Legacy doesn’t require time to ‘cure’ using an infra-red lamp like some and once applied it will protect the surface of your vehicle from fallout and crud and makes maintenance much easier while leaving a super glossy finish.

A 30ml bottle (a little goes a very long way) costs £44.99 and is available via ENDS.


Here’s a really useful fuel line repair kit from Britpart that will help keep your fuel system in tip-top condition and is the sort of handy little box that should be in all of our garages.

It repairs damaged fuel lines as the name implies and Britpart says that using their kit you can make a repair in less than five minutes.

Using OEM-quality materials the kit makes it easy to identify what you require thanks to some great product descriptions and is mega easy to use. It is supplied with quick connector spigot connections.

Priced at £74.80 inc VAT – get yours More >


Here’s a neat way from Laser Tools to flush your cooling system and a genuine step up from the traditional way of performing the task. It uses clean water with the added bonus of the workshop’s compressed air supply.

Connect up to a hose on your car’s radiator, attach the water supply and the air supply to the tool and you are good to go. Once you press the trigger you get full power flushing.

The tool features five of the most popular pipe size connections from 19mm to 40mm and the trigger clip can be left attached for a few minutes More >


When it comes to braided hoses, AN and JIC fittings, hose ends and related hardware, a company with over 25-years’ experience and long favoured by specialist car enthusiasts is Cheddar-based, Speedflow.

Their products are beautifully engineered and benefit from ongoing research and development and the company, run by Fay Fischer, have a solution for any performance hose and/or automotive plumbing problem. This is especially handy in the kitcar world where many car builders create bespoke plumbing that requires a bespoke bit of problem-solving. That’s where Speedflow can help.

Fay has a background in motorsport so understands that requirements aren’t always the same. More >


Ace VW tuners, Darkside Developments of Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire run by Scott and Ryan Parkin, has been appointed as official UK dealers for the marvellous KTM X-BOW. Sure, it’s not a kit but as I’ve continually said over the nigh-on 20-years of doing this website if a car is interesting and specialist (oh, and I like it!) then it’ll always be welcome within these pages! So it is with the X-Bow.

These days three versions of the car are available – R, GT and RR. Even the ‘standard’ R variant features more carbon-fibre than you can chuck a stick at from More >