For many years, connecting a Weber DCOE rod linkage system to a throttle cable has been difficult, with no easy way of attaching the cable to a rod operating arm, however, Webcon has now solved that problem with its new FK0005 Rod to Cable Lever kit.

The kit has been designed to work with a 5/16in cross rod. The lever from the FK0005 kit is simply installed in the most convenient location and the yoke and pin then allow easy connection to a throttle cable.

The installer then simply needs to fabricate a suitable cable outer anchor bracket and the installation is More >


Now we know that racing a Citroën 2CV may not be everyone’s idea of motorsport, but there are quite a few Deux Chevaux racers out there and if you ever feel the need to get into this quirky sport at least you’ll know where to get race dampers …

GAZ offers race dampers for the 2CV in its GT Adjustable Damper range. The damper rate can be adjusted by means of an easily accessible adjuster knob on the side which enables the owner to ‘trim’ the suspension system to suit the track and driving style.

GAZ dampers feature a zinc plated body and More >


Modern garage interior. 3d illustration

During the winter months, preventing damp and the build-up of moisture in a garage with valuable cars and bikes can be a headache. Even if a garage is regularly visited, some can suffer from damp, due to their location. Using a dehumidifier can help prevent mould damage to organic materials like upholstery or rust on metal parts.

After nearly five years of development by Meaco involving gathering feedback from over 2000 customers about what they liked and disliked about their Meaco dehumidifiers, Meaco launched the MeacoDry Arete One, a machine that can simply be switched on and More >



Here’s one primarily aimed at our North American readers.

With fourteen types to choose from, you should have no trouble finding the right Longacre Battery Disconnect Switch for your kitcar.

By cutting off electrical power to your car, a disconnect switch will dramatically lower the risk of a fire from ignited fuel or a short circuit in the event of an accident.

Longacre rotary turn switches are rated at 175amps continuous/1000-amps surge with a voltage capacity of 6 to 36 volts. Some have an alternator disconnect circuit to prevent damage to the alternator diodes when the battery current is switched off suddenly.

Waterproof versions More >


The Blackwell SPR1 body conversion is a pretty cool thing and one that often goes under the radar.

The Essex-based company run by Wayne Blackwell has been enjoying some success with their Mazda MX-5 Mk1-based kit and although it’s not a replica there’s some definite Blackpool influence in the styling.

It’s certainly a good way to lift a possibly tired MX-5. Two versions are available – Coupé and Targa with kits priced at £3595 and £3250, respectively.

The packages include GRP bonnet, sills, door skins, rear clam section, a pair of quarter lights, taillights, headlights and indicators.

You’ll require a few extra bits and More >


Starting his career at the Cooper Car Company, Simon Green was tasked with making the company’s steering wheels. From working with Cooper, Simon moved onto Connaught and then HWM before starting his own business creating high-quality leather and wood-rimmed steering wheels, thus Moto-Lita was born.

Moto-Lita steering wheels quickly built a reputation for creating the highest quality motorsport steering wheels and soon had full order books. Through the years since Moto-Lita has built steering wheels for enthusiasts and motorsport legends, through to major manufacturers such as Aston Martin, AC Cars, Austin Healey, Saab, Jaguar, Jensen, Rolls-Royce and MG.

Europa Specialist Spares has More >


When it comes to tidying the rear of your Type 3, regardless of whether it is a Fastback, Square or Notch a classy exhaust really will make all the difference.

And they don’t come much smarter than this 304-grade stainless steel sports exhaust offering from Vintage Speed. Engineered to compliment air-cooled engines producing up to 125bhp, there is +/- 4mm adjustment on fitment to allow for narrow/stroker motors not to mention an M18x1.5 nut for a lambda probe to assist with fuel injection and carburettor set up.

Priced at £523.95 they are available to order online at by searching for part number More >


If a screw, bolt or other fastener is really difficult to access, perhaps on an engine, or under an inlet manifold, etc, a crow’s foot wrench can be the tool of choice to reach around or under obstacles. However, there is an alternative: these mini ratchets from Laser Tools can allow the use of a standard socket in these situations.

Three sizes are available: a 1/4in drive (part number 8077), and 3/8in drive (part number 8078) or a 1/2in drive version (part number 8079). You can also purchase all three as a handy set (part number 8080).

The 1/4in drive version is More >


Sometimes you just want to gently blow the dust off a panel prior to painting, but the full workshop air pressure is just too much. Reach for the new adjustable-flow blowgun (part number 92624) from specialist bodyshop tool and equipment supplier Power-TEC.

The workshop air (maximum pressure 10 bar/145psi) is easily adjusted with the air-flow regulator from high to low. The gun is supplied with interchangeable short and long (112mm) nozzles providing an ideal solution for accessing restricted areas.

The long nozzle features an anti-marring tip to protect paintwork and fine components. As well as bodyshop use, the blowgun is perfect for More >


Much has changed at British Motor Heritage (BMH) since Graham Payne assumed the role of managing director in summer 2020. The manufacture of the company’s core products has been meticulously reorganised, and a number of new product lines introduced.

Moreover, there has been a radical change to the company’s secondary branding. Motoring Classics, BMH’s original online marketplace for accessories, car care items etc, has been axed and in its place, the iconic Tex name has been brought to the fore. This significant makeover is reflected in two brand new websites – www.bmh-ltd and


The site dedicated to BMH itself provides full reference for the More >