If you’ve got a Porsche Boxster-based body conversion you might be interested in this one.

Got one of these?

We don’t need to revisit how much of a bargain the Porsche 986 Boxster is here, the internet is full of that story. However, what we should encourage all Boxster owners to do is keep up to date with your service schedule.


If you want your Boxster to look after you, it is important you look after it.

And what easier way to do that, than with a box full of all the service parts you should need, delivered directly to your door.

And should it be annual service o’clock, that is exactly what the good folk at Heritage Parts Centre will do for you.

Packing a trio of filters (air, oil and pollen) six spark plugs and a sump plug seal into a box, leaving you to simply pour in seven or so litres of your favourite tipple, and off you go again!

With 2 kits available, one suitable for the 2.5 and the other for 2.7/3.2 prices start at £68.50 and they can both be found at HeritagePartsCentre.com by searching for part number 986-100.