Original equipment (OE) wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO, has unveiled its new Flex range, with an emphasis on further improved performance and sustainable packaging.

First launched in 2013, TRICO Flex has become one of TRICO’s most successful aftermarket products, being hugely popular with independents, largely due to its exceptional quality and 95% coverage of the vehicle parc from only fourteen part numbers, meaning it requires minimal stock investment.

The Flex range allows customers an upgrade from the conventional wiper to premium beam blade technology – but at a reasonable price.

Now, TRICO has revealed that the Flex range has a new design, as well as new eco-friendly packaging. This new beam blade design, engineered and manufactured completely in the EU on the company’s OE production lines, delivers premium wiper blade performance in all weather conditions, utilising its latest design twin-rail steel splines and unique rubber formulation.

This updated offering also uses a simplified connection system, retaining the same coverage from fewer components.

To help identify this updated range, TRICO has revealed its new SKU part numbers:

  • FX350 is now FL350
  • FX380 is now FL380
  • FX400 is now FL400
  • FX430 is now FL430
  • FX450 is now FL450
  • FX480 is now FL480
  • FX500 is now FL500
  • FX530 is now FL530
  • FX550 is now FL550
  • FX580 is now FL580
  • FX600 is now FL600
  • FX650 is now FL650
  • FX700 is now FL700
  • FX750 is now FL750
  • FX800 is now FL800

Finally, the current packaging, which consists of a clamshell with a sleeve which includes plastic material, will also be replaced by an eco-friendly recyclable cardboard packaging.

Valentin Neagu, Product & Technical Support Manager – Wipers AM, said: “The new developments that we’ve made with this new Flex range truly showcase our dedication to delivering premium quality solutions to the aftermarket and allowing drivers to access like-for-like wiper blades that their vehicles’ were originally fitted with. We’re extremely proud of this new range, and we’ve ensured that it’s easy for our customers to stock, with minimal part numbers and premium quality, making it an easy sell.”

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