Getting your air-cooled VW engine purring like a kitten takes some work, but there are a few things you can do to help release the inner feline in your flat 4.

Discarding the mechanical points in favour of electronic ignition is a common upgrade, which utilises modern electrics to help prevent running problems caused by sticking contact breakers. The 009 distributor which operates centrifugally, without vacuum advance will improve throttle response and is a popular swap for those running twin carburettors.

Fortunately for us, the good folk at SSP have their ear to the ground when it comes to making products that More >


New from Summit Racing … Brush Research BC Deburring Flex-Hone Tools can be used to deglaze, deburr and surface finish any type or size of cylinder.

The hones are self-aligning, self-centring and self-compensating for wear, so no set up or special training is required to use them.

They can be used in virtually any tool with a rotating spindle like hand-drills, drill presses, robotic cells, or professional machining centres.

Brush Research BC Deburring Flex-Hone Tools are available in your choice of aluminium oxide or silicon carbide abrasives with a 120-grit finish to provide an excellent surface texture on any material. They are sold More >


New from Laser Tools is this neat little palm-grip driver and bit set (part number 8648), that you’ll reach for again and again when you have to get to those really difficult-to-access fasteners.

Included is the swivel palm-grip, 72-tooth ratchet driver, its shallow dimensions are useful in tight areas, but swivel the blue anodised-aluminium grip ring through 90° for extra leverage when you have the room. This ratchet driver fits any standard 1/4in shank screwdriver bits.

And this is a comprehensive set, 24 interchangeable bits are also supplied, each featuring a colour-coded ring and an integral magnetic screw holder. Popular-sized bits in More >


As anyone who drives a car with Lucas L488 rear lights will already know, the lenses on the red stop/taillights is usually very dark and obstructive to light. This renders the rear lights dull and sometimes, dangerously so. Upgrading to brighter and more efficient LED helps, but can just mask the problem, which is the dark lens.

Now the 4Sight Lighting Co can offer a simple solution. These new glass lenses are produced on the original Lucas tooling and are badged Lucas L488, but they are made from optically superior red glass and pass light from inside far more easily. It More >


New to the Kamasa range is this 3-in-1 handsaw set (part number 56147): a robust aluminium saw handle featuring a quick-release function that allows for effortless conversion to a hacksaw, a crosscut saw, and a handsaw. This versatile tool is set to revolutionize the way professional tradesmen, gardeners and DIY-ers approach their projects. The saw is a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and adaptable cutting tool. Whether you are cutting metal, plastic, or wood, this exceptional tool provides the perfect solution.

Key Features of the Kamasa 3-in-1 handsaw:

Interchangeable blades: The handsaw set comes complete with four blades, ensuring you have the More >


Something that many kit and classic car owners will be familiar with is a hot starting problem associated with fuel vapour lock on cars equipped with carburettors.

DEI’s new Vapor (note US spelling when ‘Googling’) Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve provides an easy, sensible and low-cost solution that prevents rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapour lock.

The sleeve has been designed to greatly reduce heat in the fuel line thus keeping the fuel cooler and below evaporation point. The DEI Vapor Block Sleeve is easy to install thanks to a split design and adhesive flap. There is no need to disconnect More >


Classic image – Rory MacMath (centre) flanked by Chris Marsh (left) and Jem Marsh

This month sees the official retirement of Rory MacMath, who is the longest-serving Marcos employee, racking up over 55 years with the marque.

Rory’s career with Marcos started in 1968 as an engineer at the Greenland Mills factory in Bradford-on-Avon, producing five to six wooden chassis’d cars a week.

Marcos moved to its new premises on the Westbury Trading Estate in 1969 and Rory was involved in developing the new metal chassis and running the service department, looking after many loyal Marcos customers including some very famous owners such More >


The new Laser Tools’ Electric Screwdriver (Part Number 7985), is a compact and feature-packed tool that will change your perception of electric screwdrivers. This versatile and convenient screwdriver is designed to meet the diverse needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

You really need one of these in your life – it stands out with its compact and comfortable design, that features a rubber-coated handle for enhanced grip and control. It utilises a quick-chuck system and is supplied with a quick-chuck bit holder and eight 25mm long 1/4in-drive bits, including PzDrive Pz0, Pz1, Pz2, Pz3; flat 7mm, and Torx® T15, T20, More >


A couple of great new products from Sevens & Classics.

Standard fitment on later Caterham Sevens these rear lights are a great option for the rear of a Seven. Sold as a boxed pair.

They provide increased visibility, ensuring better road safety. The only rear LED lights homologated especially for the Caterham Seven. They are E-marked having met European Commission regulations and safety standards. Fully sealed rear unit and LED bulbs offer a prolonged life span due to their durability. Incorporated reverse and fog lights offer a more modern look while retaining the classic Seven appearances. They will fit all Caterham models/years. More >


Leading advanced wheel design since 1974, Dymag has unrivalled heritage and was the first in the world to commercialise carbon hybrid automotive wheels in 2004. Designed for high-performance vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs and pickups, the patented carbon hybrid wheel, which combine a carbon outer rim with a forged aluminium or magnesium centrepiece, delivers multiple gains for OEMs, the aftermarket, and customers alike.

Always developing new technology and building on this legacy, it is delighted to supply its carbon hybrid wheel technology to BAC’s Mono R, Gunther Werks’ 993 Turbo, Lanzante’s 765 LT, P1 HDK and 930 TAG Championship cars More >

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