Want to make sure you’re covered in emergency situations? Don’t want to get stranded with a flat battery? Always want to make sure you can charge your phone to keep in contact?

Then look no further than one of Machine Mart’s Clarke jump starters, including the new Clarke JS1224LIN 12V/24V Lithium-Ion Jump Start.

This new model is perfect for emergencies as it will jump start a petrol or diesel engine, with the capacity to start a petrol engine up to 6-litres and a diesel engine up to 4-litres!

This small, lightweight and portable power bank has an in-built powerful LED worklight for use at night or over the darker winter months.

The clearly designed front panel features LED indicators for USB connection, battery capacity, connection status, voltage selection and temperature.

The JS1224LIN is an ideal device to keep in your vehicle, and it also provides USB 5V device charging for mobile phones and cameras etc.

The device should need to be charged only once approximately every three months with non-use, and it offers approximately twenty single charge uses, depending on the age and condition of the battery.

Available to buy now for £179.98 inc VAT.

Technical specification

Starting Boost (12V) 600 Amps
Starting Boost (24V) 400 Amps
Peak Amps (12V) 1200 Amps
 Peak Amps (24V) 900 Amps
Max. Engine Starting Size Petrol 6 Litres
Max. Engine Starting Size Diesel 4 Litres
Internal Battery (Ah) 24 Ah

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