The excellent website is a regular destination for me most lunchtimes and I was very pleased to see this Dutton Reef up for grabs this week. Bidding was at £27,000 at the time of writing.


With Tim Dutton not making new Reefs or Surfs if you are looking for an amphibious vehicle, where do you go? The choices are extremely limited now.

The Reef was based on a Ford Fiesta and this very fetching example was registered in January 2022 and is doubly special because it is one of the last few built by Dutton Cars.


Although Tim Dutton says that he constantly receives enquiries to build the amphibious cars, they will no longer produce them, but they are happy to carry out servicing and repairs.

Although the vendor has only used this Reef for fifteen hours, they have been a fun and enjoyable fifteen hours on the water.

Fancy it? Visit ENDS.