Despite its age, the Ford ‘Essex’ 3-litre V6 is still a popular and potent engine for classic Fords, kitcars and rods alike.

Unfortunately, age also brings with it the problem of OEM parts becoming NLA; one such part is the carburettor ‘W’ plate which is essential to ensure the fuel/air mixture is evenly distributed to all six cylinders.

For quite some time owners have had little option but to source second-hand ‘W’ plates. However, Webcon has now come to the rescue with a faithful reproduction of the original part.

The Webcon ‘W’ plate has the benefit of being made from modern materials which More >


The Jaguar V12 from 1971 to 1995 was one of the greatest internal combustion engines ever made; it powered iconic cars such as the E-Type (XK-E), XJ12, XJ-S and several successful touring cars as well as Le Mans 24-hour GT cars. Plus, of course, a good few kitcars have been powered by it, too. Including more than a few DAX Cobras back in the day.

However, the un-initiated may have been put off when it comes to tuning by the apparent complexity of the engine

Fidanza has come up with a solution to extract more performance from this powerhouse without touching the More >


The Reliant Scimitar, with its V6 engine and GRP bodywork, is still a highly desirable classic. GAZ GP adjustable suspension is an ideal and cost-effective way to improve the handling of this popular classic.

The GAZ GP suspension provides ride height adjustability from -25mm to -55mm with a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment. The damper units are zinc-plated to ensure that they remain in good order even after considerable service.

Damper rates are variable by means of an adjuster knob on the damper body. There is also a gas cell fitted to the outer reservoir to prevent cavitation and resist More >


The right-hand ‘A’ panel on classic Minis is probably one of the most common panels to be replaced.

Its position just behind the front wheels and being composed only of single thickness makes it particularly prone to rust. Even the original factory replacement panels are not immune and can soon develop rust spots.

Mini Spares can provide an upgraded A panel with increased thickness for prolonged life and strength that is easy to fit.

This panel has already become a big favourite with local bodyshops and restorers. An added advantage is that it is more than a tenner cheaper than the genuine replacement!

Some More >


The Mazda MX-5 (NC) was the third generation of the Mazda MX-5 manufactured from 2005 to 2015 so, by now many will be in need of some updating and restoration. The factory heatshield around the transmission may be damaged or even missing and replacing the factory item involves removing the transmission.

However, DEI has a far simpler remedy. The DEI MX-5 (Miata) Transmission Tunnel Heat Shield Kit is CNC-cut into five individual pieces that can be applied and fitted together above the transmission without the need to remove it.

The kit consists of a high-heat resistant material (DEI’s Floor and Tunnel Shield) More >


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hose is good stuff. It’s compatible with most fuels, oil and common automotive fluids; can handle higher temperatures and pressure; and eliminates fuel permeation. It’s a good choice when it comes to plumbing a car. Vibrant Performance makes some very nice PTFE hose and matching high-flow fittings to make your plumbing job a cinch.

PTFE Hose Vibrant Performance PTFE Hose has a durable and flexible PTFE inner liner that is compatible with petrol, diesel, E85, methanol and race fuel; motor and gear oil; coolant; and transmission, clutch and power steering fluid. The hose has an operating temperature range of 70°C to More >


Gardner Douglas’ first event of the year is coming up very soon. The GD Open Day!

Join them on Saturday, May 13, 2023, at their factory in Grantham. Explore the factory, see the unveiling of an exciting new product launch, view current pre-owned GDs (GD427 GD T70) for sale, meet and greet with many GD owners, see their factory production cars through each stage of build and more.

Register your attendance via the RSVP form on the company’s website now! ENDS.


Following last month’s announcement regarding the black alloy rocker cover, Burton Power is pleased to announce the same rocker cover is now also available in a smart and distinctive red finish. Burton’s alloy rocker cover is suitable for both Pre-Crossflow and Crossflow Ford ‘Kent’ engines. It will even fit the transverse Fiesta ‘Kent’ engine (although the oil filler will be at the opposite end of the cover).

The cast ribs and BURTON logo are polished to stand out from the red finish which adds a touch of style to the engine bay. Fixing is by means of four FP453 bolts.

Order as part More >


Customers have been asking GAZ Shocks for even more control in the set-up of its dampers and GAZ has duly responded with the development of double adjustable dampers.

GAZ fully adjustable dampers enable the damping bump and rebound rates to be separately adjusted to suit the individual track conditions and personal driving style. The rates can be altered by means of two dedicated knobs on the side of the units; both are easily accessible and clearly marked and colour coded for BUMP and REBOUND.

The dampers are available as dampers alone, or as coil-over height adjustable units with springs.

All units are individually tested More >


A great new addition to your toolbox! A telescopic 1/2in drive wrench (part number 8512), with a flexible ratchet head and ratchet lock-out button; when extended, this allows for a greater torque to be applied when loosening stubborn or corroded fixings without causing damage to the ratchet mechanism.

Use as a standard 1/2in drive — you’ll enjoy the smooth 72-tooth ratchet mechanism and the great accessibility offered by the Flexi-head. Then press a button to lock out the ratchet and slide the handle extension out from 455mm long to a full 630mm — you now have a useful power bar just More >