Burton Power wanted a reliable and visually attractive, high-performance ignition lead, specifically made for the various classic Fords – and kitcars based on same – in which it specialises, that it could sell at a reasonable price.

After a while, it came to the conclusion that the best solution was to produce its own. So, that’s what it did and now Burton Power’s 8mm diameter lead sets are available for the following engines:-
• 2.9 V6 Cologne • 2.8 V6 Cologne • Duratec HE Inc ST150 • CVH & CVH EFi • Zetec E • Essex V6 • Cosworth YB • Crossflow • Pre-Crossflow • Pinto
…and in 7mm diameter for Lotus Twin Cam 23D4.

Leads are supplied in blue or black, at the correct length for each application and with caps permanently fixed to the ends.

Burton Power Leads are manufactured in the UK using premium ignition cable and are ideal for all applications and are particularly suitable for high-performance use.

The ferromagnetic core uses a Kevlar and glassfibre base. A ferromagnetic compound is extruded onto the core and then tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire bound with a conductive lacquer.

This design ensures maximum spark quality with virtually zero voltage loss while suppressing 99.9 per cent of all electromagnetic interference. The cable has a resistance of 5.6Kvohm/metre (nom). Temperature rating -40 to +220°C.

Prices are from £39.95 per set including VAT.

Available via www.burtonpower.com or by calling 0208 554 2281 ENDS.