Webcon has announced the reintroduction of the water outlet style inlet manifold to suit four/quad Weber 48IDA carburettors on a Ford 289/302ci small-block V8 engine.

Having been out of production for some years, the new manifold is now known as the ‘Cobra’ manifold and features the legendary Shelby name.

The Webcon Cobra manifold is made to the very highest standards and can be ordered as part number 9900890700 at £1048.70 inc VAT.

Alternatively, the manifold can be ordered complete with carburettors and linkage as part number K9103 for £4062 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.

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This new high-pressure oil pump for Ford Pinto will be of interest to kitcar enthusiasts.

Higher oil pressure and greater capacity are always a good idea when tuning an engine, but are essential when preparing an engine for track-day or competition use.

Fortunately, the cost of higher oil pressure and higher capacity isn’t expensive. The Burton Power FT1055A Uprated Oil Pump for the Ford SOHC Pinto engine costs just £68.95 inc VAT.

A new FT1057 driveshaft will also be required at £9.95 inc VAT.

Fitting this pump and shaft will give a hefty 23 per cent increase in flow volume.

Further details are available at the other More >


Single-ear and twin-ear hose clamps are commonly used on both air and fluid lines, as they are ideal for demanding applications involving both soft or hard rubbers and plastics. The design also ensures a uniform clamping compression around the circumference of the hose clamp. The correct way of securing this sort of clamp is with a dedicated pair of hose clamp pliers, like this example from Laser Tools, part number 8261.

These are heavy-duty pliers, designed for fitting medium-sized single and twin-ear clamps, closed and open-ear type O-clamps and Oetiker-style clamps. The design allows minimum clamping effort for the operator while More >


Diamondbrite has just unveiled its latest money-saving combo pack just in time for the festive season; the rather appropriately named Christmas Pack – offered at the special price of £39.49 until December 20, including free UK mainland delivery (normal price – £52.65).

From the firm behind Europe’s most successful dealer-applied paint and interior protection systems, the new Christmas Pack contains five products.

First up is Lift Off, a citrus-powered, multi-purpose deep cleaning and degreasing pre-wash for targeting tough traffic film, grease, brake dust, road grime, bug splats, bird droppings and tar and oil spots; an essential in any car care collection whatever More >


Our friends at Merlin Motorsport are well-versed in servicing the racing fraternity with various performance and go-faster components, although they have also long been a favourite for kitcar enthusiasts.

Among their product line-up are Odyssey Extreme Batteries ideal for motorsport but also for lightweight kitcars and they are an excellent choice, both lightweight and powerful and built to withstand the extremes of racing and hardcore trackday or road use.

Their increased vibration resistance allows them to endure the constant pounding, extreme heat and vibration which performance engines can generate.

When charging your Odyssey battery there are a few considerations to take into account. More >


With days getting darker earlier, it can be troublesome to find enough time and light in a day to get done what you need to!

Machine Mart stocks a wide range of free-standing work lights and floodlights to help keep you in action over the winter months.

Their lights are all portable and have an IP44, IP54 or IP65 rating, making them suitable for internal or external use.

They are supplied on a strong, sturdy tripod or with a useful carry handle meaning the range can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Clarke COB10CR is a rechargeable work-light, offering a 650lumen floodlight More >


Launch UK has unveiled its newest jump pack, the ESP-150 Battery Booster Jump Starter, in time for the winter season.

According to the AA, a flat battery is one of the most common causes of breakdowns in the UK – especially in winter as the cold temperatures cause the battery to slow down and affects its ability to hold a charge.

In perfect timing for the winter season, Launch UK has introduced its new jump starter ready for those moments when a vehicle just won’t start. The ESP-150 Battery Booster is easy to use, store and charge.

Very portable it has a battery More >


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A VERY warm welcome to totalkitcar online … Big celebrations at Hawkridge Towers this week after Hawk Cars in Frant after they were awarded a coveted Historic Technical Passport (HTP) by the FIA for their Hawk Daytona replica model.

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Hawk worked closely with AJ Barnard Engineering of Bodiam, East Sussex, who helped build the demonstrator on gaining compliance. In a nutshell, HTP is governed by the FIA’s International Sporting Code.

Any car that is entered for international historic motorsport events needs an FIA HTP. The document doesn’t concern itself with authenticity, More >


New from Farnham-based Retro Car Style is a fiendishly clever body conversion for the Mazda MX-5 that gives it a ‘retromod’ look.

You can mix and match the choices by selecting a new front-end panel (£550), rear panel (£545), Bootlid (£400) or you can go for the full kit package at £1495.

In addition to the GRP parts as you remove the MX-5’s lighting, you will need to source new 7in headlights, indicators, side-lights and rear light lenses. Optional extras would be fog lights, reversing lights and third brake light.

A quick session on the websites – or on the blower – of More >


As a quick, easy, convenient and accurate method of checking vehicle battery health, Laser Tools have recently introduced their Battery Tester (part number 8206).

This is a compact unit that accurately tests battery health and cranking and charging voltages. Enter the battery details from the battery label and the results are displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen. The CCA (cold cranking amps) figure can be used to predict the lifetime of the battery, which is displayed by a level-bar indicator on the screen.

With easy-to-understand instructions, engine start voltage can also be measured as well as charging (alternator) voltage. Accurate to +/-0.05V More >