Race Cars Replicas and its Superlite Cars division build some stunning specialist cars, both in replica and modern design forms. Many of them are available in kit form, too. They are more than happy to ship to the UK, too. I think you’ll find that there are more of their products in the UK than you think.

I really like their Superlite SL-C. It was designed and engineered by a small group of dedicated engineers, designers and craftsmen.

It’s a technologically advanced vehicle featuring an all-aluminium monocoque tubular hybrid with billet machined suspension mounts. As such it was a clean-sheet, modern car More >



Summit Racing asks: What’s better than a quart of PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil? Five quarts of it in a handy jug, of course.

Not only is it easier to fill a crankcase from one container, buying PennGrade 1 in five-quart jugs is less expensive than buying five single quarts. It also reduces waste and is a lot more convenient way to take used oil to the recycler.

PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil has strong detergents, dispersants and ZDDP anti-wear additives to protect critical engine parts from deposits in highly stressed engines. More >


There cannot be many cars and coffee events that make it into their teens, but Heritage Parts Centre’s ‘Heretics’ meet shows no sign of slowing down. They’ve just announced their dates for 2024.

Open to owners of Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles and indeed kitcars based on same, the popular Thursday night pop-up car show takes place once a month in April through to September at their Shoreham-by-Sea HQ and regularly has over 150 vehicles in attendance.

With DJs providing music, quality local street food to fill you up and decent coffee to wash it all back down with, it’s a three-hour, weekday More >


One of the most recent additions to the Philips award-winning range of professional work lamps, the Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet light has just finished on top of Auto Express’s test for workshop lights of this type.

Brighter by design

The Xperion 6000 saw off competition from some other big-name lights in the test, with Auto Express remarking that “The Philips has several design tweaks that give it a performance edge.”

In fact, the Xperion 6000 Under Bonnet light outperformed its rivals in most areas, with particular mention of its 1200 lumens LED strip with rotary control that allows the brightness to be dimmed and More >


Want to make sure you’re covered in emergency situations? Don’t want to get stranded with a flat battery? Always want to make sure you can charge your phone to keep in contact?

Then look no further than one of Machine Mart’s Clarke jump starters, including the new Clarke JS1224LIN 12V/24V Lithium-Ion Jump Start.

This new model is perfect for emergencies as it will jump start a petrol or diesel engine, with the capacity to start a petrol engine up to 6-litres and a diesel engine up to 4-litres!

This small, lightweight and portable power bank has an in-built powerful LED worklight for use More >


To fully assist its customers in every area, Simply Brands has ensured that its entire range of bulbs is now catalogued by vehicle application on MAM Autocat.

With the vast majority of UK customers using MAM’s software, it’s vital to ensure fast, easy and accurate part identification at every trade and retail counter, which requires parts being linked to comprehensive and accurate vehicle application data.

By cataloguing its bulb range on MAM, it allows users to quickly and easily find the exact bulb they need by vehicle or VRM lookup, saving them time finding the information and minimising lost sales or returns More >


STEVE HOLE tells the story of the Marcos Checker Mini

A relatively little-known model from Marcos Sales was this Cooper S Mk1 Tribute. It was commissioned by Marcos’ dealer in Japan, Checker Motors in 1995.

A claimed limited edition of 100 cars – although I don’t think they made anywhere near that number – in either BRG with white roof or white with a BRG roof.

They were nicely built and were powered by special Richard Longman-tuned 1300 A-Series engines, with big valve cylinder head, gas-flowed inlet manifold, Kent 285 cam, twin SU HS4 carbs and a performance exhaust.

Exterior featured 10in steels or More >


A new, all-electric version of the Meyers Manx buggy is available now with the company now in the hands of Trousdale Ventures after founder Bruce Meyers died in 2020.

New Manx 2.0 EV

The new Meyers chairman Philip Sarofim is joined by CEO Freeman Thomas, a prolific car designer with stuff like the Audi TT and resurrected Dodge Charger on his CV.

The new model is called the Meyers Manx 2.0 EV and is said to be a brand-new take on the beach buggy theme. Although the company hasn’t revealed the origins of their batteries and motors, they are claiming 200bhp! In a More >


Internationally renowned British EV technology company, Electrogenic, enjoyed a successful evening at this year’s prestigious UK E-Mobility Awards – a celebration of innovation and achievement across the sector.

Held at the British Motor Museum, an independent judging panel of industry experts named Electrogenic the overall winner of the ‘Working Vehicle and Conversion EVs’ category, recognising Electrogenic’s sector-leading work in the EV conversion and powertrain development space.

Steve Drummond, CEO Electrogenic, said: “It’s a real honour to be recognised by the prestigious E-Mobility awards and it’s humbling to have our technology chosen and celebrated by our peers in the industry. This award is all More >


Introducing the 8716 Off-line Ball-End Socket Adaptor Set from Laser Tools, (part number 8716), consisting of three adaptors in 1/4in-drive, 3/8in-drive, and 1/2in-drive sizes.


The distinctive wobble ball-end design allows for a 10-degree movement in addition to a further 40-degree range in the shaft, enabling socket use in confined or challenging access areas.

These adaptors are uniquely designed with a 1/4in hex shank, designed for quick-release chucks to ensure speedy fastener removal; additionally, each adaptor incorporates an integral magnet, providing self-locking and self-centring capabilities. With an approximate overall length of 75mm, these adaptors are indispensable tools, though they are not intended for More >