Whatever the weather is doing, nothing adds to your car’s appearance – or driver confidence – quite like having perfectly clear glass. Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol does exactly what it says on the bottle, giving you a 20/20 view of your surroundings, and all delivered with a heavenly minty smell.

Glass cleaning sprays are normally detergent- or vinegar-based – and as cheap as the chips you could probably use them on. But industrial-strength glass cleaners are jam-packed with alcohol for a smear-free finish – and that’s exactly what’s inside this grime-fighting concoction. Easy to apply, easier to remove – and it leaves a More >


The new Clarke MIG103NG MIG Welder is ideal for automotive and general fabrication, and as it does not require a gas cylinder, it is much easier to transport and store in the garage or workshop.

The MIG103NG uses flux-cored steel welding wire, a type of wire which produces its own gas shroud as it burns. This means the welder can weld steel, without gas, whilst providing optimum performance and reliability.

This new Clarke unit produces a maximum power of 90 amps, allowing it up weld mild steel up to 4mm thick.

The MIG103NG is sold complete with a welding torch, 2 x 0.9mm More >


Start your engines … which will not be a problem with Ring’s new jumpstarter!

Premium quality automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, is starting its 50th birthday year off with a flurry of activities, the first of which is the launch of a brand-new product for the market.

While the RPPL1000 jump-starter for 12V systems has only been on the market for six months, Ring, which is always upgrading and evolving its range for further uses, has introduced the RPPL3000 to accommodate 12v and 24v systems, so that technicians can have an even greater range of options.

The RPPL3000 Lithium Professional Jump Starter is More >


The Paddock Speedshop, the TV Show that aims to break new ground in the Classic Car programme arena, by promoting and giving the next generation of would-be enthusiasts an insight into what it takes to restore historic vehicles – and by offering a taste of the joys (and frustrations!) of driving and maintaining them – rapidly approaches the completion of its first series.

The Paddock Speedshop story included a scene in a ‘post-race’ press conference that invited media to view its new premises in the Midlands, complete with the cars that are featured in the first series – including the MGB, the More >



Photos from – Apal Corsa image from totalkitcar archive

Although only having a limited impact on the UK’s kitcar industry (they marketed the Belgium-made Apal models, Buggy and Corsa, in the UK in 1971-72), Cartune was once the UK’s leading Volkswagen Beetle specialists, which means they would have supplied many thousands of parts to owners/builders of Beetle-based kitcars.

Indeed, the company still exists, today.

Mike Griifin (centre),Leeds & England footballer Jackie Charlton (left) and Cartune (Teesside) branch manager, Peter Raybould

Let’s wind right back and trace the company’s history, though. The Cartune name was first registered More >


Students enjoy a factory tour of GBS before they start their very own Zero Build this year …

Just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays, they welcomed a group of year two motorsport students from Stafford & Newcastle College (NSCG College) to the GBS factory for a full factory tour.

The college has an Ultimate Zero self-build kit on order and the students will be building it. They will be collecting their kit later this year and are ready to start the build. Ruth Hall, co-director of GBS said: “We look forward to following their build and them joining us More >


Burton Power now has good stocks of cast pistons in all oversizes to fit Ford Crossflow OHV Kent 711M engines with flat (non-chambered) heads (introduced in August 1970) and Fiesta 771M engines.

The 1.6 pistons are available under part number 18649, with prices from £57.00 (inc VAT) each. 1.3 pistons are available under part number 18647, prices from £57.00 (inc VAT) each.

More information from 0208 554 2281 or via ENDS.


Professional car detailers as well as enthusiastic owners will be interested in this new bucket with integrated dirt trap from Laser Tools (part number 8737). Designed to streamline your cleaning and detailing tasks, this innovative bucket is a game-changer, ensuring that sediment settles at the bottom and prevents dirt and grit from remixing with the water, assuring cleaner results.

Key Features:

    Dirt trap: The bucket’s ingenious dirt trap allows particles and debris to settle at the base, keeping your cleaning water cleaner for longer. Say goodbye to constantly replenishing your cleaning solution.

    Easy handling: With two comfortable soft-grip handles, this bucket More >


This Clarke CHD900 Hammer Drill is an excellent value, high-performance hammer drill.

It has a 900W motor that makes it ideal for fast drilling of masonry, wood and steel. It offers 0-3000rpm variable speed with reverse action and has maximum drilling capacities (Diameter) of 25mm in wood, 12mm in steel and 12mm in masonry.

The CHD900 features an anti-slip grip for safe comfortable use, as well as a lock-on switch for continuous operation.

This unit also includes a side handle with depth stop gauge. A chuck key is also included.

The Clarke CHD900 is available now, in-store and online, for just £35.98 inc VAT. ENDS.

More >


DEI’s new RFI Shield will reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) emanating from high voltage wires and ignition systems that can affect computer systems, electronic fuel injection, radios and other sensitive components.

Electronic fuel injection systems thrive in an environment free from RFI. DEI’s RFI Shield will safeguard these delicate electronic components, optimising fuel delivery and engine performance.

DEI ensures you can drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle’s critical systems are shielded from interference that can compromise safety and performance.

RFI Shield can be installed without having to disconnect wires. Packs include a 17.5in grounding strap and DEI Quick More >