Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Hydraulic Presses are ideal for garage and engineering workshops and can be used for a variety of tasks including replacing/removing bearings, pressing ball joints, pulleys, pins, plates or straightening metal work. There are eight different models available, with pressing capacity ranging from just four tonnes up to an impressive 50 tonnes!

The best-selling Clarke CSA10BB 10 Tonne Hydraulic Bench Press is perfect for when you just need to tackle smaller pressing jobs such as repairing small motors or removing and installing gears or bearings.

The press is simple to use and very effective, requiring minimum effort from More >


Mini Spares now has stocks of original magnolia face analogue clocks as fitted by Rover to Minis with wooden or metal dashes from 1990-1999.

These early clocks were manufactured by Caerbont until 1999 (when the clock manufacturer was switched to VDO, who produced a different full numerical figured clockface).

Order Magnolia Face Analogue Clock with fittings as part number YFB100370 at £107.75 inc VAT.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.


Here’s one primarily for our North American readers.

Your engine’s air/fuel ratio is critical to improved performance, especially if it’s a turbo or supercharged engine. The best way to keep an eye on your air/fuel ratio is by measuring oxygen levels in your exhaust system with an Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.  

The gauges feature DirectDigital™ signal processing and Advanced Sensor Control that samples oxygen sensor data faster and more frequently so you get a real-time picture of the air/fuel ratio at any point in the engine’s powerband.

They also have a serial in/out for use with Innovate’s Modular Tuning System (MTS)-enabled devices More >


In the event of an accident, being seen on a busy road is of paramount importance, and therefore lighting specialist OSRAM has launched the OSRAM LEDguardian®TRUCK FLARE Signal.

The LED warning light is visible from a great distance and can warn drivers about a dangerous situation on the road by actively flashing, compared to the simple reflection such as that of a warning triangle.

The TRUCK FLARE can be used as a warning light, as it has an amber flashing light function and an uninterrupted operating time of at least fifteen hours. It also has a bright white torch light function, allowing More >



If you want your new car to ‘fly out the door’ in big numbers by all means build it in a Lancaster Bomber factory – but using the help of a six-winged angel seems a step too far.

Dutch registered Bonito

Fiberfab of California was once arguably the biggest kitcar company in the world, alongside fellow American operation Classic Motor Carriages – the two would later join forces, but that’s another story – and had a convoluted not to mention dramatic history, since being founded in 1964 by Warren Harding, ‘Bud’ Goodwin and John More >


A British inventor has developed a highly effective alarm to prevent theft from garages. The Defender Shock Contact Alarm is the first of its type to be awarded Gold by the Master Locksmith Association and meets UK Police recognised standards.

This powerful, dual function alarm is wire-free, has zero subscription fees and has both a contact sensor and a vibration sensor to protect against forced entry or sneak-in theft. The siren is triggered by the vibration sensor if the door is being forced, and by the contact sensor if the door is opened by someone who does not possess the entry code.

The More >


The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are delighted to release QuikRefresh, a time-saving new product that is specifically designed to rapidly restore that perfect ‘just washed’ finish with minimal effort.

It can be frustrating to see how quickly the pristine surface finish you worked hard to achieve is tarnished by environmental and road traffic fallout. Autoglym also recognises that busy modern life means it is not always possible to adjust a schedule to conduct a full interim clean. The solution to these issues is Autoglym QuikRefresh, the perfect product to keep your vehicle looking pristine by bridging the gap between More >


Webcon has announced the introduction of a throttle shaft end service kit for the early production of Weber DCOE carburettors.

Part number FK0004 is supplied with the correct leather washers, cups, springs, tabs, nuts and is essential for anyone refurbishing these early carbs. Each kit contains sufficient parts to service one carburettor.

FK0004 is priced at £19.38 inc VAT. Available NOW from 01932 787 100 or visit


A rubber tensioner pad pressing against a moving timing chain will obviously wear and require replacement at some point.

Fortunately, Burton Power now has replacement double-width tensioner pads to suit the duplex timing systems found in Crossflow and Pre-Crossflow Ford Kent OHV engines.

The tensioner can be ordered as part number FP219DW and retails at £12.95 inc. VAT.

For further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 or visit ENDS.


Brakes and excess heat don’t get on too well together. However, managing temperature is crucial for performance driving but difficult to achieve. EBC has a new product that might help.

Their new Track Pack makes it easier to manage temperatures and the kit includes new Super DOT 4 racing-spec brake fluid, ten caliper temperature strips and three heat paints and an applicator brush.

This will enable you to gauge and understand how hot your calipers and discs are getting when used hard on say, a trackday and also be able to make any adjustments to help improve performance.

Prices start at £178.80 inc More >