STEVE HOLE looks at the story of the FERVES RANGER. Pix by Carol Hardy unless marked otherwise.

A great little paddock car!

Although designer Carlo Ferrari had a famous surname he wasn’t related to Enzo’s family, a point proven when he had to call his fledgling Turin-based car company FERVES, a portmanteau of FERrari VEicoli Speciali (Ferrari Special Vehicles).

His brilliant little Ranger was unveiled at the Turin Motor Show of 1966 and met with very strong critical acclaim. Best described as quirky it was based – like so many Italian Etceterinis – on Fiat mechanicals – 499cc, 18bhp twin-cylinder engine from the More >


A very rare opportunity to purchase a vehicle and kit manufacturing company with parts and accessory supply business – Tomcat Motorsport Ltd

The company was established in 2001 and has been continuously operating in the off-road, extreme cross-country, kitcar and vehicle modification sectors ever since.

Tomcat is being sold by the founder due to a personal change in direction and relocation.

The sale includes all assets and stock, inc jigs, moulds, technical information, rights, intellectual property and ongoing business.

Tomcats have always sold well in the UK with over 700 vehicles or kits having been produced since inception. This sale allows the purchaser to continue More >


Burton Power now has stocks of the DLB198 Lucas 0.8 Ohm resistance coil for high-energy electronic ignition systems and Ford models with electronic ignition systems that use distributors.

The DLB198 Lucas coil delivers a high-performance, faster spark, that produces up to 40,000 volts!

The coil can also be used as a replacement coil for Lucas Rally electronic ignition kit FL302K and electronic ignition kits FT295K and FP299K.

Order as part number DLB198 at just £24.95 (inc VAT). For further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 or visit ENDS.


Webcon has announced that its own production manifolds for two x Weber IDF on the Ford Pinto engine are now available for customers to order.

100 per cent cast and machined in the UK, MM2351 can be fitted with twin 40, 44 or 48IDF and is essential for anyone wishing to recreate a Group 1 Escort or for general Pinto tuning where space is too restricted to allow fitment of twin Weber DCOE.

MM2351 is available at £433.21 inc VAT. Available now at the other end of 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


The full range of Renovo hood restoration products are available from Woolies Trim.

You can Cleanre-colour and re-waterproof your hood or tonneau cover to greatly improve the look of your car. It’s a lot cheaper than a new hood and can transform how it looks.

Now is a great time to re-waterproof the hood before the onset of winter, especially if your car is parked outside and not in a garage over the colder months.

More from ENDS.


DEI has been at the forefront of heat control for many years and now the development technicians at DEI have collaborated and used their wealth of experience to develop the absolute best turbo shield on the market! It is, in all likelihood, the most technologically advanced turbo shield ever!

The GEN-3 Onyx Black Turbo Shield combines recently developed advanced textiles to provide what is needed to control turbo heat. A silicone-coated Onyx Black outer layer with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers are combined to produce what is, without a doubt the strongest, most heat-resistant shield available.

Outer Shell The outer More >


New from Machine Mart this compact mobile heater features a foldable, space-saving design but is made from a tough and durable metal casing to deal with any bumps and scrapes when in use.

The MGH2 has three heat output settings up to 4.2kW and features a flame failure device, anti-tilt switch and oxygen depletion sensor to ensure safe usage.

The unit comes supplied with a hose and regulator. Four castors are also included to allow for easy movement.

This heater is a relatively inexpensive unit to run on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and it is great for instant warmth in the More >


Available now from Summit Racing are these NRG Innovations Steering Wheel Quick Releases are made from aircraft-grade aluminium for reduced weight.

2.0 Quick Releases NRG Innovations 2.0 Quick Releases feature raised areas on the housings to prevent scratching and a self-locking feature for increased safety. Wires are included to attach the horn. 2.0 Quick Releases are available in numerous main body and accent colour combinations.

3.0 Quick Releases NRG Innovations 3.0 Quick Releases have all the same features as the 2.0 models but feature large wing-like paddles for additional leverage to make removing the steering wheel even easier.

SFI Keyway Quick Releases NRG Innovations SFI Keyway More >


It is fair to say that if you drive a vehicle with power-assisted steering and it stops working, you soon notice the difference! While parking manoeuvres might negate the need for a gym membership, it’s probably still best to fix the actual reason it stopped.

The majority of T4s on the road are fitted with PAS and things may have become stiff in the steering department for a number of reasons. One scenario is that the pump, driven by the PAS belt, which directs pressurised fluid to the rack has failed.

The good news is that MEYLE offers several direct replacements for More >


STEVE HOLE tells the story of the short-lived Huron Auto Race Developments, a real ‘one that should have been’ if ever there was one.

Kingston-on-Thames High Street was a hotbed of motorsport activity in the sixties. There was V.W. Derrington and TDC Components virtually next door. Opposite was a large Heron Service Station and behind that was the promising Huron Auto Race Developments operation set up in 1971 by Canadian businessman Jack Smith and his friend Roy Ireland along with Swiss designer Jo Marquart, ex-McLaren and GRD.

The team unveiled a sports racer in 1971 called the M4A and shortly after a Formula More >

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