One of the coolest of the small car care brands and one that does things in a very unique and humorous way is HB Sauce. They are deadly serious about the waxes and elixirs that they blend for our delight and pleasure, though.

One of their range that I’ve been using with great success recently is Raspberry Sauce Gloss Enhancing Quick Detailer and in addition to the smell (don’t put ice cream near it for goodness sake. It might smell like a topping sauce but you really mustn’t do that) it works brilliantly.

Typifying the oft used; seldom achieved ‘easy-on-easy-off’ claim this More >


This new light weight brake pedal box from Burton Power has been designed and manufactured by OBP to offer the driver the highest level of efficiency in this critical area.

The angled cradle provides easy fitment to the floorpan, while the ergonomic fabricated pedals, together with low-friction and high-quality oil impregnated spherical bearings set new standards in pedal box design.

This is the only floor-mounted 5.05:1 to 5.45:1 pedal ratio pedal box on the market that is designed specifically for this type of application.

Master cylinders are not included, allowing the customer to choose the most appropriate for the intended purpose.

The Pedal Box More >



Aeroflow Carburetor Fuel Pump Adjustable Regulators are an ideal replacement or upgrade for the traditional Holley style 2-port regulator and are available in two different port styles, (3/8″ NPT or -08 ORB) and in two adjustment ranges: 1 to 4 PSI or 4.5 to 9 PSI.

The Carburettor Fuel Pump Regulators are made from billet 6061-T6 aluminium and are available in a choice of blue, black and red anodised or polished finishes. They come complete with a chrome mounting bracket and mounting screws.

Price from £83.99 inc VAT andmore details are available from 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.

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Sealey has announced that they have purchased the established consumables and safety equipment brand ‘Worksafe’ after Safety & Electrical Products (SEP Ltd) fell into administration.

The Worksafe brand, which includes over 1000 products such as Drill Bits, Cutting Blades, Safety Helmets and more, is now available to purchase via Sealey distributors.

To locate your nearest stockist, visit A new Worksafe Catalogue is expected to be launched later this year ENDS.



Kamasa Tools has just released a new range of pliers and side cutters that is suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive or electrical use through to home DIY.

These are sturdy tools and comfortable to use; manufactured from S45C carbon steel, their TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handles have a soft grip but remain resistant to tears and abrasions, with excellent weather and chemical resistance.

The range comprises: side cutters 150mm in length (part number 56122); long-nose pliers 200mm (part number 56123); combination pliers 175mm (part number 56124); larger combination pliers 200mm (part number 56125) and water pump pliers 250mm (part More >


Here’s a very useful product for kitcar enthusiasts available now from the good guys at Car Builder Solutions.

A 1.85-litre glassfibre repair paste includes hardener, a soft PVC mixing lid and a plastic spreader.

This product has pre-mixed resin and chopped glass strands and is ideal for quick, easy fibreglass repairs.

The tin weighs in at 2.8kg and costs £50.40 each wearing part number #FIBREFIL185.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.



This new range of Clarke Dual Purpose No-Gas/Gas MIG Welders from Machine Mart offers the advantages of standard MIG welding without the need for gas bottles, producing excellent results in various conditions.

These welders are ideal for automotive repair and other DIY jobs on mild steel (MIG106: up to 4mm thick/MIG240: up to 8mm thick).

Features include tough protective edging for extra robustness,a professional type torch with full on/off control, thermal overload protection for added safety and turbo fan cooling for greater efficiency.

In terms of power, these units are completed with fully variable electronic wire speed control and multiple power settings (MIG106: More >


These CVR two-piece timing covers have a removable upper cover so you can adjust cam timing or do a cam swap without removing the entire cover.

The CNC-machined covers work with both single and double roller timing chains and use the OEM crank seal and gaskets. An O-ring and stainless steel hardware are included.

Timing Covers for Gen III LS Engines with Rear-Mounted Cam Sensor 

These covers feature an optional passenger side -8 AN female O-ring port for an oil return line. Your choice of natural-finish cast aluminium or billet aluminium with a clear or black hard-anodised finish.

Two-Piece Timing Covers for Gen IV More >


Here’s a great little product that I think could be unique. It’s a tiny little cordless cleaner that is brilliant for getting into those small irritating spaces such as between the seats when you drop crumbs down there and you just can’t get them out. This device will …

Ideal for kitcar use but can also be pressed into service around the home, too.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SMALL DEBRIS PICK UP – The built-in debris pick up system makes easy work of cleaning up those annoying small patches of debris that get dragged into the car. Includes a magnetic release debris tray, so quick More >


If you thought that WD40’s Smart Straw idea was a good concept, then you might well like WD40 Flexible (aka EZ-Reach in North America).

It’s claimed to be the first of its kind as the its flexibility takes the ‘straw’ concept a stage further. It’s a bendable tube that keeps its shape and can its 360-degree valve means it can be used upright or upside down!

WD40 is a go-to product for automotive enthusiasts and I don’t think I’ve ever visited a kitcar owner of manufacturer who hasn’t had at least one tin on the shelf of their garage or workshop.

A 400ml More >