This is a good product from car care meisters, Angelwax which is called Corona Synthetic Wax and has multiple uses and does all of them superbly in my experience.

I’ve always seen it as a great product for cleaning both interior and exterior plastic trim and rubber. It not only cleans and leaves a nice satin sheen it can also rejuvenate faded and dried out plastics. It’s possibly the best product of this kind I’ve ever used.

Another use is as wax for your paintwork, much like Collinite Insulator Wax, which are both synthetic waxes. Insulator Wax can be a bit tricky More >


Let’s say you just installed some new suspension parts to improve your car’s handling. Or, maybe you want to dial in more negative camber for a trackday or replace worn-out struts or bushes on your daily driver. Any time suspension work is performed, your car will need the wheels realigned.

That used to mean scheduling a date with the alignment machine and not all tyre outlets have one of them. However, an SPC Performance FasTrax Camber Caster Gauge from Summit Racing, lets you perform wheel alignments at home or at the track. The portable, hands-free design allows you to fine-tune alignment More >


Webcon has just added a Universal Throttle Position Sensor to its range of electronic fuel injection components.

The Throttle Position Sensor has been manufactured for Webcon by OEM manufacturer Wabash and can be ordered as part number ATP200.

The Throttle Position Sensor boasts a rotation life of a massive 5 million full cycles. It has a functional heat range of -40 to +155 degrees Centigrade and Is fitted with a conventional three-pin mini-timer type connector to ensure compatibility with all major aftermarket engine management systems.

Part number ATP200 is available at £68.24 inc VAT.

For further details contact Webcon UK 01932 787 100 or More >


There are several things I like about this one. For start the company makes me smile as does the name of their all-purpose cleaner, Lemon-Aid and its little strapline of ‘keep your car’s scurvy at bay’!

There’s nothing funny about the quality of the products though as they do the job required of them. APC’s can smell a bit toilet cleaner, which is OK if they are used in unobtrusive areas but when you have to use them within your car’s interior that can be a bit off-putting.

However, Lemon-Aid has a pleasing, er, lemon scent and doesn’t smell or feel like More >


Soft-trim maestros, Woolies has some new sponge seals in stock. All products are available by the metre or if you want roll prices just ask Woolies for them.

Also, the alloy end caps for running board treads are now back in stock. Woolies have had these manufactured as they were no longer available.

Self-Adhesive Ribbed sponge (Part No. 469)

A really useful self-adhesive sponge, approx 10mm (3/8in) wide and 5mm tall and only £1.20 per metre.

Self-Adhesive Bead (Part No. 470)

Another self-adhesive sponge seal, very collapsible sponge tube approximate height is 19mm (¾in) and the foot is approximately 14mm wide.

A good option if you have a gap that varies as More >


I’ve known about the Gloss Kings brand for some time and was very pleased to hear that in addition to selling other people’s products they’ve recently launched their own range of products.

I recently needed to clean some filthy wheels on one of my cars so decided to put their new Bloodline iron fall-out remover and Knight, their wheel cleaner through their paces.

The rear wheels weren’t too bad, so I used Knight on them, while the fronts were caked in crud so I reached for the more aggressive Bloodline product to help shift the grime and brake dust.

Firstly, Knight. It’s one More >


Blitzworld has announced that their DX10 buggy is now road-legal – and designated as the DX10RL – and the model is the first in-house designed motorcycle-engined buggy to come from Steve Malpass’ company.

Power comes from a 300cc engine with a twist-and-go CVT transmission and can achieve speeds of up to 50mph and a fiver under ten grand is the price for a turnkey version which comes with a current registration number and two-year parts and labour warranty.

More information from ENDS.


I guess UK car care enthusiasts are well aware of the Gliptone range of leather care products that have been available for ages and work really well. I must confess that I always thought that they were made in the UK.

Wrong! Gliptone actually hails from New York (in the brilliantly named, Ronkonkoma, to be precise!) and they have been around since 1947 and contrary to what I thought they make a full range of car care products and not just leather-related stuff, either.

They are represented in the UK by the same Chester-based company who produce the Liquid Leather and Staingard More >


This versatile new mini precision hammer from Laser Tools (part number 7615 for the multi-head set or 7617 for the hammer separately) has a multitude of uses but is primarily designed for popping in trim clips; the handle is also a neat and flexible pry-bar, useful for removing trim clips.

The hammer is light-weight, and 175mm in length. If you buy the hammer on its own, it is supplied with a soft head and a hard head. If you buy the full set, you get six different heads: copper, rubber, aluminium and steel rounded heads, and copper and plastic flat heads. More >


The Clarke CMTC1 Manual Tyre Changer is a great tool to have in any garage, workshop or even mounted in the rear of a van.

The CMTC1 has a heavy-duty steel construction and a tough powdercoated finish. Featuring a bead breaker and demount/mounting tools, this manual tyre changer will change tyres on wheels up to 19in in size.

This model is available for £214.80 inc VAT.

More information from ENDS.