These great value robust drum fans are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, providing a solution for fast cooling in large workshops, garages, factories and more!

The range produces an excellent amount of air flow, up to 310mᶟ per minute, allowing large areas to be cooled quickly and efficiently, with three large fan sizes to choose from 24in, 30in or a hefty 36in!

All models include two handles and are mounted on large rubber wheels for easy transportation to wherever it is required.

Prices start from £142.80 inc VAT.

Machine Mart offers a wide range of air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers available at keen More >


Sealey is launching their NEW 56-page Storage & Workstations Promotion on May 1st. This promotion has over 470 products on offer. It contains products with up to 67 per cent discount off list price and is valid to the end of December 2019.

This promotion incorporates a great range of toolchests, tool trays, cabinets and tool cupboards, trolleys, workbenches, site boxes and combo deals. There are cash boxes, bags, key cabinets and safes, racking, space-saving wall mounting, stackable and freestanding storage options, as well as water resistant cases, accessories and modular systems.

Check out the new Superline Pro Black Edition Tool cabinet on More >


There is any number of oval tube electric exhaust cut-out, but Summit Racing reckon that none have all of the features of Granatelli Motorsports’ 3in Oval Electric Exhaust Cutout Systems.

One-Touch Open and Close Switch

Some exhaust cut-out systems have an activation switch that must be held down to open and close the butterfly plates. That can lead to over-torquing the butterfly shaft, which can damage the internal gears of the drive system. The Granatelli exhaust cut-out systems have a smart-chip-controlled, one-touch-switch to open and close the butterfly plates and prevent over torquing.

45 Degree Turndowns

Granatelli Motorsports includes 45-degree stainless steel turndowns in More >


New home for the MG TF-based Wide Track Mini kit hitherto made by Speed 3 Automotive.

Steve Milburn and his team at Speed 3 will be concentrating on their Metro 6R4 Group B rally car replica, meaning that the WT kit is now made by Birch Motorsport of Heathfield, East Sussex, a mere stone’s throw from TKC Towers!

Birch Motorsport will be taking their bow at Stoneleigh on May 5 & 6 and we’ll be bringing you more information on this one, including details of pricing in the coming weeks.

More information from 07399 114 442 ENDS.


Originally invented by the Russians during the space-race as a means of putting fires out in spacecraft, the Fire Safety Stick could be a product to greatly interest kitcar owners.

After the space-race the Russians didn’t take it further and was then discovered by an Italian company, leading to the commercially available product you see here.

Unique in that it is able to extinguish all major types of fire – solid combustibles (wood, paper, plastic, textiles), liquid flammables (petrol, diesel), gases (propane, butane, methane), electrical fires up to 100,000-volts and even cooking oils and deep fat fryers. No other extinguisher can handle More >



Leading car care, company, Meguiar’s has announced the launch of their new Meguiar’s® Quik Scratch Eraser Kit.

Working by hand to remove swirls, scuffs and scratches take a lot of time and energy. This inclusive kit supplies you with everything needed to quickly remove light paint defects with very little effort. You supply a standard household drill and then say goodbye to those annoying scuffs, scratches and paint transfer marks that have been preventing your car from looking its best.

The new kit includes Meguiar’s proprietary 4in Scratch Eraser Pad, Meguiar’s® ScratchX® 2.0 Fine Scratch & Blemish Remover and a premium 16in More >


Our good friends at the QOC will be at Stoneleigh as usual, but they’ve made a small ‘Quantum Leap’ across a couple of fields to a new location! I used to like that programme…Scott Bakula is in NCIS New Orleans now!

Those top girls and boys at the Quantum Owners Club have some Stoneleigh related news…

One of the club’s leading lights, Steve Kodz explains: “After more years than I care to remember, the Quantum Owners Club will be on a different stand at Stoneleigh this year. Why?

“The organiser has told us that our old stand is now part of an access road. Therefore, More >


This week’s overseas kitcar focus lands on another Mazda MX-5-based car, the Catfish by California company Bauer Limited Production.

According to the company’s website, the base kit costs $13,900 (approx. £10,689 at today’s exchange rate). Originally, the car was intended to be for the designer and a couple of friends, making a production run of three. However, as invariably happens, once people got wind of it, more requests and orders followed …

More from www.bauerltd.com ENDS.


Not specifically for kitcars, but I figured it could be of interest so have run it anyway.

This Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16, 2019), Haynes has got it covered when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your dad. To mark the special day, Haynes has a novel way of gifting its market-leading step-by-step workshop car manuals by offering a personalisation service that allows people to custom-build their own Haynes Workshop Manual for 210 different cars.

Haynes’ personalised manuals are a meaningful yet practical gift for any motoring fan who has special memories of their most cherished vehicle – whether it be More >


Dash cam manufacturer, Mio, is extending its entry-level C-Series range with the introduction of four new options; the MiVue™ C312, C540, C541 and C570.

This now offers a sliding scale of price and feature options to ensure all drivers can feel confident on UK roads with their ever-present eye witness if an accident was unfortunate enough to happen.

Stylish, discreet and easy to use, the dashcams not only record every journey made but are also the complete driving assistant with features such as Parking Mode Recording, Safety Camera Warnings and a Traceable Movements option meaning that it detects when a collision occurs and More >