Webcon has announced the introduction of the legendary Filter King fuel filter and regulator assembly, to its range of products.

The Filter King fuel filter features a glass bowl to easily assess the condition of the replaceable filter, a pair of push-on 5/16in – 8mm fuel unions, a universal mounting bracket, and a captive thread to allow fitment of a fuel pressure gauge (the use of Webcon WFR150 0-15psi fuel pressure gauge is recommended).

The Filter King is a genuine Malpassi product, and works in the 1.5 – 7psi range so is suitable for all Weber carburettor installations. Order as part number More >


Aeroflow Performance now offers the option of Stainless Steel Hose End Fittings, produced from 304-grade stainless steel, which provides superior strength and durability.

The fittings are available in a range of different sizes and angles and are perfect for use in brake and clutch assemblies. Aeroflow recommends that they are used with 200 and 250 Series PTFE-lined hose.

Prices start from £13.19 inc VAT with more information available from 01268 764 411 or  HYPERLINK “” ENDS.


Although it’s never really been away, Marlin’s excellent EXi has been enjoying good sales of late and has been re-launched. There’s also a slight change of name from ‘5EXi’ to ‘EXi’.

The Devon-based company, run by Terry Matthews, has been concentrating on their BMW diesel-powered Sportster model in recent months, but have now turned their attention to the EXi, once more.

It’s a car I’ve always enjoyed, indeed, I spent some time with one at the Nordschleife some years ago and had a great time, aside from running out of petrol on one lap, but moving swiftly on.

These days, Marlin concentrate solely More >


A new version of the classic 7in headlight from Wipac, which is designed to replace any existing 7in headlight, as fitted to the classic Mini and subsequently used on thousands of kitcars, of course.

These headlights are exclusively designed and manufactured and are Wipac-branded on each lens and Wipac has invested heavily in time and components to ensure that in their opinion, these are the best available on the market.

They come fully ‘E’ marked for IVA compliance and are road-legal in the UK and throughout Europe. They give an intense white LED ‘halo’ sidelight and come in black or chrome.

The headlights More >


Burton Power has recently released a short body version of its normal ¾in master cylinder.

This brake/clutch master cylinder is ideal for compact installations, being 25mm shorter than the normal BRK016 master cylinder, with a body casting length of just 80mm as measured from the mounting flange.

The cylinder has a 7/16in UNF inlet, a 3/8in UNF outlet, 57mm mounting bolt centres and an M8 threaded rod.

The short body master cylinder can be ordered as BRK075 and at just £35.10 each inc VAT and it is an affordable way to solve the problem of a cramped engine compartment in a kitcar.

For further More >


vGroup International has launched a new highly environmentally-friendly and effective screenwash tablet, to help support the campaign against the use of plastic bottles.

Teal blue in colour, with a pleasant blue raspberry smell, the product will be available under the new P1 Autocare brand in blister packs of one, three and six tablets.

Each tablet, or pod, creates five litres of screen wash, a three-pod pack fifteen-litres and a six-pod pack thirty-litres of screenwash meaning that they create more screenwash than the majority of water bottles can hold, ensuring less waste.

Originally launched in Germany, it is the only screenwash used by BMW More >


Here’s a very cool product, hailing from popular car care company, Sam’s Detailing and this one is a little gem.

Ceramic coatings are the latest buzzword in car care, and they are great. It’s like a Teflon non-stick surface for your car’s body.

Trouble is, you need to apply them properly and carefully. Go off-piste and you’ll find them virtually impossible to remove. Ceramic Boost from Sam’s Detailing features the best, and user-friendly aspects of ceramic coatings, Si02.

Pre-wash with snow foam and then shampoo the body, then simply spray on Ceramic Boost while it is still wet.

Once done, you immediately wash it More >


If you are working with BA fasteners then turn to Laser Tools – this new BA socket and spanner set (part number 7132) covers the most commonly used sizes.

BA (British Association) screw thread sizes cover a range of small screw thread, originally being specified at the end of the nineteenth century as the British standard fastener for small electrical devices and scientific equipment. The design of the BA thread profile lends itself to low-torque applications. They are used for miniature instruments, clocks, optics, moving coil meters, conduit boxes, micro applications and modelling. BA fasteners can still be found on classic cars More >


MX-5 owners and kitcar owners using an MX-5 donor can now get purpose-made Wilwood kits from Moss Europe.

These kits have everything you’ll need to improve your MX-5’s braking efficiency: big four-piston front calipers feature a tough protective black powdercoating and there is a choice of vented or cross-drilled/slotted discs.

These kits come complete with pads, alloy bells, mounting brackets and bolts and fixings – in fact, everything you need to bolt on some serious stopping power in your own garage! It even works with the OEM master cylinder. Full fitting instructions are included.

Order as part number: 906-160 and request ‘Vented’ (at More >


South Korean brands are very popular in the car care scene and you’ll regularly see names like Gyeon, CarPro and Cartect although the market leader in their homeland is Bullsone, closely followed by SteamJet.

Another South Korean range that is now available in the UK, is Fireball, via Ultimate Finish at Brands Hatch in Kent.

I’d heard some great things about their snow foam pre-cleaners and decided to put the Red version through its paces.

It’s not one of the latest on-trend coloured snow foams rather it’s a conventional white suds product. Dilution levels are incredibly frugal at 1:600 and you just add More >