New packaging and a re-launch for T-Cut’s Scratch Magic product …


Webcon has just introduced a new inlet manifold to allow a pair of Weber DCOE carburettors or DCOE-style throttle bodies to be installed on the Ford Duratec engine.

Webcon’s engineers designed the new manifold and CNC-manufactured it from billet aluminium to have a thickness of just 35mm from face to face; this makes it ideal for transverse engine installations such as the Lotus Elise Duratec transplant.

However, when used with Webcon’s 32mm manifold extenders, the depth jumps to 67mm making it equally perfect for rear wheel drive installations where a longer intake allows for greater mid-range torque.

MM5060 Manifold is available at £439.20 More >


Burton Power has announced that it is now producing its own Alloy Water Pump Pulleys for the SOHC Pinto engine.

The pulley retails at £48.00 inc. VAT each and can be ordered as part number FT320.

For further details contact 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.


Not every mechanic in Europe owns a full set of AN (DASH) sized wrenches; trying to make do with steel metric sizes invariably leads to damaged AN fittings.

AN lines are also frequently routed through hard-to-reach areas where a large spanner just can’t reach.

Aeroflow has solved both problems at once with the introduction of its Large Stubby Adjustable AN Wrench.

The wrench features a 4½in long ergonomic handle and fits sizes from -03AN up to -20AN. It is perfect for a highly confined space. The aluminium jaws are specifically designed for alloy end fitting and won’t round or damage them. It’s priced More >


When working on high-end, show-quality classic vehicles, kitcars or automotive displays, the fit and finish of the fasteners is just as important as the paint and bodywork.

For example, chrome-plated fasteners can be damaged easily, especially when using standard metal spanners and sockets. That’s why Laser Tools has introduced two specialist non-marring tool sets: the Non-Marring Socket Inserts set (part number 7463) and the Non-Marring Wrench and Pry Bar set (part number 7464).

Kitcars often feature fasteners that can be plated, anodised, chemically passivated or even painted. Lots of care and attention has been put into building and preparing these vehicles, so extra More >


These high-performance, electric pressure washers are built for DIY use. Each model comes included with a hose reel for tidy storage, a built-in detergent tank and a high-pressure lance with ‘pencil jet’ or ‘fan jet’ adjustments to adapt to different jobs.

Jet 7500

Motor power 1600W

Max. Pump Pressure 2030psi/140bar

Water flow 400ltr/hr

Hose Length 5m

Weight 14.65kg

Wheel mounted

Only £149.99 inc VAT

Jet 8500

Powerful 2100W motor

Max. Pump Pressure 2610psi/180bar

Water flow 420ltr/hr

Hose Length 5m

Weight 19.15kg

Steel lance

Large 160mm spoked wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Only £179.98 inc VAT

Jet 9500

Powerful 2400W motor

Max. Pump Pressure 2900psi/200bar

Water Flow 420ltr/hr

Hose Length 8m

Weight 21.6kg

Steel lance

Large 160mm spoked wheels for easy manoeuvrability 

Only £215.98 inc VAT

More from ENDS

More >


Spilt oil is messy, time-consuming to clean up, a potential accident waiting to happen and a health hazard.

Luckily DEI offers a way to keep a garage or work area clean and mess free. DEI’s new Oil Rug quickly absorbs oily spills and drips to keep a work area tidy and accident-free.

DEI’s Oil Rug can be used for any small engine repair and makes a great addition to the workbench of the occasional DIY-er, as well as a required safety product for auto care professionals.

Applications include placement under motorcycles and cars when parked in the garage or bench top repairs for More >


Destined for Stoneleigh 2019, but definitely due for launch this year, is this new Ford RS200 replica from Essex-based RS Retro.

The company’s aim is to build the best RS200 ever made. The car has been designed using CAD and although there will is no donor vehicle per se customers will be able to DIY-build one using off-the-shelf parts.s

Power comes from Ford Zetec and on the demo car that means a fully forged bottom end along with a hybrid turbo, custom inlet and BDA rocker covers.

Kit packages are extremely comprehensive and come in at £19,000 and include the fully powdercoated chassis with More >


This new range of Clarke boltless shelving combines tough steel construction with quick and easy set up for any garage, office, home or more.

Only a hammer is required to assemble these boltless shelving units, allowing for quick and easy assembly. These units feature adjustable shelf heights and can be assembled as a bench or corner unit to making them suitable for any room size.

When assembled, depending on the shelving model weight capacity, the high-quality 6mm chipboard shelves will hold up to 150kg or even 300kg per shelf.

The units come in a choice of colours (red, galvanised, blue, grey or silver) More >


Looking at the latest offerings from Laser Tools, versatility, innovation and unique product development is at the company’s core, and here’s an excellent example: these new Button Connector Pliers (part number 7407) are equipped with an extended flexible cable – and what a difference that makes!

They are designed to quickly remove the button-type quick-connectors found on fuel lines, power steering pipes and other vehicle systems, but the 650mm extended cable means that you can access connectors buried deep in the engine bay, underneath or obscured by other engine-bay components, or otherwise inaccessible to ordinary pliers.

The tool’s specially designed fingers open More >