During the 1970s and 1980s, many high-performance cars (such as the Ferrari 308, Citroën SM and Aston Martin V8) were fitted with the Weber DCNF carburettor and many of these applications used a custom-made cast aluminium air horn.

This air horn has been out of production for many years, but now Webcon has made them available once again.

Part number 5284800100 is supplied as a complete kit including a cork gasket, mounting screws and washers and is available from stock at £67.36 inc VAT.

Available now from 01932 787 100 or ENDS.


Burton Power is now offering a reproduction of a SOHC Pinto-spec sump aimed at classic Escorts, but as this engine is fitted in hundreds of kitcars it’s very pertinent to totalkitcar readers.

Burton Power has introduced this sump as good used sumps are now becoming rare and expensive.

While reproducing this sump, Burton Power has taken the opportunity to redesign the sump baffle so that it provides far more protection from oil surge than the original version.

The modified baffle is designed to always keep the pick-up surrounded by oil even at all times under extreme surge conditions. The Burton Power sump features More >


Our good friends at Woolies always have what you need when it comes to soft trim parts.

They stock the stuff you need and always look out for stuff you need but is hard to find or dare I say, unobtainium.

They now have white hidem banding in stock, which is an addition to an already very good range of colours.

It’s great for finishing off trimming jobs eg across the front of hoods, seat edges and panels. They even have it made out of Duck material (canvas) which goes well with mohair or double duck hoods.

More from or 01778 347 347 ENDS.


More >


Whether your Beetle, Beetle-based kitcar, Ghia or Type 3 is pushing some serious power, or you just like to have the utmost confidence when it comes to applying the anchors, this kit is for you.

Developed in partnership with EMPI, these Wilwood twin-piston calipers are a direct replacement on your original disc brake spindles but also fit early and late dropped spindles and work if you use Wide 5 adapters too.

Supplied with pads and designed to fit with stock discs and standard hoses these billet aluminium beauties will certainly do the job when called upon. Not to mention look champion behind More >


While Machine Mart prides itself and is known across the country, for the expansive range of tools and machinery on display in its 65 superstores, what some people may not know is that over 15,000 “Xtra” products, from big-name brands, are available to purchase online at

The Machine Mart Xtra range offers what you’d expect, MORE power tools, MORE hand tools, MORE garage equipment, but it also extends to everything from office chairs to sanitiser stations.

So, if their catalogue doesn’t quite have what you need, or you can’t find it in-store, head to today and take advantage of thousands of More >


Designed for use in the pre-polish decontamination stage, ObliTARate Gel from Auto Finesse is a brand-new formula, developed in the form of a viscous liquid, designed to linger on surfaces for as long as possible as it actively dissolves sticky contaminants.

Safe for use on all painted and powdercoated surfaces, along with glass, solvent-resistant plastics, bare metal and brightwork trim, this solvent-based gel quickly melts away tar spots, glue residues, traffic cone rash and overspray, suspending them in the solution, above surfaces, and allowing them to be safely wiped away.

ObliTARate Gel is available in 500ml and 1-litre bottles, priced from £13.95.

More More >


Sealey’s Winter 2021 Promotion was launched 1st September 2021 and is packed full of fifty new products and deals with savings of up to 88 per cent off the list price, featured throughout a bumper 64-pages!

New additions to Sealey’s Lighting Range include the Interchangeable 3-in-1 COB LED Inspection Light and a 9-in-1 Penlight Multitool. You can also find new products in the Heating, Road Safety and Battery Charger ranges.

There are also fantastic deals on Sealey’s existing ranges – page 25 highlights their 2tonne Low Entry Short Chassis Trolley Jacks with Accessory Bag Combos available in orange, blue or hi-vis green More >


Keeping your turbo or supercharger system’s air intake temperatures low is the key to reducing the impact of heat soak and detonation and consistent power output. Air-to-water intercoolers like the ones made by Mishimoto are the way to do that.

Water can absorb and dissipate heat more effectively than air, so a smaller air-to-water intercooler is just as effective as a much larger air-to-air system. Having fresh water cycling through the core means more consistent intake temperatures, too.

Since air-to-water intercoolers don’t have to be directly exposed to an air source, you can put one anywhere in the engine bay. That helps More >


I’ve been speaking to a couple of readers who have recently placed orders for the latest model from Ultima Sports, the RS Coupe, this week. Very excited boys, both of them!

Billed by the factory as the culmination of all the things that they’ve learnt over the years – the Marlows have been custodians of the marque since 1992 – and as such features the very best of everything it’s possible for them to produce.

The RS model uses either GM LS (LS3, LS7 or LSA) series or the recommended current LT generation, which feature LT1 (480bhp), LT4 (650bhp) or the brand More >


If you enjoy a proper bit of car detailing then this new product from car care giant, Meguiar’s may well be of interest. M27 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant is out now.

I think the poor old sealant often gets overlooked. We all use snowfoam, car shampoo, polish and wax, in my view the sealant stage is one that shouldn’t be overlooked, and I like to apply it to my cars at least twice a year.

It should be used after you’ve cleaned and decontaminated your car’s body and it acts as a great base layer for a coat or two of wax. More >