Featured on the cover of Sealey’s current Storage & Workstations promotion are the NEW Superline Pro Toolchest & Rollcab Combos.

The Special Black Edition is available in both 27in and 41in widths and is constructed from heavy-gauge steel and manufactured with steel inner walls for extra strength and durability they have a rust and solvent resistant black crinkle effect finish.

Heavy-duty 45mm ball-bearing drawer slides provide superior performance and are suitable for heavier loads. The full height rear locking mechanism locks smooth running soft close drawers in place.

Both topchests and rollcabs are supplied with two folding keys, while the clamshell style topchests More >


Among the various sub-brands under the Car Plan banner is the Wonder Wheels range and a more recent addition to the line-up is Colour Active Wheel Cleaner.

It’s an acid-free product that is suitable for all wheel types including those that are rather sensitive requiring special attention.

I used it on some very dirty wheels and it managed to remove the caked-on mud and baked-on brake dust and didn’t require any manual input. The advanced cleaning process occurs with the aid of an active indicator, which turns the wheel red as it reacts with and dissolves the crud.

Best results occur if you More >



I’ve been seeing a lot of AIM Technologies products lately and their MXL Strada digital dash-pod is being fitted to all sorts of kitcars. Right price; right product seems to be the message.

News this week of a new addition to their range in the shape of their MXS STRADA and it comes with a 5in colour display, high contrast TFT screen, an ambient light-sensor to keep the unit’s backlight at optimal brightness levels and stunning visual quality.

AIM has also tried to make installation as simple as possible. One of the fastest growing and newest clichés is ‘plug and play’ but More >


This is probably the product that put Wo-Wo on the map. Their solvent-free wheel cleaner.

What a great name ‘Wo-Wo’ is and it refers to the detailer’s favourite ‘wax-on-wax-off’ expression. They are a really cool company who don’t make a massive amount of different products but what they do make are sought after by those that know.

Take their wheel cleaner. The 500ml bottle has a quality trigger mechanism (I hate duff ‘triggers’) and you generously cover the wheel and allow the product to dwell on the surface. For best results use a specialist wheel brush to help agitate road grime and More >


ODK Waxes produce great car care products and offer further proof that the Americans and Germans aren’t necessarily the ‘bosses of gloss.’

There are a growing number of top-drawer UK producers though and ODK is one of them. Exhibit Gloss Enhancer really impressed me and when used as a quick detailer it went on easily and came off fast but also left a dazzling amount of gloss on my car’s bodywork.

It’s superb as a quick detail product say when at a show or you can use it as a ‘topper’ to your existing regime. It really is impressive, oh and it More >


This NEW range of Clarke Heavy Duty Instant Garages with a great green exterior will keep your pride and joy in top condition this summer.

Using a heavy-duty advanced cover that is triple layered, waterproof, fully UV-treated for long-term protection against sun, rain and wind and features ratchet tight tensioning for that drum-tight finish.

This range is easy to install though bolt together hardware and joint support with a powdercoated steel frame for optimum durability and stability. With various anchoring options, they can be erected on a variety of surfaces.

The bright white interiors provide optimum light inside the garage for excellent storage More >


Lots of kitcar folk like to do a bit of camping. Things just got a bit easier when it comes to a good night’s sleep while out under the stars. Thanks to the marvellously-named Bundle Bed, I reckon you can chuck that irritating old air-bed and seen-better-days sleeping bag into the nearest skip.

The makers, James Clark and Lucy Bartlett, who run Bundle Beds, claim that they have the future of sleeping outdoors and a decent night’s sleep, all wrapped up in their little bundle.

It is a fully self-contained proper bed, complete with a slim, self-inflating (wa-hey!) mattress, built-in cosy duvet More >


It might well be tempting fate, but let’s hope that we’ve now (finally) left the worst of the winter weather behind us, which is all the encouragement the good folk over at Mountney need in order to begin looking forward to the looming show season.

Putting their money where their collective mouth is, Mountney has unveiled an expanded range of 12in and 13in, vinyl- or leather-rimmed steering wheels, all manufactured to the same exacting standards that the company has long been known for.

Spring is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated season of them all, particularly given how brutal the 2017/2018 winter was, More >


The dual-purpose MIG 145 No-Gas/Gas MIG welder from Machine Mart offers the advantages of standard MIG welding without the need for gas bottles, producing excellent results in various conditions.

This popular welder is ideal for automotive repair and other DIY jobs on mild steel up to 4mm thick. With features such as a professional-style non-live torch, which can be put down while working without sparking, electronic wire speed control and thermal overload protection with auto-reset.

In terms of power, settings can be adjusted from 35-135-amps and the welder operates from a standard domestic 230V power supply.

To get you started, some flux corded More >


Summit Racing is now stocking Oliver Racing con-rods but they advise that you don’t buy them for a mild engine build. They are pretty much overkill for engines that never see the high side of 400bhp and RPMs over six grand or so.

However, if you’re building a big-horsepower, high RPM V8 engine, step right up and get a set of Oliver rods, which are based on four principles:

Durability: Oliver uses aircraft-quality, American-made 4340 AQ material that is vacuum-furnace de-gassed and inspected for cleanliness. That means better durability and fatigue resistance.

Strength: Oliver uses a two-stage heat treatment process. The first stage is designed More >