Founded in 1996 by Los Angeles car wash entrepreneur, Tunch Goren 3D Car Care has risen to become one of the USA’s leading car care brands and they launched in the UK in 2022.

We recently had the chance to sample their Bead It Up product, which is essentially a gloss-enhancing quick detailer.

It’s one of the nicest products of its type that I’ve ever used and is a true easy-on-easy-off potion that sprays on and wipes off. It leaves behind a great level of shine and also manages to give your paintwork a very smooth, soft feel.

When it rained the ‘beads’ More >


Burton Power now has an alloy rocker cover in black, which is suitable for both Pre-Crossflow and Crossflow Ford ‘Kent’ engines. The rocker cover will even fit the transverse Fiesta ‘Kent’ engine (although it will move the oil filler to the opposite side of the cover).

The cast ribs and BURTON logo are polished to stand out from the black finish and add a touch of style to the engine bay. Fixing is by means of four FP453 bolts.  Order as part number FP227 at £157.90 inc VAT. This will therefore fit literally thousands of kitcars.

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Webcon has announced the release of its long-awaited manifold and linkage set to allow the fitment of three Weber 40DCOE carburettors to the Triumph GT6 engine.

The new kit features stepped manifolds to clear the sloping bonnet on the GT6. The new Webcon manifolds are designed, cast and manufactured in the UK to Webcon’s exacting quality standards.

The set also includes a Webcon marine-grade stainless rod linkage system to ensure a smooth, accurate set-up and operational longevity.

The inlet manifold set and linkage can be ordered as part number MW0091 at £624.12 inc VAT.

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Here’s one for our North American readers.

Vibrant’s Thermostatic Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapters are designed to bypass hot oil through a cooling loop to help keep engine oil temperatures under control while allowing you to keep your oil filter in the stock location.

The adapter features an integrated thermostat that reduces the warm-up period from a cold start and is available with or without a 1in oil filter spacer.

Features include:

  • The thermostat opens at 180° F • CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminium with a hard anodised black finish • Mechanical tab-lock washer prevents adapter and components from vibrating loose • -10 AN ORB More >


Mini Spares is now offering these high-quality Japanese sealed balljoints for classic Minis.

The joints were developed and tested over a period of three years. The original concept was to develop a high-quality product similar to those used on modern vehicles.

Unlike the original Mini design, these maintenance-free balljoints do not require periodic adjustments of the shim and are pre-loaded for easy installation. As no shimming is required, the maintenance-free ball joints can be fitted in a relatively short period of time.

They mount as a direct replacement in the same way as the original and can be fitted to the top and More >


The best-selling Clarke CW1D Floor Standing Parts Washer provides a simple way to clean components covered in oil, grease and dirt. An internal pump continuously circulates the cleaning fluid, delivering it to just where it’s needed.

An essential product for any garage or workshop, the CW1D has a tank capacity of 75 litres, fluid capacity of 45 litres and a maximum pump rate of 90 litres per hour.

This model has a flexible link to automatically close the lid in the event of a fire. There is also an integral, replaceable filter.

The CW1D requires a 230V power supply.

This model is available for More >


The story of Guy Salmon and his car dealerships, plus the story of the Guy Salmon Mini GT

Born in 1913, Guy Salmon rose to become one of the UK’s leading car dealerships with dealers all over the country.

He borrowed £20 (now worth about £1000, allowing for inflation) from his mum to open his first dealership in 1934, on Brighton Road, Surbiton.

He drove a fire engine during WW2 and post-war he opened his first official Guy Salmon dealership in Thames Ditton in 1946. The site had made gun turrets for Bomber Command, although Salmon, aided by his brother Micky, sold Rolls-Royces More >


Mot test certificate

More than 300,000 unsafe vehicles could be seen on UK roads, as a result of government plans to extend the MOT test frequency.

According to figures from DVSA, 300,000 vehicles approximately fail their first MOT test in three years. Moving the first test to four years under government proposals poses higher safety risks to motorists and other road users.

Furthermore, as the number of new vehicles on UK roads is set to be electric powered, these are just as likely to fail the first MOT test, underlining the importance of safeguarding the current test regime.

DVSA data shows that the failure More >


Spyshot from the XCS Designs workshop shows progress being made on their new Dieci model.

The thinking behind the name? Dieci is Italian for ’10’. Tetra is ‘4’, as in the number of driven wheels.

This model will only be available in full cage form as XCS wanted to create additional rigidity in the chassis to cope with the extra torque and forces in play. Also, given the frankly ridiculous power and grip available, they felt that an additional layer of passenger safety was no bad thing.

To that end, they’ve built the chassis to exceed current motorsport regulations, despite the fact they’re aiming More >


Machine Mart has recently added two new plastic car creepers to their garage equipment range.

Underside vehicle repairs can be difficult and frustrating without the right equipment. These two lightweight car creepers allow the user to speed up the process, stay cleaner and more comfortable while getting a better job done.

The Clarke CMC36B 36in Plastic Car Creeper benefits from a low-profile design, padded headrest, contoured shape for ergonomic usability and a convenient carry handle for portability. It also has six swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability around the garage or workshop. It has a length of 910mm, a maximum load of 113kg More >