A new product from Tribute Automotive is a rather fetching tribute (sorry – ed) to the classic BMW 507, based, rather handily on Z3. Tribute boss Chris Welch is cracking on with this new one and encouraged by positive comments to posts on the company’s Facebook page.

Early days yet and no information on pricing as yet but we’ll bring you that info as soon as it’s announced. One thing is for sure, it’ll be an effective pastiche, easy to build and affordable.

In the meantime and until Chris releases more images you can find out more about Tribute’s existing products at More >


Webcon has announced the introduction of an electric auto-choke Weber carburettor kit to replace the factory Zenith 35/40 INAT that was fitted to the 1.9-litre Opel Rekord and Manta and the Vauxhall Cavalier RWD produced between 1975 and 1981.

The kit contains everything needed to replace the Zenith, including a specially jetted genuine Weber 32/36 DGEV carburettor with an electric choke plus an air filter adaptor so that the original air filter assembly can be used. A linkage rod, base insulator and all the installation components are also included along with full fitting instructions.

This kit is available from stock as part More >


Need the perfect period mug for your workshop brew? Castrol Classic has the answer in the perfectly-pressed form of their Classic Tin Mug.

It may be brand new and beautifully enamelled, but everything about this racy receptacle harks back to a gentler time in the workshop, where tappets needed adjusting and the smell of Castrol R permeated the air.

Perfect for your mid-plug-change refreshment, making you look cool in any work meeting, or indeed, sitting on your desk as the ultimate petrolhead pen pot. There really isn’t much this versatile vessel can’t do!

Besides, everyone knows that nothing tastes quite as authentic, while More >


Bird poo. It’s one of the things that car dealers, valeters and owners fear most. If left on car bodywork it can cause all sorts of harm including etching marks, lacquer damage and faded spots.

But now, Royal Warranted car-care expert Autoglym has launched a brand new, innovative product that will repair bird lime deposits quickly, harmlessly and with minimal hands-on use.

Autoglym Reflow is a water-activated heat treatment that you simply apply and leave while it works its magic on dull and etched lacquer surfaces. You simply activate it with water and apply the Reflow pack to the damaged area. It More >


Burton Power has announced that it now has universal mirrors that are perfect for track use. They feature convex glass to provide a wide field of vision to give you the best view of what’s behind you.

The mirror fastens to the rollcage front crossbar using the bolt-on brackets provided for a secure fitment that will not vibrate loose. All the brackets are slotted to provide a wide range of adjustment and are secured to the mirror using two wing knobs that allow for simple adjustment by hand.

The kit includes 1 x mirror and 2 x mounting brackets.

Order as part number More >


AutoMeter’s Elite Series Digital gauges feature LED-backlit numeric readouts that can be displayed in one of seven colours, making them easy to read at a glance.

Elite Series Digital gauges have durable stepper motors and are microprocessor-controlled for accurate readings. You can program the LED numerical and radial sweep readouts in one of seven colours—and what’s more, you can program the gauges to flash or change colour when user-set parameters are reached. Now you’ll know at a glance when water temperature gets too high, oil pressure plummets, or when you reach the proper shift-point.

All gauges except the tachometer and speedometer have More >



I’ve always been a big fan of Stuart Mills’ work and his MEV marque has been bringing affordable kits that people want to build for many years now.

The Mansfield-based company has finished 2017 is fine fettle, while Stuart has been busy showing all and sundry that he doesn’t just design cool kitcars. More on that in a mo.

His latest model is a heavily revised variant of the Exocet called the G-Type and after seeing it up close and personal this week I think it’s outstanding and in my view, Stuart’s best design More >


A great addition to your tool collection is this set of mini-ratcheting spanners. I’ve been trying out this set from Proxxon with pleasing results.

Seven spanners are included in the powdercoated dark green box ranging from 8mm-19mm.

I like their feel in the hand and they have a steel shaft with durable nickel-plating and a matt finish.

The ratchet mechanism features 72-teeth and has worked well for me in our workshop thus far. Recommended

The set is priced at £53.96 inc VAT and to find your nearest Proxxon retailer call 03332 406 967 or visit brimarc.com ENDS.


The Onyx Series™ Flexible Heat Shield is DEI’s next generation of heat protection performance.

Using a combination of advanced textiles and a reliable standoff bracket design, the product has a rich, black finish and provides maximum cooling and heat dissipation thus preventing heat soak and burns.

DEI’s new Onyx Series Heat Shield joins two durable materials together to form a dual-layer design. The outer layer is a heat-treated glass fibre impregnated with molten aluminium that is formed into a tight weave for durability and strength. The inside material is a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) that withstands extreme heat More >


High under-bonnet temperatures can have an adverse effect on fuel injectors causing vapour lock or heat soak, which, in turn, gives rise to rough idling, difficult starting and other potential engine problems. DEI has a solution – Fuel Injector Reflective Heat Covers that reflect direct and radiant heat away from the injectors. They are available in packs of two, four, six or eight. They are made from high-temperature rated glassfibre bonded to a heat reflective, aluminised material.

They can be used on almost any engine configuration and with stock or aftermarket fuel injectors. Cooler fuel injectors will perform more efficiently, offering More >