Leading advanced wheel design since 1974, Dymag has unrivalled heritage and was the first in the world to commercialise carbon hybrid automotive wheels in 2004. Designed for high-performance vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs and pickups, the patented carbon hybrid wheel, which combine a carbon outer rim with a forged aluminium or magnesium centrepiece, delivers multiple gains for OEMs, the aftermarket, and customers alike.

Always developing new technology and building on this legacy, it is delighted to supply its carbon hybrid wheel technology to BAC’s Mono R, Gunther Werks’ 993 Turbo, Lanzante’s 765 LT, P1 HDK and 930 TAG Championship cars More >


New from Kamasa is this set of eight extra-long-reach screwdrivers (part number 56149) that feature soft-grip handles, black magnetic tips and strong chrome vanadium steel shafts, particularly useful for reaching restricted-access fixings.

The sizes included are PzDrive: Pz1, Pz2; Phillips: Ph0, Ph1, Ph2; and flat: 5.5, 6.5, 8mm. All the drivers have a 325mm shaft which lets you easily reach screws deep in the engine bay, or under the dashboard.

You’ll find the strong polypropylene handles comfortable to use and the thermoplastic rubber (TPR) inserts offer excellent grip. Magnetic tips grip the screws securely for safe retrieval.

The set is the usual Kamasa exceptional More >


It is all well and good replacing failed parts piece by piece, but sometimes when you are completing a project you just want the peace of mind knowing that ‘everything’ is new.

And that is exactly what this coolant hose kit for the VW T25/T3 is all about. Suitable for 2WD manual transmission 2.1 DJ Waterboxer vans, built between 8/84-8/86 it comprises of 14 coolant hose, 2 metal pipes and 40 suitably sized fixing clips to ensure no leaks occur once installed.

Sold by the kit is priced at £195.96 and can be found by searching for part number 251-198-006on their More >


Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) will be part of this year’s Monterey Car Week – the first time the company will have an official presence at the iconic automotive and motorsport gathering in California. In keeping with the dynamic and thrilling nature of the brand, BAC’s Monterey debut will see its carefully curated ‘House of BAC’ HQ host a surprise exclusive global unveiling.

Having ended 2022 by delivering its 150th customer car, BAC has gone from strength to strength in the first half of 2023, boosting its senior leadership and announcing numerous new in-market partnerships across North America and Asia. By being part More >


Mini Sport, the leading provider of premium Mini accessories has announced the launch of two ground-breaking security products designed to protect your classic Mini or Mini-based kitcar like never before: the Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss and the Swivel Lock Cover.

In collaboration with industry experts, Mini Sport has developed these innovative solutions to address the growing concern of vehicle theft. The Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss combines a powerful visual deterrent with straightforward installation, ensuring that your Mini remains secure. Upgrade your steering wheel to experience enhanced protection and peace of mind.

For added security, Mini Sport presents the Swivel Lock More >


STEVE HOLE tells the story of the very underrated designer, Paul Bailey and the various body conversions he offered in the nineties.

A very talented designer called Paul Bailey flirted on the fringes of the kitcar world in the early nineties, but I bet very few reading this piece will recall him.

In fact, I expect people will think I mean Paul Banham and ‘Bailey’ is a typo. Nope, two different people, two very talented people, but only one of them blazed a trail in our industry and it wasn’t Mr Bailey.

Paul Bailey would likely have worked on the Facet while at More >


A huge move for Caterham Cars comes in the form of the Project V concept. An electric sports coupé that could see production from 2026 with the aim being to sell 200 units per year.

photos by Colin Davis

Based around a new lightweight spaceframe according to Caterham CEO, Bob Laishley, it has a lot to live up to: “It must continue to define the Caterham brand into the electric era.”

Range is said to be around 250 miles, it promises to be the most luxurious Caterham ever complete with Apple CarPlay connectivity. Several years after Caterham left their collaborative project with Alpine, More >


MIKA Cars has announced the meon and meon e at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023. Both cars combine classic beach buggy styling with modern mechanicals. MIKA boss Robin Hall said: “The latest automotive technologies have been used to achieve vastly superior chassis stiffness, suspension, steering and brakes.”

Meon e is fully electric weighing just 650 Kg with 200bhp, giving a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, Meon retains a classic link to the original beach buggy, using a new flat-four, air-cooled petrol engine with around 100bhp, meon weighs just 625kg, providing spritely performance and unrivalled driver engagement.

Test drives will be available More >


Unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed is the latest version of the iconic Ariel Atom – the Atom 4R.

Once again powered by an Ariel tuned Honda Type-R 2-Litre iVTEC four-cylinder engine the Atom 4R takes the turbocharged engine to 400bhp with torque increased to 500Nm.   Coupled with a new paddleshift, sequential gearbox the Atom 4R is focused on absolute ultimate road and track performance.

With much attention paid to aerodynamics and cooling the Atom 4R is visually distinguished by new side pods, housing additional cooling systems, together with the optional aero-wing package and 4R graphics.

Said Henry Siebert-Saunders, Director of Ariel: “We More >


Companion to the superb ‘For Flux Sake’ book, the autobiography of Ian Flux is this superb t-shirt. Available in all sizes – XS – 4XL, it available now at £24 from ENDS.

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