At Machine Mart, they know all about the trouble caused by getting caught out with a flat battery when you are on your travels. They sell a whole range of jump starters including several rugged, heavier units, perfect for more professional use

Elsewhere in the range, they also have a selection of handheld, but powerful units, ideal for keeping in your glovebox in case of emergencies.

The best-selling Clarke JSM350 is a multi-function jump start and device charger which can be used on petrol engines up to 6-litres and diesel engines up to 4-litres. It also features USB 5V device charging for mobile phones, and cameras, plus 12V twenty times on a single charge, depending on the condition of the 6Ah Lithium-Ion battery.

It comes supplied in a convenient zipped case and features a handy 1W LED torch. The JSM350 weighs just 1.4kg and is a perfect car accessory.

The Clarke JSM400 is another compact yet powerful jump start, with 7Ah Lithium Polymer batteries, that can be used to start petrol engines up to 6-litres and diesel engines up to 4-litres.

It also comes with USB 5V charging for mobile phones and tablets. It includes a pair of bright LED lights that can be operated in constant, flash and SOS modes, helping you to see and stay safe in case of a breakdown at night. Weighing just 1.37kg, the JSM400 can fit in a pocket or easily in your car, and it comes with a zip fastening bag, cables and adaptors.

Despite being the size of a mobile phone, the Clarke JSM180 is still a powerful, efficient Lithium Polymer jump start which can start petrol vehicles up to 3-litres. Unlike other models, it cannot start diesel engines but at just £44.39, and weighing just 260g, the JSM180 is still a worthwhile investment for many people. It features an LED light with constant, flash and SOS modes and provides USB 5V device charging for phones, tablets and cameras.

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