Here’s a great product. It comes from Zirconite and is called Bead Magik and is described as a multi-surface water beading sealant or for those more into this sort of stuff as an advanced super-hydrophobic nano-coating that has been developed to maintain and enhance water repellency on a car’s bodywork regardless of whether it has a steel or GRP body.

The truth is it has been sitting on my shelf for months and I’d almost forgotten about it. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and I am glad that I did. An amazing product.

Spray it on then move it around with a clean microfibre cloth and give it at least ten minutes to ‘cure’. A buff with a second short pile microfibre will leave your car’s body super-slick and with a high level of gloss.

Zirconite reckon that its protection might even last you six months. Even better is the fact that you can use it on paint, glass, plastic trim and even wheels.

A 300ml spray bottle (brilliant trigger spray, by the way) costs just £19.99 and is available from appointed stockists or via ENDS.