Another company that has come onto our radar lately and one that will be of real interest to totalkitcar/TKC Mag readers is Malvern-based Sarik Vacform, who as the name suggests can offer an, er, vacuum forming parts service that can produce stuff like internal cladding, trim, external body parts, door panels, air scoops such as NACA ducts, dashboards, glove boxes and gearshift escutcheons.

Vacuum forming is quick and effective and means that bespoke parts can be produced quite cost-effectively, maybe even items that are hitherto obsolete meaning Sarik’s services can be great on single items or short runs.

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Ford’s plastic oil filler cap was never its finest achievement.

The cap would frequently come off leaving the breather mesh exposed and inevitably, oil mist would exude.

Now, Burton Power has a smart alloy oil filler cap with breather outlet to duct oil mist back into the air cleaner or an oil catch can.

The Burton’s alloy filler cap will fit the following engines: Ford SOHC Pinto, Crossflow, pre-CrossFlow, Kent V6, Essex V6 and Taunus/Cologne V6.

It can be ordered as part FP641 and retails at £46.50 inc VAT.

Further details from 0208 554 2281 or by visiting ENDS.

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To complement their existing range of 56mm, 63mm and 70mm diameter mesh filters, Webcon has announced a fourth version to suit air-horns, with an 80mm outside diameter.

The filters have been specifically manufactured to fit the new 125mm Weber 48IDA air-horns. However, they will suit any carburettor or throttle body air-horn that has an 80mm bellmouth diameter.

The new filters are available from stock and feature twin stainless steel layers of hexagonal mesh to protect and support a latex foam filter element inside.

9900892700 80mm Mesh filters RRP £49.39 inc VAT per pair 

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The classic Mini is probably the most British of all cars and where would the British be without a cup of tea – the bigger the better!

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the original Mini, Mini Spares now supplies this commemorative travel mug decorated with a Mini timeline that shows how the has Mini progressed over the last sixty years.

The mug will hold a generous 350ml of your preferrred beverage, comes with a snap-on/off lid and is BPA-free.

Order yours now as part number MUG06 at just a fiver each inc VAT.

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Here’s another neat solution for automotive issues from Car Builder Solutions. It’s a Micro-LED Indicator Lamp that is perfect for non-flashing indicator-equipped cars. The 12v LED lamps are road-legal and ‘E13’-marked.

The part features a housing just 13mm high, or low depending on your view on such things, and is made from diecast alloy with a 10mm diameter lens.

The lamp mounts via a 5mm hole in panels up to 3mm thick, while it weighs just 11-grams. Car Builder also offers stop, tail and indicator units to match and part ‘MICROIND’ costs £86.40 inc VAT.

More from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.

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Fitting a quickshift gearlever mechanism to your kitcar is an easy and effective modification that makes a huge difference to speed and feel of your gearchanges giving a shorter and more accurate shift between cogs.

This new quickshifter for the Ford Type 9 from Retro Ford is sure to be of interest. Unlike other similar systems which feature steel spherical bearings that can rattle, vibrate and irritate you, this one has nylon bearings that reduce noise and stop your gearstick vibrating.

CNC-machined from high-carbon steel and HE30 aluminium, it’s a direct swap out for the original Type 9 part. However, Retro-Ford points More >


The world-famous Hepolite brand, founded way back in 1907 in Bradford, with their distinctive yellow and black boxes has just announced that they are adding a range of OE-spec piston rings to their recently re-launched piston range.

Paul Grosvenor, formerly of piston makers, Mahle, among others, is now responsible for the Hepolite range and said: “We have received a tremendous response to the relaunch of Hepolite pistons and many of our customers have requested that we develop the range with additional products. Piston rings is the first of these new products.

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There are few more dispiriting feelings than stepping out of your house on a crisp, cold winter morning, only to find that your car has been almost entirely encased in ice and frost!

Freeing your car from winter’s grip can be both time-consuming and bone-chilling, neither of which are exactly ideal when you’re about to set off on a morning commute! If this sounds familiar then worry not, as Autoglym have you very well covered with their ‘winter twins,’ Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash and De-Icer.

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash

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Before the introduction of the MPI in 1997, Minis universally suffered from oil leaking past the clutch case gasket.

Even new Minis suffered from this problem and were ‘corrected’ under warranty, but the problem often returned again.

In 1997, the clutch case and block gaskets were changed to a modern-day technology Klinger-type material in an attempt to eradicate the oil leaks.

Mini Spares now offers a Klinger material clutch housing gasket as part number GUG705563GM, replacing 22A2237B, to help prevent oil leaks.

The gasket measures 31 thou (0.81 mm) thick, but compresses to the correct size when fitted and torqued to 18lbs per sq More >


We would like to think that our cherished cars and motorcycles never drip oil, but alas, that’s not always the case.

An old piece of cardboard or even a plastic tray can be messy and unsightly, but Laser Tools has an alternative: their stainless-steel drip tray (part number 7352) is just the job.

The tray is usefully sized at 600mm long, 400mm wide and 48mm deep; it is manufactured from Type 201 stainless steel, which is exceptionally tough and strong. It will slip easily under the lowest sportscar, looks professional if your car is on display, and is very easy to clean.

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