A visit to Crendon Replicas in deepest Somerset is always a delight. I recently popped down the M4 to do a feature on one of their brilliant petrol-powered V8 CR427 Cobra replicas (it’ll be starring in the imminent July/August issue) but was fortunate to have a good look at their brand-new e-CR427 which is despite Crendon boss Anthony Hale’s modesty is a pioneering car.

It is also every bit as brilliant as the standard CR427. The car has been developed in conjunction with the customer, a university professor and we’ll be bringing you more on this one very soon.

Oooh, where’s the gearstick?!

The nuts and bolts of the car are a fast charge CCS charger that means a twenty-minute top-up, a 200-mile range and the equivalent of 450bhp. There’s a slight weight penalty over a standard CR427 but it isn’t huge, while the huge grunt of the electric gubbins means it’s of no consequence.

It’s a Crendon CR427, that’ll be a great big booming V8 … er, no it won’t, that’ll be electric then

A truly superb effort by Anthony and his customer and it means that you can now buy a Crendon e-CR427, although initially it’ll be only available in fully built form – so expect a price tag of around £160,000.

More from www.crendonreplicas.com or call them on 07968 394 396 ENDS.