A mate of mine has a Suzuki Hayabusa which is his pride and joy. A weasel almost broke into his garage and nicked it once. This made my friend cast around for an affordable, yet effective security solution. He found it. BikeTrac. He is very pleased with it.

Therefore, I was very interested when I noticed that the Silverstone-based company was about to launch a version aimed at the classic car market – therefore ideal for kitcars – that they are calling AutoTrac.

The tracking unit is powered by a 12V feed and is small enough to be located in a very discreet place in your car. It has GPS, GPRS and RF capabilities and can be tracked to within one metre. This allows plod to get a search warrant more easily whereas a GPS-only unit might not.

Priced at just £299 with a £9.99 monthly subscription this product works for you without fuss or a requirement to be as clever as Brains from Thunderbirds. If you AutoTrac will fit the unit for you for £100.

The subscription gives you access to an app which can feed you real-time updates on location, and battery voltage checking and if a scumbag does manage to get away in your car AutoTrac’s Theft Response team will help find your car and work with the Police to get it back to you.

What’s more, they claim a 90 per cent recovery success rate. For a limited time, they are also offering a zero per cent finance option. Can’t be bad. Ideal Christmas present idea I’d suggest.

More from www.autotrac.co.uk or 01327 317 980 ENDS.