Introducing Laser Tools’ new range of High-Performance Hammers!

Are you tired of hammers that leave you feeling fatigued after a long day of work? Look no further! Laser Tools has just introduced a brand-new range of hammers designed to make your work easier and more comfortable than ever before.

All the hammers in the range feature a high-strength fibreglass shaft that provides the perfect balance of durability and lightweight design. You’ll be able to work longer without feeling the strain. Laser understands the importance of minimising vibration and fatigue. That’s why they have equipped their hammers with a shock-absorbing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip. Say goodbye to sore hands and wrists!

The heat-treated carbon steel heads are tough and durable enough to handle any job. Whether you’re driving nails or peening and shaping metal, these hammers are up to the task.

The range includes four weights of ball pein hammer: 12oz (340g) – part number 8604; 16oz (453g) – part number 8605; 24oz (680g) – part number 8606; and the mighty 32oz (907g) – part number 8607.

The new claw hammer weighs 20oz (567g) is suitable for driving and pulling nails, prying and splitting (part number 8609). To top off the range, the club hammer (part number 8610) is a full 3lbs (1.36kg) in weight, and suitable for these heavier jobs that need a bit of persuasion.

Laser Tools is known for producing high-quality tools that stand the test of time. This new range of hammers is no exception. You can trust them to perform reliably day in and day out. Now available for purchase from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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