This latest addition to Sealey’s Premier Black Range of Hand Tools increases the comprehensive selection, which is suitable for daily professional use.

They feature a fully-polished black chrome finish with machined and lacquered surfaces and also incorporate knurled rings for extra grip with oily fingers. The 14-piece set is supplied on socket rail.

For further details, or to view Sealey’s complete range visit or alternatively call their customer service department on 01284 757 500 ENDS.



If an engine is fitted with a serpentine belt and the associated ribbed drive pulleys, then care has to be taken when removing these pulleys, particularly the main crankshaft pulley. A traditional puller is likely to damage the outer edge of the ribbed drive pulley. This new puller from Laser Tools (part number 7114) is specifically designed for these ribbed pulleys and is a versatile solution that will safely and smoothly remove water pump pulleys, alternator pulleys, air-conditioning pulleys, crankshaft pulleys, etc.

The 7114 puller has a left and right hand threaded clamping mechanism that lets the toothed clamps close equally More >


Mittler Bros has introduced a 1½in (38mm) round tube, 6in (152.5mm) centre line radius shoe set for use on the Mittler Bros. hydraulic 90-degree Tube Bender (Part number MB900).

The shoe set is CNC machined from high quality, durable, billet aluminium and is capable of bending mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and 4130 tubes and pipe.

The shoe set has a minimum bend radius of 3½in (89mm) and is priced at £539.99 inc VAT.

For more details visit: ENDS.


The latest offerings from Pioneer, the Japanese audio icon pull out all the stops in an attempt to mark its eightieth anniversary in the best way possible, with an expanded portfolio of exciting multimedia receivers.

Pioneer’s expanded range of 2018 products includes five all-new offerings, the AVIC-Z910DAB, AVIC-Z810DAB, AVIC-Z710DAB, AVIC-Z160BT and AVH-Z9100DAB.

Pioneer’s commitment to seamless connectivity in all driving conditions has reached its apex with its latest model launches, with all five of the units outlined above coming with WiFi capability. This means that Pioneer’s latest models now have the ability to connect to Apple CarPlay wirelessly, as well as wireless More >


Al at Turismo UK has been in touch to tell us about a great special offer currently running at the Nottinghamshire-based manufacturer.

They have money-off savings across their range starting with the MR2 Mk3-based Avalanche kit, which has £500 off the normal kit price meaning that for a limited time it costs £4495.

The company’s Porsche Boxster-based Evolution GT and Porsche 911 (996-generation)-based GTRS kits have both been reduced by a huge £2000 meaning that both packages currently cost just £5995, which really is a very generous discount and represents excellent value for money.

To take advantage of these offers you will have More >



My favourite ‘go to’ detailing store, Slim’s Detailing doesn’t just have a great store full of car care potions and elixirs from many leading brands, but they also do mail order, too.

One of their main lines comes from German maker, Koch Chemie, indeed Slim’s is the main UK distributor for them. I’ve been using Koch’s GS aka Green Star All Purpose Cleaner, with some success for quite a while now and not only is it a fab product but a 1-litre bottle costs just £5.15 inc VAT!

It’s a highly-concentrated alkaline-based universal cleaner which is phosphate- and solvent-free and is ideal for More >


Mittler Bros. has one of the widest range of bead rolls available in the industry for the standard 28.5mm throat (1-1/8in) bead rollers.

The varied range includes: standard round, standard flat, standard step, standard edge, 45° angled and speciality bead rolls. All bead rolls are CNC-machined from heat-treated tool grade steel to ensure longevity and are also available in Nylatron (plastic), which is ideal for pre-finished materials such as copper, brass and thin aluminium.

Price: From £83.99 inc VAT.

More details by visiting www.b-gdirect.comENDS.



Green Stuff Remover is a 1-litre ready-to-use and 5-litre concentrated valeting product offered by the Power Maxed, vehicle care brand.

Previously known as Caravan Wash due to its most common application on algae-prone caravans and motor homes, Power Maxed has renamed the product to help users connect the product with the problem it is best able to solve.

Caravans, motor homes, any home feature built with UPVC and of course any vehicle left for more than a few weeks can begin to build an increasing layer of algae and even moss, which can be a messy and difficult job to clean. Bare More >


This one is ideal for kitcars with carburettors …

During the recent hot weather, many kit and classic car owners may have experienced hot starting problems associated with fuel vapour lock on cars equipped with carburettors.

DEI’s new Vapor (note US spelling when ‘Googling’) Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve provides an easy, sensible and low cost solution that prevents rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapour lock.

The sleeve has been designed to greatly reduce heat in the fuel line thus keeping the fuel cooler and below evaporation point. The sleeve installs easily thanks to a split design and adhesive flap. There is More >


Another one for carburettor equipped cars without a return fuel line!

Bad hot starting can be the result of pressure build-up in the fuel feed line of a carburettor equipped car, causing the carburettor to flood either during hot soak or whilst cranking.

Some manufacturers addressed this problem by fitting a fuel return line to the tank. However, this is a cumbersome solution for owners of cars without this feature as it involves making irreversible modifications to the car. Luckily Webcon has the answer.

Webcon’s Fuel Line Pressure Relief Kit provides extra fuel hose, clips and two tee pieces, (one with a valve More >