If you’ve got one of those sophisticated new car keys for your daily driver, this piece might be of interest.

Iconx International Ltd, the automation technology division within the Timpson Group which is renowned for cutting new keys has launched a new website, Keynow.com, which aims to end the expensive and time-consuming process of replacing a lost car key by enabling replacements to be ordered online.

Any new key for a car or van sold in the last 20 years must be programmed to the vehicle before use. If on losing a key an owner then uses the second key and loses or damages that, the vehicle may need all locks changing. Having only one key can also affect a car’s trade-in value.

According to its creators, Keynow is intended to provide a lower-cost alternative to visiting the vehicle’s main dealer. Several innovations are part of the site, including a ‘Pair-it-Yourself’ key programming device and decoding software that allows a customer to order their own replacement car key blade by uploading a photo of their key from a smartphone camera.

Keynow claims that its new service offers a saving of up to 60 per cent over main-dealer replacement key prices.

Prices for a fully programmed key start at £99 – more 0333 188 1318 ENDS.