I was very impressed with a couple of products from Squid Ink Detailing last weekend. My cars were looking very dirty and grime laden. The weather, be it wet or icy, in recent weeks means I haven’t been able to clean them as I would like.

Great result

The products in question were Froth Snow Foam and their Pro-Seal Snow Foam Sealant.

I liked the snow foam as it dwelt on my car for about eight minutes and removed the crud before my very eyes.

Froth snow foam dwelt well

I then followed this up with the sealant. At no time, incidentally, did I have to place a hand on the car’s bodywork.

The sealant is diluted 4:1 and you simply pour it into a snow foam cannon and add water. Apply it to the car’s body and then rinse off immediately. You’ll be left with a surface that visibly repels water.

rinsed well. Prior to application of drying towel (CarPro Boa, by the way – slimsdetailing.co.uk).

It was beyond beading (although they are very good) frankly as the water was sheeting off my car’s bonnet.

Well impressed.

Froth snow foam costs £9.99 with Pro-Seal at £12.99 for 500ml bottles.

More information from www.squidinkdetailing.co.uk ENDS.