Powerlite is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-performance rotating electrics for classic, performance, competition and kitcars.

This latest innovation – The Microstart – is claimed to be the smallest, most powerful unit ever built for the A-Series engine. It’s light (just 2.4kg) but deceptively powerful and comes with a five-year warranty. It fits A-Series units that had the ‘Verto- flywheel and pre-engaged-type starter motor.

Every unit is built at the company’s West Midlands base, having been designed, tested and manufactured to the highest possible standards, using over 40 years of auto-electrical experience.

The company’s range of products includes performance alternators, including compact More >


This new socket set from Laser Tools (part number 7636) is specifically designed to offer improved access to hard to reach fuel line connections. For example, injector connectors can be buried under a maze of pipework and fittings and it can be a major task to get a positive grip onto the hex whether tightening or loosening off.

The tool is 3/8in drive and features two spring-loaded joints to let you get down and past any obstructions. The sockets are of the open design that lets you slip them over the fuel line and down onto the hex connector. The sockets More >


Before the introduction of the MPI in 1997, Minis universally suffered from oil leaking past the clutch case gasket.

Even new Minis suffered from this problem and were ‘corrected’ under warranty, but the problem often returned again.

In 1997, the clutch case and block gaskets were changed to a modern-day technology Klinger-type material in an attempt to eradicate the oil leaks.

Mini Spares now offers a Klinger material clutch housing gasket as part number GUG705563GM, replacing 22A2237B, to help prevent oil leaks.

The gasket measures 31 thou (0.81 mm) thick, but compresses to the correct size when fitted and torqued to 18lbs per sq More >


New from Sealey is this LED50WS – Rechargeable Torch with Wireless Speaker 10W COB LED.

It comes secured in a rubber-coated housing with a recessed hook, two magnets and an integral 90° adjustable stand. The main light has an on/off power button and when pressed multiple times cycles through two levels of brightness, 500lm and 250lm, the light produces a beam distance of up to 50m. It features a runtime of 4.5-hours.

For protection, it is IPX4 water-resistant and is IK06 impact rated to withstand falls of up to one-metre. The full charging time is approximately six hours but there is a More >



New from Machine Mart is the IBC25 Intelligent Battery Charger.

It’s an easy-to-carry heavy-duty charger suitable for all types of 12V & 24V lead-acid batteries.

The multiple intelligent charging stages, diagnose, recover, maintain and condition your battery. Also featuring an alternator check to identify the output percentage of the vehicle’s charging system.

  • Suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries up to 400Ah and 24V up to 200Ah
  • 8 Intelligent Charging Steps including De-sulphation to restore battery capacity
  • Digital illuminated screen display
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Boost Feature (12V) for faster charging and vehicle starting
  • Reverse Polarity and Overcharge Protection
  • Anti-Spark Protection
  • Can be used for battery optimisation
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Alternator check (12V)

Available now at More >


Purveyors of fine classic Volkswagen parts, Heritage Parts Centre are pleased to announce their range wheel bearings produced by Japanese manufacturer Koyo.

Established in 1921, Koyo has almost a century’s worth of knowledge in bearing design and production for a wealth of applications, from medical through to aerospace and almost everything in between.

With quality an increasingly important factor when it comes to classic vehicle restoration and maintenance, Heritage feel they have found a reliable and reputable source in Koyo, to keep their customers’ vehicles rolling on the road for longer.

Fitments currently available in the Koyo range include VW Beetle, Split, Bay More >


Amazingly the Steve Harper-designed Grinnall Scorpion III three-wheeler has been around for some 28-years. To these eyes, it still looks box-fresh but that hasn’t stopped Mark Grinnall from deciding it was high time for a revamp. Albeit a mild one.

I was last at Mark’s place last summer and he let me see an early buck that was being worked on but clearly showed the revisions. Mark has cleaned up the car’s front end with a new front grille styling, headlight mountings and smaller light units.

Longer front wishbones have also been introduced, which increases track by 120mm which Mark says help More >


When I saw a rare dry day over the Christmas period, I decided to give the brand new and unique HydroSlick product from Chemical Guys a test out. I’m glad I did.

Described as a hyperwax that doesn’t actually contain any wax, it blew me away with its ease of application, lustrous shine and hydrophobic (beading) ability.

Chemical Guys say that it is a ceramic hyperwax that uses a suspension gel that can be used on paint, glass, headlights and chrome. Basically, all-around your car.

They also say that in an ideal world it should be left for a minimum 30-seconds before removing More >


Whether fitting electrical accessories or repairing a wiring harness, it can be a real problem trying to pass wires or cables through from the engine bay or boot into the passenger compartment. Or when carrying out wiring harness repairs it can be a real struggle passing a new wire through box sections or behind trim panels. Laser Tools offers two solutions: the wire insertion toolset (part number 7618) and the wire guide tool (part number 7775).

Harness bulkhead grommets are designed to seal against dirt and water ingress and getting another wire through there can be quite a challenge. The new More >


Great new product from the marvels of rust removal and control, Rustbuster, is Eco Cleaner Rust Remover, which is an environmentally-friendly bio-degradable cleaner that can be used on steel, stainless steel and even masonry.

It is a single-component water-based jelly-like solution that removes rust, mill-scale, green algae and limestone.

Depending on the severity and the type of corrosion removal takes between 4-24-hours  to do its thing.


A 500ml bottle costs £11.14 inc VAT with a 1-litre bottle at £20.28 inc VAT.

Find out more at www.rust.co.uk or via 01775 761 222 ENDS.