Burton Power has announced that it can once again offer a full range of alloy rocker covers for the Kent Crossflow and Pre-Crossflow engines.

The rocker covers are available with an oil filler for original wet-sump engines or with the filler blanked off for dry sump race engines. There is a choice of the classic ‘BURTON’ legend or a flat blank panel suitable for your own engraving, sticker or plaque and wet-sump versions are available in either black or red.

All retail at £129.95 each inc VAT.

Available now from Burton Power’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from www.burtonpower.com.

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Loving the way that Revive Auto Apothecary approaches car care. Great packaging and a really great attitude to the subject.

They blend their own stuff and greatly enjoy what they do making their products in small batches that are bottled and signed by one technician. They have also just moved into a new unit that gives them more shelf space and a dedicated detailing bay.

I tried out their 01 Pre-Clean – Snow Foam last weekend and rate it very highly. I love the colour and smell, both of which are important to me in car care products and I was very More >


This is yet another useful set from Laser Tools: their new Low Profile Bit and Go thru Alldrive socket set (part number 7799). The 13mm flexi head ratchet ring spanner is designed to take the selection of low-profile bits and Go Thru sockets (bit and socket height just 21mm) that are provided in the set.

Twenty low profile bits are included manufactured from strong 8660-grade alloy steel — hex: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm; Star*: T10, T15, T20, T25, T30, T40, T45, T50 and T55; and spline: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.

The nine sockets feature Laser’s unique Alldrive More >


Bird poo. It’s one of the things that car dealers, valeters and owners fear most. If left on car bodywork it can cause all sorts of harm including etching marks, lacquer damage and faded spots.

But now, Royal Warranted car-care expert Autoglym has launched a brand new, innovative product that will repair bird lime deposits quickly, harmlessly and with minimal hands-on use.

Autoglym Reflow is a water-activated heat treatment that you simply apply and leave while it works its magic on dull and etched lacquer surfaces. You simply activate it with water and apply the Reflow pack to the damaged area. It More >


An innovative device that prevents cars with keyless start and entry from being stolen could save the insurance industry around £380 million a year on car theft claims.

The device, developed by Hard-Off Security, stops vehicle theft by a method called ‘relay-hacking’.

It can be fitted to the car’s existing fob and the Norfolk-based company says it is 100 per cent effective at stopping a car’s security system being relay-hacked.

The solution is based on the principle that the vulnerability of these types of cars to relay attack or ‘cloning’ is due to the fob’s passive response to authentication challenges from the car’s internal security systems.

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These mobile units from Machine Mart combine air conditioner, dehumidifier and multi-speed fan into a useful 3-in-1 unit. These models can provide quick, effective and efficient cooling or drying in any home or office.

A self-evaporation system works to recycle condensed water in order to cool the condenser, improving efficiency, reducing noise levels and saving energy. Simple touchpads and a remote control operate the air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan functions with ease.

Features of all models in this range include:

* Eco-friendly R290 Gas, very low global warming potential

* Compact design with wheels for portability

* Simple to wash with removable air filters

* Automatic More >


Mothers is Meguiar’s natural rival in the USA and have been for many years. In the UK, they aren’t as well known but in America, they are well favoured by an army of hot rodders.

Their CMX Spray Wax (containing both Si02 AND Ti02) was released in 2018 and they’ve recently added several new products to the line-up. The new Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat contains acrylic Si02 nano-quartz technology and is said to restore dull and faded exterior trim and plastic.

Having access to a car in the TKC fleet with some faded plastic and so got to work. Spray a More >



Dr Nick Mason is a man with a plan. The ex-Ford Motor Company engineer now runs Eco Classics based in Essex.

In a nutshell, Nick offers electric conversions on your vehicle be that a classic car, or of course, a kitcar. They can customise your conversion to your specific requirements engineering a system to provide the best-electrified solution.

They will also modify your car so as to perfectly enhance the drive experience, while they can also offer classic car restorations services and general kitcar building.

Tell Nick what you are looking for such as performance More >


Webcon has distributed the Edelbrock 1404 500cfm manual choke carburettor for over 30 years. Now, due to overwhelming demand, Webcon is including the 1403 and 1406 in its Edelbrock range.

Both new carburettors feature a satin finish and electric choke operation. They are supplied with new filter and base gaskets, a fuel filter and electric choke wires.

The 1403 is rated at 500cfm and is available at £554.80 inc VAT, and the 1406 is rated at 600cfm and costs £536.40 inc VAT.

Webcon also supplies a full range of Edelbrock Weber spares, including gaskets, insulators, floats, needle valves and tune-up parts.

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Regular readers will know that I am addicted to car care and car detailing products.

One of a growing number of dedicated car care supplies stores springing up around the country is Cheshire Detailing Supplies – a company I’ve bought stuff from in the past.

I think that one of the few growth areas during Boris’ lockdown was car care with people up and down the land polishing, waxing, buffing and goodness know what else in their garages, driveways and sheds.

At present CDS stock the ranges of nine leading brands from Autoglym and AutoSmart to Angelwax and Infinity Wax plus cool boutique More >