Meguiar’s has just introduced a larger size for their Ultimate Snow Foam. This formula is engineered specifically towards car enthusiasts looking for the ultimate snow foam to use along with a foam cannon and pressure washer. Ultimate Snow Foam, with Xtreme Cling foam, is the perfect way to obtain a swirl-free wash that won’t compromise wax protection!

This advanced formula contains a specialised Xtreme Cling foaming action that delivers an intense foam that sticks and clings to painted surfaces gently loosening road grime, dirt and contaminants. Fine-tuned to carefully and thoroughly clean coated, waxed or sealed finishes while preserving protection and More >


An extraordinary high-performance cutting compound for ambitious detailers, Scholl Concepts claims that their new S2 BLACK sets new benchmarks for processing, gloss level and cutting power!

Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK is an extraordinary high-performance cutting compound that has been specifically developed for the detailer. Developed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces, thanks to its outstanding and extreme cut, as well as its superior high-gloss features, Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK knocks-out even the deepest and most severe paint imperfections in seconds.

Most heat is produced in the outer area of foam polishing pads and the unique edges of the new Scholl More >


Sealey’s new SPB160W Power Pack is powered by lithium-ion technology. It easily fits in a glovebox or backpack and it benefits from being a compact and weighing only 1.5kg.

It is a leisure unit that provides multiple high amperage outputs. This unit can also supply several full charges for smartphones (iPhone X; seven charges, Samsung Galaxy Note; six charges) or two full charges for your tablet/laptop (based on an 8800Mah battery) as well as many other devices. It is supplied with both Micro USB and Type-C charging cables and it also includes a small integral work light.

Sealey’s complete product range can More >


Laser Tools likes to offer added value and usability to even the simplest of tools, and this new trim clip remover (part number 7703) is a good example — it has a built-in plastic sheath on the underside that is designed to protect the trim, the trim clip, and the (often painted) substrate.

The protecting sheath lets the user put more leverage on the trim clip or trim panel than lightweight plastic trim removers while still protecting underlying paintwork that would normally be chipped or marked with the traditional metal trim clip remover. So, the best of both worlds!

The trim clip More >



The Hyperfuel Go EFI Fuel Command Center 2.0 is the easy way to feed an EFI system without expensive fuel tank replacement or plumbing. It is a self-contained external system with a high volume, 340 LPH electric fuel pump inside a billet aluminium tank. The product receives a steady supply of fuel from the existing fuel system, so the pump is always submerged in fuel. It also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator that eliminates the need for an external regulator.

The Fuel Command Center 2.0 can deliver enough fuel to support up to 800 horsepower; it’s a great way to More >


New from the maestros of great parts at Car Builder Solutions is this 12v Klaxon Horn complete with an ‘Arooogah’ sound. I think we all need one …

Its overall length is 225mm with a maximum (body) diameter of 107mm and a single mounting bolt is included.

The red unit comes with two ¼in male ‘spade’ terminals and Matt at Car Builder recommends that you operate the horn via a relay.

It sure packs a fun punch at 11dB and weighs in at just 613gm.

Available now at £22.80 at the other end of 01580 891 309 or via ENDS.

More >


You’re fitting new brake pads, but you’re keeping the discs because they’re still well within the manufacturer’s specification for thickness. However, the edge of the discs will be corroded, with a pronounced lip – and this lip can damage the new pads or even stop them fitting correctly. Laser Tools has the answer in the form of their new brake disc lip removal tool (part number 7839).

Hand-operated, it will quickly remove the corrosion from the edge and smoothly cut back the lip on the face of the disc. Bolt-on the handle and position the cutting edge of the tool against More >


Sealey’s Garage & Workshop promotion is now active and contains over 600 products. It features the biggest ever £500K free item giveaway and there are over 140 offers which come with an exciting free gift, including soundbars, head torches, earbuds and bottle openers.

There are discounts up to 55 per cent off list prices and plenty of new products to check out within the 32-pages.

New items on offer include a range of low entry Viking Jacks, which are available in 2, 3 & 4-tonne options. They feature ‘rocket’ lift, a dead man’s lowering mechanism, polyurethane wheels, foot pedal, a protective jack More >


When repairing or detailing vehicle paintwork, there are many difficult to access areas that still need to be machine-polished, and there’s no way that you will get a full-sized polishing mop into all these nooks and crannies.

This new air-powered detail polisher from Power-TEC (part number 92559) is ultra-compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to use in confined areas. Ideal for all spot repair and touch-up work. Polish and finish areas that have previously been inaccessible: under door handles, the back of the door mirror, and areas adjacent to body fittings such as grilles, badges, etc. The polisher is super-slim More >


Building a steering system for cars with little under-bonnet space can be an exercise in frustration. You’ve got to work it around things like firewalls, headers, and frame rails that often forces you to resort to weird steering angles with multiple U-joints and support bearings.

The Flaming River VDOG™ steering box eliminates a lot of those hassles. The gear-driven box has 3/4-36 splined output shafts that sit 90 degrees to each other, providing maximum clearance in spaces where more traditional U-joint angles won’t work.

The output shaft to your steering box or rack and pinion rides in an articulating ball – you More >