Here’s something that is both cool and functional The Intellitronix Color Changing-Needle Gauge Panel features six analogue-style gauges with LED gauge needles that change colour depending on the gauge reading. That gives you an instant visual alert if your oil pressure spikes, fuel runs low, or you’re going a bit too fast.

The Intellitronix Color Changing-Needle Gauge Panel includes a speedometer and tachometer plus fuel, voltmeter, oil pressure, and water temperature gauges. You also get indicators, a high beam indicator, and a clock. The gauges feature night-time dimming and are mounted in a black polycarbonate faceplate with a clear acrylic cover.

The More >


If I had to put up a list of kitcar industry greats from say the last 20-years, I’d include a chap called John Barlow in that list without doubt.

I’m told that he’s retired now but I’ll believe that when I see it. He first came to our notice as the ‘B’ of JBA Engineering co-developing the Falcon traditional roadster with his ex-Leyland Trucks mates, Ken Jones and Dave Ashley, before departing the scene.

He next turned up running the Royale Motor Company in 1990 and those ten years of activity with models such as Drophead, Sabre and Windsor, really put him More >


Loving this little Morris JE Van, which comes from Morris Commercial and features electric power.

It’s not available as a kit but comes fully built only. The van is inspired by the fifties Morris J Van and I think captures the classic looks very well even retaining that unique and charming pear-shaped grille.

The company says that the JE Van can be tailored to suit a customer’s taste and/or corporate activities.

With a more than decent power-to-weight efficiency and the latest in battery technology, the new Morris JE is expected to have a range of 200 miles. Rapid charge enabled, the JE’s charge More >


With over 25 years of experience supplying steering wheel and hub kits in the UK, B-G’s range of hub kits features over 800 vehicle applications from classic to modern.

One of the latest applications to be added to the range is for various classic Austins, including (but not limited to) the A35, A40, Allegro, Healey, Maestro, Marina, Metro, Mini, Princess, Sprite and more, which means there’s lots of kitcar potential there, too.

B-G Hub Kits are produced in Italy from the finest cast aluminium materials. They are dual-drilled to be compatible with various steering wheels featuring either a 6 x 70mm PCD More >


Price reductions are always good news. Thanks to improved efficiency, B-G Racing has just relaunched its folding work-table at a lower than the previous price.

The Large Folding Table is the ideal companion in the pits or at home in the workshop. It features a sturdy 6ft work surface and folds in half for ease of storage and transportation.

The table (as shown) includes an optional shelf (BGR176SHELF) and also available is a specifically designed Kart Tyre Rail (BGR176BAR), which can be positioned in several different arrangements to suit the user’s requirements and increases the available storage and working space.

Weight-rated levelling feet More >



Burton Power has announced a road/rally, Lucas style, electronic type distributor for Ford pre-crossflow, Kent, Lotus Twin Cam and BDA engines.

These non-vacuum distributors are fitted with an integral electronic ignition module featuring a modified advance curve to suit fast road/rally specifications.

The kits are supplied with a side-entry cap and a constant energy coil (when using on vehicles fitted with a ballast resistor, the ballast must be by-passed to provide 12v at the coil).

The approximate static ignition timing is 14deg.BTDC.  Order the kit as part number FP299K at £240 inc VAT. 

Available from www.burtonpower.com or 0208 554 2281 ENDS.

More >


For owners of Minis or Mini-based kitcars wanting their cars to look original, Mini Spares® can provide an original looking metal canister master cylinder with ‘Lockheed’ embossed on the metal can-type brake fluid reservoir.

Speaking of brake fluid, these original-spec metal cylinders must only be used with DOT 4 or 5 hydraulic fluid as originally specified in the vehicle’s handbook/workshop manual. Nothing else, such as racing fluid, is suitable.

While these Mini Spares master cylinders are ‘as original’ in almost every way, they are now supplied in a glossy silver finish, not the original gold. This is due to regulations that, since 2007, More >


Now that the well-known Pro-Fuel fuel pressure regulators are no longer available, Webcon has teamed up with leading Australian fuelling specialists Redline Performance to make its Adjustable Pressure Regulator available as a top-quality alternative.

Displaying the familiar 0-5 psi markings, the new regulator pack includes 5/16in/8mm unions as well as fuel hose and clips and features a push and lock knob to ensure the desired pressure is accurately maintained.

The regulator will be sold with the Redline branding to allow easy identification of this superb quality regulator and avoid confusion with the cheap, non-branded versions currently on the market.

Part number WFR190 is More >


Westfield Sports Cars were at the Autosport International Show and among the cars on their stand was this stunning looking Chesil Speedster.

The Kingswinford company has been busy with an electric version of the Speedster replica although the traditional Beetle-based original will remain in production for the foreseeable future, as you’d expect.

With a healthy order book for both kits and fully-built Chesils, Westfield Sports Cars has started 2020 in fine fettle, especially with the latest European Small Series Type Approved model, the ST4 about to be launched.

I’m told it features lots of innovative new features. Can’t wait to find out more More >


There are several superb American car care brands – large and small. Some of them have UK distributors, which is great, while others don’t, meaning that it can be hard to get hold of their products.

This is made all the worse by word of mouth reports and YouTube vids from car care channels raving about said products.

A brand that I’d been hearing great things about was Auto Fanatic based in New York State. The company has a great back story and is run by a well-respected custom car builder well-versed in engineering and professional car care.

His Auto Fanatic brand is More >