FUELAB H/E Series Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pumps are incredibly efficient thanks to a lightweight, low-current draw DC brushless motor and a twin-screw rotor pump that can maintain fuel flow at pressures up to 125 PSI with improved resistance to cavitation (vapour lock). The pumps ‘wet’ motor design has no dynamic shaft seals that can wear out, and they are compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blend fuels, and methanol.

The FUELAB Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pumps are available in three flow ratings: • 250 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 625bhp • 350 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 850bhp • 500 LPH More >


Yet another new and innovative product by Sealey! Their 3001CXP three-tonne Trolley Jack with Foot Pedal, which you can find in their Garage & Workshop 2020 Promotion.

This is a single-piece hydraulic unit with a heavy base design. It comes complete with a foot pedal that acts a fast lifting alternative method of raising the saddle, especially useful when space is restricted.

It is fitted with heavy-duty castors, a universal joint release mechanism, long two-piece handle and its design incorporates an extra-large saddle which helps to ease positioning under the vehicle.

For safety this jack is fitted with a safety overload valve and More >


I was talking to Scamp Motor Company boss, Andrew MacLean this week and was pleased to hear that business in Scamp-land is very good at present with a book full of orders that are keeping Andrew busy.

The car pictured here is called Thunderchild 2 and has been built for a chap called Mark Nicholson to replace his aging championship-winning Autotest Scamp Mk2.

Andrew’s new design from Mark’s brief instructions. … nothing hanging out the back, adjustable height rear suspension for fully-forward mounted coil-overs, which are the same shape as the old Scamp Mk2 and lighter.

So here he is… Thunderchild 2 super More >


I’m a big fan of Essex-based car care specialists, Killer Brands and in particular, their Winners line up of polishes, waxes and much else besides.

I’m addicted to keeping my cars clean – and those of friends and family too, for that matter (when times allow!) – and a product that I’ve been having a lot of success with recently is Winners Satin Interior Detailer.

I particularly like the fact that it leaves a nice satin finish while doing what it says – cleaning your interior trim – and it doesn’t leave your car’s inside looking like that of a Bucharest taxi, More >


If you are rebuilding or modifying a Mini (or other A Series) engine be aware that some, so-called, ‘genuine Rover gasket sets’ can be poor in quality or have incorrect parts.

The problem was so significant that Mini Spares decided to put together its own correct gasket set. The original Payen gaskets served as a template, but modern KLINGER super gasket material (as used on some parts of the MPI twin point injection engines) was used.

This dual-fit multi-piece selection of KLINGER upgraded engine block gaskets will fit any early or A-Plus engine. It is suitable for road or race and will More >


Burton Power has announced that it can supply Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets for the Ford English rear axle (also known as the Timken or Banjo axle) as used in many Ford classics, some Lotus models and numerous kitcars, of course.

All Burton Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets are precision manufactured from high quality 8620 alloy steel forgings to Ford O.E. specification and quality standards.

The gears are produced on the latest Gleason CNC machinery to ensure the highest standards of production. The superior Gleason tooth forms on each gear set are individually lapped together to give optimum meshing quality. After an More >


Attempting to remove a brake disc? You’ve removed the securing screw but the disc doesn’t want to come off. You’ve hit the disc with a soft hammer but it still won’t budge. Dirt and corrosion are holding it firmly in place. Reach for this new brake disc puller from Laser Tools (part number 7708).

The puller is designed to fit discs from 165mm to 380mm in diameter, with its easily adjustable, spring-loaded legs that clip behind the disc. The disc can then steadily be pulled off the axle flange by breaking the corrosion’s grip.

The tool is supplied with a protective force More >


Another great new product from Sealey and on offer in their Spring 2020 Promotion is their ½in Sq Drive 18V Cordless Impact Wrench. It is available in both red, CP400LI or Hi-Vis Green, CP400LIHV.

These two Cordless Impact Wrenches come fitted with a variable speed trigger, cast aluminium gearbox, rubber gearhead cover and thermal overload protection – all for greater control. For extra precision, an LED work light illuminates your work area when the trigger is pressed.

For comfort, the double injection body is fitted with rubber grips and there is also an electronic brake. These wrenches produce torque of up to More >


AutoMeter’s DashLink II uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to turn your Android or Apple iOS-compatible device into a virtual dashboard of your favorite AutoMeter gauges.

You can configure DashLink II to display engine functions in real-time- even functions like boost, air/fuel ratio, and transmission temperature the factory gauges don’t show. You can use DashLink II to data-log vehicle performance like 0-60 and ¼-mile times or as a trip computer to track fuel consumption, distance traveled, average engine speed, and drive time.

Installation is simple – insert the module into the vehicle’s OBDII port, install the DashLink II app on your device, sync them, More >


Caterham Cars has launched its latest retro-inspired model – the Super Seven 1600 – after the enormous success of previous heritage cars.

CaterhamSeven Sisters20th March 2020Images © Malcolm Griffiths0044 7768

With prices starting at £33,495, or £325.99 a month for 48 months, for a car in component form, the 135bhp, five-speed Super Seven 1600 fits perfectly into Caterham’s existing heritage line of products as a permanent addition, alongside the wildly popular limited-edition Sprint and Super Sprint models launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the original Super Seven and the early cars created under the historic Caterham badge, More >