A nice seasonal BRITISH RACING GREEN special sale is currently on at Europa Specialist Spares and it’s been extended until January! Can’t be bad.

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Here’s one for our growing number of North American readers from Summit Racing.

The Optima Digital 200+ Battery Maintainer is designed for 12-volt lead-acid, AGM and lithium iron starting batteries, especially smaller motorcycle and powersports batteries.

It has an LED glow bar that indicates charging status. It also has a pre-charge status button with a five-bar display that will show you the approximate state of charge in the battery before you start charging it.

Other features include: • 2-amp charging rate • Energy-saving auto maintain mode for long-term/seasonal storage • Reverse polarity and over-temperature protection

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TRIBUTE TO TONY HILDER b April 1936 d October 2023 by STEVE HOLE

RIP TONY HILDER. Sitting in one of his ‘greatest hits’ the glorious McLaren M1A

I am very saddened to hear of the death recently of gifted designer, the gentleman that was Tony Hilder, aged 87.

The son of the renowned landscape artist and book illustrator (he also did some stunning wartime posters), Rowland Hilder OBE, once described as ‘the Turner of his generation’.

From a young age, Tony was building Austin Seven specials and he was always going to follow an artistic type of career with that pedigree and gained a first-class More >


As we closed for press, we heard that RS Retro, producers of a beautiful Ford RS200 pastiche has changed hands.

The owner of the business is RS200 fanatic, West Midlands-based businessman, Mark Murphy, who has achievable plans for the business, which involves continuing to supply kits and fully built cars while developing the products.

Mark certainly has a fine starting point on which to build. We’ll be bringing you more on this very soon.

In the meantime visit the nicely revamped website at ENDS.


Forget Lanzarote, this is the tour you want!

Great British Sports Cars is offering enthusiasts the opportunity to get a privileged insight into everything that goes into creating the GBS Zero and the associated products that they manufacture.

If you are thinking of buying a GBS Zero, have one already or if you are into your motorsport and engineering and would love to see what the company does then this is the event for you.

See how these are made!

They are taking place on Saturday, February 3 and Thursday, February 8, with various time slots available. Places are limited for each tour so More >


The summer is a distant memory, which means that wash day for your beloved motor is usually a back-breaking combination of cleaning baked-on dirt, brake dust, salt and fallout from your wheels and bodywork. However, for those who like a simpler and easier driveway routine, there’s Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller. A carefully configured wonder cleaner that evicts iron particles from their unwanted tenure on your motor!

Colour-changing iron removers are nothing new, of course. Perfect for paint decontamination and deep cleaning, their addictive and spectacular reaction when they come into contact with near-invisible iron contaminants makes every detailing session more fun. More >


Leading lighting specialist, OSRAM, reminds workshops and factors to focus on bulb sales this winter, especially as the component is more likely to fail in colder temperatures.

With more than 110 years in the automotive sector, renowned lighting specialist, OSRAM, highlights why bulbs are more likely to fail in winter and why factors and workshops should be informing their customers of these facts, so pre-empting bulb failure and improving their bulb sales.

It’s a focus every year as the clocks go back, that factors and workshops should concentrate on their bulb sales and ensure their customers have the best light for the darker nights ahead.

Naturally, drivers will notice if More >


FEEL THE POWER with four new Clarke battery chargers, expanding their already extensive range!


The smallest of the latest additions is the Clarke IBC2 Intelligent 2A Battery Charger. It has a 6-stage fully automated charging cycle, delivering up to 2 Amps of charging. It can be used with all types of 6V/12V lead acid batteries (WET, MF, EFP, STD., GEL and AGM) and LiFePO4 batteries up to 60Ah.

This unit includes detachable battery clamps and ring terminals, fitted with an inline fuse for added usage. It also has several safety features including reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection.

6 Stage Charging Cycle: More >


Laser Tools is proud to unveil its new 2024 tool catalogue, which showcases some of the UK’s most exciting and innovative assortment of tools, workshop equipment, HSE, PPE, and much, much more!

This resource is brimming with hundreds of new items across an exceptionally impressive range of products. The catalogue serves as a visual reference for both technicians and tool enthusiasts, featuring an abundance of in-situ photos enhanced by key icons, guiding you directly to the tools you seek. The updated catalogue features user-friendly sections for easy navigation, including Hybrid/EV, Specialist Automotive, LGV, HGV, Motorcycle, General Hand Tools, Workshop, and an More >


Mini Spares now has its own powdercoated aluminium valve covers available in a choice of colours.

Unlike polished covers these black powdercoated valve covers don’t get that dingey look; simply wipe them and they’re clean (fins and Mini Spares logo remain a cast aluminium finish).

They are made to clear Mini Spares’ hi-lift rockers and come complete with an original style black plastic cap with names of oil companies embossed on it.

The Mini Spares alloy rocker covers are available in: • Blue – ROCKER CVR03 .£43.33 inc VAT • Red – ROCKER CVR02 . .£43.33 inc VAT • Black – ROCKERCVR . More >

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