Webcon now manufactures a heatshield for use on the Weber DCOE and DCO/SP range of carburettors.

On non-crossflow engines, the carburettors are directly above the exhaust manifold. When exhaust heat rises up it can cause fuel handling problems in sidedraft carburettors. The new Webcon Heat Shield helps alleviate these problems by deflecting the heat around the carburettor.

The new shield is superbly made in the UK from 1.6mm stainless steel and is stamped with the Webcon logo to easily distinguish it from the thinner, less effective copies on the market.

The new Webcon Heat Shield can be ordered as part number 9990398700 and More >


The old story: you’ve lost your locking wheel nut key! New from Laser Tools is their Universal Wheel Nut Extractor Set (part number 8636), your solution for tackling stubborn, damaged rounded-off wheel bolts, or locking wheel nuts or bolts when the key is lost.

Designed to meet the needs of service centres, tyre fitting bays and roadside recovery drivers, this set comes in a convenient blow-moulded case for easy storage and transport.

This set is your go-to tool for removing damaged wheel nuts and tackling challenging situations where locking wheel nuts or bolts need to be removed without their key. Fit one More >


Keep warm this winter in the garage, workshop, factory or industrial unit, thanks to the new Clarke Devil 2800PTC-B Ceramic Fan Heater!

The Devil 2800PTC-B is a compact, tough and robust heater with a large variable heat output. It features a composite aluminium & ceramic PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater element which means rapid heating of the element and self-regulating temperature where the heating power is controlled by the air follow and uniform heating with minimal power variation.

With its minimal warm-up time, the Devil 2800PTC-B ceramic heater is an easy and convenient way to quickly warm rooms. The variable heat output More >


Here’s one for our North American readers.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2in High-Torque Impact Wrench makes up to 1600 lb/ft of fastener-busting torque and 1200 lb/ft of bolt-driving torque. At just 7.6in long, the wrench is up to 2in shorter than comparable impact wrenches. That means you can use all of that torque to install or remove fasteners in tight spaces.

Other features of the High-Torque Impact Wrench include:

• Four RPM modes: 0-700; 0 -1300; 0-2000; 0-900/fastening, 0-2000 /0-750 removal • Bolt Removal Mode provides more precise control by automatically slowing to 750rpm once the fastener has been undone • Auto Shut-Off More >


Munro Vehicles (Munro), a manufacturer of all-electric 4x4s has announced the completion of its first pre-production model. The white Series-M Utility, a hard top five-seater 4×4, leaves the factory in East Kilbride just eleven months after Munro unveiled the MK1 prototype model in Edinburgh in December 2022.

The roll-out of the Series-M Utility signifies the next phase of Munro’s strategic vision to expand its production facilities and grow its workforce and bring 300 new jobs to the region by 2027. Achieving scale-up will allow Munro to increase production from 50 vehicles over the next twelve months, to 200 units per annum More >


The Story of Georges Filipinetti and SCUDERIA FILIPINETT

Scuderia Filipinetti was one of those teams that always popped up in international motorsport (usually sportscars and world endurance, in this case) in the sixties without ever really setting the world on fire. However, their cars were always of the highest quality and immaculately turned out.

The man behind the team was a mercurial character, a chain smoker called Georges Filipinetti, who hailed from Switzerland where he was a very successful businessman who also had a passion for motorsport. Described as a property developer he was mainly known for being the Swiss importer for More >


The Little Car Company is legendary for producing beautiful scale replicas of exotic and/or iconic classic cars.

They reported a couple of years ago that they were working on a full-sized version of one of Tamiya’s most popular kits, the radio-controlled The Wild One (58050) first launched in 1985.

The ‘replica’ is called The Wild One Max, is road-legal but like the Tamiya version is battery-powered with a 14.4kWh pack that can give a 124-mile range on tarmac or 69 miles off-road. It even has a top speed of 62mph.

Although the Launch Edition will be available in fully built guise (from £35,000) More >


Burton Power now has a basic RWD conversion kit to install a Zetec E 1.8/2-litre engine into an Escort Mk1 or Mk2 (or Escort-based ki car). The kit suits both Silver Top and Black Top engines including the ST170.

THE CONVERSION KIT CONTAINS: Engine mounts to fit original cross-member – the mounts will line up with bolt holes on the Zetec block to correctly position the engine.

Alloy wet sump pan kit – the original FWD sump will not clear the cross-member. The replacement cast alloy sump with bolt-in baffle is designed to allow easy fitment of the Zetec E engine to More >


The Aston Martin Bulldog, which earlier this year reached 205.4mph, was on display at the British Motor Museum recently.

The William Towns-designed Bulldog’s arrival at the museum, escorted by a Hollywood film crew, came hot on the heels of it being filmed at Classic Motor Cars Ltd (CMC) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, for a major documentary about the history of the car, its restoration by CMC and how it succeeded in its goal of passing 200mph.

At CMC, the film crew interviewed Richard Gauntlett, the son of the former Chairman of Aston Martin, Victor Gauntlett, who managed the restoration of the Bulldog and More >


Cheshire-based Street Track Life is the official UK agent for Japanese tuning company DAMD Styling Effect (pronounced ‘Damned’) and amongst their varied activities are body styling kits for the latest model – and iconic – Suzuki Jimny.

They offer various kits to disguise the Jimny including their Hustler County and Hustler Classic, which typically feature new front splitters, front bumpers, new grilles, revised bonnets and door mirror cappings.

Their latest offering is the ‘Little G’ CRI package, which as the name suggests gives the Jimny the look of a scaled-down Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and you can bling up your ‘Little G’ to your More >

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