This set of three features super-thin jaws and an extra-wide jaw capacity and

is designed to make your work easier and more efficient.

Built for durability and performance: each wrench is expertly crafted from high-quality chrome vanadium, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. The hardened and tempered jaws provide superior strength and reliability for even the toughest jobs. The black oxide finish with a polished face adds a professional touch while offering excellent resistance against corrosion.

Designed for versatility, the set of 3 adjustable wrenches comes in three different sizes to cater to various tasks: the 165mm long wrench has a 32mm maximum jaw More >


Say goodbye to those unsightly dents and dings with the new Gunson Dent Puller Kit (part number 77175). Save time and money by fixing minor dents on your own without the hassle of costly repairs. Used for small, soft dents, this easy-to-use kit can help you restore your car’s smooth exterior without causing any damage to the paintwork.

This is a glue-pulling dent repair system, where a pulling pad is hot-glued to the dent. It is then pulled out using the dent-pulling bridge. Included in the kit is a powerful hot-glue gun: Rated at 40W and powered by a 240V mains More >


FAG Wheel Bearing and Hub Assemblies are pre-lubricated and factory-assembled as a unit – just remove the old assembly and install the new FAG unit. Made from premium bearing-grade steel, the assemblies have a low-friction torque seal to keep dirt and other contaminants out of the bearing and ensure smooth operation. FAG Wheel Bearing and Hub Assemblies have ABS encoder rings installed where applicable, and all parts like screws and bolts needed for installation are included.

Wheel Bearings

When you hear that tell-tale squeal or feel that bad vibration in the steering wheel or brakes that signal a knackered wheel bearing, replace More >


The modern-day solution for an age-old classic, ensuring a revolutionary driving experience without compromising on authenticity.

Mini Sport, a leading name in the realm of classic car enhancements, is proud to unveil its latest innovation: The Mini Sport Electric Power Steering system for the iconic Classic Mini. Bridging the gap between heritage and technology, this new product promises to transform the way Classic Mini enthusiasts and owners experience their beloved vehicles.

Recognising the unique charm and driving feel of the Classic Mini, Mini Sport embarked on a mission to enhance, not change, the classic’s essence. The result? A power steering system that More >



NEOLUX celebrates its 100th anniversary!

For a brand to stay successful for a century gives an indication of the quality of its products and ability to adapt to the industry’s needs. Neolux is one such brand that, this year, is celebrating its centenary and taking a look back on its journey over the past 100 years.

It all began in 1923, when S.A. Lumière from Goldau, Switzerland built a factory in Molsheim, France called La Lampe NEOLUX S.à.r.l. that employed 120 staff and had an annual production of 800,000 light bulbs, creating an exciting new business in the automotive industry. Shortly after, More >


A marvellous subject for Classic Kit Cars & Specials is GRAND PRIX METALCRAFT, which belongs right up with the very best specialist car and racing car metal bashers such as Williams & Pritchard, Wakefields, The Robert Peel Company, Maurice Gomm, Shapecraft and Arch Motor & Engineering.

Founded in 1968, by brothers Peter and Bob (b 1933) Hingerton with their friend Alf Goodenough (b 1934) in North London.

The three had met at aircraft manufacturer Handley Page in Cricklewood in the mid-fifties where they served a seven-year engineering apprenticeship in the company’s metal workshop.  They then moved to Rolls-Royce subsidiary coachbuilders Mulliner Park More >


Burton Power is now stocking the new Bosch Motorsport 0580464200 fuel injection pump which has superseded the Bosch 044 pump. The previous pump was often referred to as the ‘Group A’ pump – but, in fact, it was widely used for all areas of motorsport.

The new inline roller cell fuel pump offers various benefits over its predecessor. Flow rate is increased by 15 per cent and the unit weighs about 15 per cent less than the old 044 pump. It is also designed to handle Ethanol (E85) as well as being suitable for use with RE85 and diesel fuel.

It is More >


Mechanical belt-driven water pumps take a significant amount of power to operate. The Davies, Craig EWP80 Electric Water Pump not only rid your engine of parasitic power loss, it also increases cooling capacity to eliminate heat soak for better engine temperature control and reduced fuel consumption.

The lightweight aluminium EWP80’s design allows for easy mounting into the bottom radiator hose. It delivers 23.78 GPM of coolant flow at 12 volts while drawing only 7.5 amps.

The pump is recommended as a replacement for mechanical water pumps on naturally aspirated engines up to two litres. It’s also ideal for use as an auxiliary More >


The surprisingly warm early autumn weather means that Mazda MX-5 – or kitcars based on same – owners can go on enjoying their cars for longer this year, but when it’s unseasonably warm, the last thing you want is more heat coming through the firewall, floor or transmission tunnel.

That’s where the latest offering from DEI comes in. The DEI Thermal & Acoustic Kit for the 1990-2005 MX-5 insulates the interior from radiating heat but when the weather does change it will keep the interior warmer so you can continue driving long into the winter months.

Annoying sounds like road, tyre and More >


Laser Tools has just introduced its new Heat Inductor Kit (part number 8680), a versatile and powerful tool that utilises advanced heating technology to loosen rusted or seized nuts, bolts, and other components.

Advanced heating technology: the heat inductor uses induction heating (rated at a powerful 1000W), to rapidly and precisely heat targeted metal components. This process effectively expands the metal, breaking the rust or corrosion bond without damaging surrounding materials. This allows for a quick and efficient method of loosening seized or corroded metal components without the need for an open flame. The result is a much safer and more More >

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