Here’s a great little product that I think could be unique. It’s a tiny little cordless cleaner that is brilliant for getting into those small irritating spaces such as between the seats when you drop crumbs down there and you just can’t get them out. This device will …

Ideal for kitcar use but can also be pressed into service around the home, too.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SMALL DEBRIS PICK UP – The built-in debris pick up system makes easy work of cleaning up those annoying small patches of debris that get dragged into the car. Includes a magnetic release debris tray, so quick More >


If you thought that WD40’s Smart Straw idea was a good concept, then you might well like WD40 Flexible (aka EZ-Reach in North America).

It’s claimed to be the first of its kind as the its flexibility takes the ‘straw’ concept a stage further. It’s a bendable tube that keeps its shape and can its 360-degree valve means it can be used upright or upside down!

WD40 is a go-to product for automotive enthusiasts and I don’t think I’ve ever visited a kitcar owner of manufacturer who hasn’t had at least one tin on the shelf of their garage or workshop.

A 400ml More >


A piece of my car care armoury that I could not do without are my Pimp Stixxx!

Sold in the UK via our mates at Killer Brands they will make your car cleaning and detailing much more effective and frankly, satisfying.

Have you ever wrapped a rag around a screwdriver to clean something?

Pimp Stixxx stop all that nonsense and help you clean the road grit and grime from those nooks and crannies.

Pimp Stixxx are a patent pending detailing technology, utilising a series of various straight and angled component handles and seven component cleaning heads, and a rag to help clean tight, hard-to-reach More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this clever Ceramic Headlamp Plug (#HLPLGCER), which is the solution for uprated, high-power headlamp bulbs.

This standard-format headlamp plug is made from heat proof ceramic with a PVC outer sheath and is pre-wired with female spade terminals on 150mm long fly-leads.

WHITE – Low Beam

BLUE – High Beam

BLACK – Earth -12V

A bargain at just £3.60.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


New from Sealey is this one–man professional pneumatic brake bleeding tool.

The pressure range makes the unit suitable for use with ABS systems, while t reservoir holds 3-litres, plenty to flush a whole system without the risk of running dry.

Two drainage method options allow you to drain brake fluid via the brake caliper with the bottle option for replenishing, or brake reservoir pressurising for full brake bleed.

For further details or to view Sealey’s complete range, visit their new website, or alternatively call their Customer Service Department on 01284 757 500.

Copies of their promotions are available from your local stockist, or you More >


Webcon has announced that it has just added a five-port MGB cylinder-head to its range of superlight aluminium cylinder-heads.

The Webcon head has been precision manufactured from lightweight LM25 aluminium to give around a 60 per cent weight saving over the original cast iron head.

This material also provides superior heat dissipation qualities and is significantly easier to modify; furthermore, unlike the cast iron head, it will not crack.

Webcon supplies the head with valve guides already fitted and with hardened valve seats to make it suitable for use with unleaded fuel.

The new MGB five-port aluminium head is available with or without valves More >


Loving the new limited edition series of 1:43 scale models in Corgi’s Vanguards series, which are aimed at the collector.

Within the range there’s everything from a Ford Anglia to a Volkswagen Beetle. Each one comes with a certificate detailing the respective model’s history.

I have already bought the Ford Capri Mk3 in Tibetan Gold as that was the first Capri I ever owned, while the Cortina Savage 3-litre will probably be next on my list.

Latest addition is Don ‘the father of the MGB’ Hayter’s MGB V8 Roadster, which really is a lovely thing with lots of detail.

Prices range from around £28.49 More >


I’m a big fan of German car care brand Koch Chemie and their ProtectorWax is an innovative, high-tech, conserving wax which sets new standards in matters of protection and durability.

It provides an extreme deep gloss, long-term water repellency (lotus effect), easy-to-clean performance, and vehicle drying without micro-beading.

Polyfunctional reactive components and high-quality care components, which bond with the surface as a network, guarantees a long-lasting, high-gloss protection for paintwork and improved visibility on glass during rain (beading).

With regular use, ProtectorWax improves the gloss and protection layer, covers fine scratches on rubber and plastic parts, and protects soft-top convertible fabrics from fading.

The More >


Innovative dash cam manufacturer, VIOFO, is pleased to announce today that it is introducing the most popular product in its stellar range, the A129 Duo, to the UK. As the name suggests, it has a front main camera as well as a rear camera to capture footage both at the front and back of the vehicle.

In addition, the device features GPS Logger and Parking mode and Dual-band Wi-Fi for complete peace of mind. The A129 Duo is available for £129.99 from Amazon UK and $159.90 from Amazon US.

With an F1.6 ‘Aperture 7’ elements glass lens, all footage captured by the front and rear More >


New from car care maestros ValetPRO and absolutely ideal for kitcar owners is their new Drop Top Cleaner spray.

It is pH-neutral and formulated to be effective on all types of convertible hood and is very effective at removing mould and dirt, with biodegradable cleaning agents that help bring life back to a tired hood. A 500ml spray bottle costs just £8.

It is the sister product to ValetPRO’s Drop Top Protector and we’ll be putting the pair of them through their paces on our RPX’s sorry-looking hood and will be running the result of that feature in a forthcoming issue of More >