If you are looking for hood fasteners Woolies Trim has a massive range to choose from ranging from the Durable Dot ‘pop’ fasteners through to the more expensive spring-loaded Tenax fasteners. They have something for every style of car so they are sure to have something suitable for your project

Lift-the-Dot fasteners are very secure and easy to use and there is a wide choice of pegs (studs) to choose from. Woolies’ sockets do say ‘Lift-the-Dot’ on them so they are not to be confused with cheaper versions available.

They also have longer pronged sockets (part no. 07A) which are good if you are using them on thicker fabrics.

Durable Dots are similar to a ‘pop’ fastener found on clothing such as jackets and are the cheapest style of fasteners they stock.

The studs for the car body are only £1.20 for a packet of 10 and the button and sockets are from £3.50 per packet of 10. Available in chrome, black and various sizes.

Turnbuckle fasteners are normally used on earlier vehicles and are the most traditional fasteners Woolies sells.

Usually, you will need part number ‘01’ Single Thickness stud but they also do part number ‘02’ Double Thickness studs if you need a hood and a tonneau, for example, to come together on the same stud.

Tenax fasteners are the most positive fastener Woolies sells, so if you want the most secure fastener these would be the ones to go for. The products are branded with ‘Tenax’ on the socket so are not to be confused with cheaper ‘imitation’ versions.

Woolies also has a range of tools for fitting the various styles of fasteners.

These are ideal for Trade customers as they will get used repeatedly and save time on jobs. They have a Lift-the-Dot Punch (part no. 237), Turnbuckle Punch (part no. 236), Hole cutting Punch for the Tenax fasteners (part no. 391) and a Bed and Punch for the Durable Dots(part no. 238).

More information from 01778 347 347 or www.woolies-trim.co.uk ENDS.