Increasing its product portfolio even further, renowned automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, has introduced a professional heavy-duty Lithium Jump Starter, that has a host of features that workshops will find incredibly useful.

In order to continue to provide technicians with the best tools in order to carry out their tasks with more efficiency, Ring has launched a jump starter (RPPL1000) that is able to withstand the tough conditions of a workshop but is also lightweight (weighs 2kg) and compact, so it can be moved quickly and easily to where it’s needed.

The RPPL1000 jump starter is for 12V systems with 1000A starting capacity and 1500A peak current. This jump starter is capable of performing multiple starts from just one charge and can be used for all petrol vehicles and diesel engines up to 10-litre capacity, so includes motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, vans, commercial vehicles and boats. It will jumpstart Lead, AGM, Gel and Calcium batteries all in under 30 seconds.

It also takes just two hours to recharge the jump starter with an advanced PD60W charger (sold separately) or four hours via the USB-C charging cable, and there’s a handy indicator on the front to show how charged it is, which allows users to know how many jump starts they’re able to do with this piece of equipment.

There is reverse polarity protection if connected the wrong way to the battery terminals and it will sound an audible warning if the battery voltage is too low, less than 1V, indicating the battery is too depleted to be recovered.

It comes complete with a power bank with options USB-A or USB-C and 12V DC outputs, so technicians can quickly charge their phones if needed and also has a light, so the engine bay can be lit up when connecting the jump starter to the battery.

Available at motor factors with an RRP of £299.99. More from ENDS.