As the nights draw in and the temperatures plummet, car owners begin to dread the Sunday morning removal of salt, mud and road grime as part of their car care routine. Luckily, the clever chemists at Dodo Juice have made it all the work of mere moments, with Crudzilla.

As the name suggests, this ballistic blue beast will rip through any accumulated crud, blitzing contaminants at the pre-wash stage to take care of most of the nasties before the contact wash stage begins, making it all much easier and much safer for the paintwork beneath. It’s also fabulous at stripping back older wax layers for those looking to truly cleanse their paintwork for the beginning of a car-care marathon.

It does this by being a super effective Traffic Film Remover, or TFR; an extremely strong and effective cleanser that can cut through the muck and mire of winter while you sit back and watch while it works its magic.

So don’t fight the elements this winter and don’t spend a second longer than you need to removing those caked-on nasties. Crudzilla will do the hard work in a matter of minutes allowing you to spend more time inside, making it the best £11 you’ll spend on pre-wash this winter. Why make things harder than they need to be?

Crudzilla is available in a ready-to-spray 1-litre version or as a great value 5-litre refill.

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