Burton Power has just taken on the Castrol Classic range of lubricants including Castrol Classic XL20w/50 and Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40 engine oil.

Castrol Classic XL20w/50 is for pre-1980 classic cars and motorcycles. It is a premium multigrade engine oil with a good all-round performance having been formulated with high-quality mineral oils plus carefully selected additives. It is ideally suited to older technology and classic car engines that require heavier multigrade oil. Castrol Classic XL20w/50 is sold in the traditional green Castrol one-gallon (4.5L) can and can be ordered as part number CAS1925 at £39.95 (inc VAT).

For younger classics there is Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40 engine oil. This is a high-quality mineral engine oil for vehicles from 1978 to 1993 that requires lighter engine oil, but still requires anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives, such as ZDDP, to provide the high levels of protection necessary for older technology vehicles. It is produced to the original formulation as specified in motor manufacturers’ vehicle handbooks.

It is period-correct and can be used in vehicles either with or without a catalytic converter. It is also suitable for both naturally aspirated and turbo-charged vehicles. Castrol GTX Classic 10w/40 can be ordered as part number CAS1928G in the original Seventies style five litre can at £45.00 (inc VAT).

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