Mini Spares has announced a new version of its lightweight alloy radiator which comes with a fan sensor hole and a new switch for post-1991 classic Minis. Plenty of kitcars, based on the same, included.

This is an upgrade of the popular ARP1110 radiator (which has sold 800 in 3½ years and had great success in both racing and in the Mini Spares eight-port head cars). The new radiator boasts all the same features as the ARP1110, such as:

An original-style header tank manufactured by using new cuprobraze technology which has the advantages of better thermal performance, corrosion resistance, strength and durability plus it is greener for the environment to produce.

Designed for use with distilled water to stop galvanic corrosion caused by cast iron components such as engine block, cylinder heads and water pumps.

Finished in black to look original.

Order the lightweight alloy radiator, with fan sensor switch, as part number ARP1111 at £74.89 inc VAT.

Mini Spares ARP1111 lightweight alloy radiator is suitable for all post-1991 classic Minis except Australian market cars, which had different hose outlets.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.