The GXE1002RACE Powerlite Lightweight Race Alternator is identical to Mini Spare’s GXE1002 competition alternator but with a larger pulley to prevent overcharging on race cars which spend the majority of their time running at high RPM.

The alternator is suitable for all pre-1997 Mini A-Series-powered cars and weighs just 3.2kg with an output of 55-amps.

It has been designed as a direct bolt-on replacement on pre ’97 Minis; however, a multi-position mounting bracket means that it is also ideal for other race cars, custom cars and kitcar applications. It does not take the standard Mini alternator plug so a small amount of More >


Rally Design has announced not one but two new Ford Blackline helical LSDs (limited slip differentials).

Both are competitively priced at £594 inc VAT. The unit that suits the Ford Fiesta ST180-IB6 (part no HLF016) considerably improves the grip and handling of this otherwise rapid vehicle.

They also have a limited quantity of USA Ford units (part no HLF017), available in 28- or 31-spline, and the 9in Ford axle is often utilised in high-power applications.

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Burton Power is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a dealer of the recently launched Powerflex Heritage range of polyurethane bushes for ‘modern classic’ cars from the past thirty years.

The Heritage range uses modern-day materials to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the modern classic car. Unlike previous bush ranges, each application in the Heritage range has its own shore hardness designation to ensure improved suspension performance without discomfort or vibration.

The bushes come in the new subtle ‘Classic’ Dark Grey colour to retain the standard OE look of rubber whilst offering the performance and longevity of More >


Kärcher, the world’s leading cleaning solutions specialist, is pleased to showcase its versatile range of Outdoor Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners, specifically designed for cars, garages, gardens and other tasks too tough for indoor vac.

These robust machines are capable of taking on any task, wet or dry, and the powerful suction makes light work of everything from dust and sand to mud and gravel, using minimum effort and maximum speed.

The Outdoor Vacs can seamlessly jump from mud and gravel to dust and sand or even liquid spills without a pause in the intense suction power. The range includes different container More >


To complement its recently reintroduced 56mm and 63mm mesh air filters, Webcon has announced that a 70mm version is now available as well.

The 70mm filter is superbly manufactured in the UK and features the same three-layer mesh technology as proven on the previously introduced mesh filters.

The 70mm filter is suitable for Weber 48DCO/SP and 48IDA carburettors, as well as other 70mm O.D. airhorns. It can be ordered as part number AFM4870.

AFM4870 is simple to fit, offers excellent filtration with the minimum of restriction, and is especially useful on 48IDA downdraft carburettors to prevent the ingress of debris when the car More >


If you depend on your TIG welder for your work – or hobby – you’ll already know not to use tap water on its own as a coolant. If you do the insides of your heater rad would end up in a sorry state!

However, even a recommended coolant can be improved upon. DEI TIG Chill Additive is designed to be compatible with all types of coolant and coolant/water mixtures and can even be used with plain water

DEI TIG Chill will:

• increase the thermal transfer of the coolant. • extend the coolant system life by reducing deposits. • reduce cavitation.

With winter coming More >


The B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame 3-Pin Adaptor is designed to convert the B-G Racing Aluminium Camber Frame (BGR307) into a 3-Pin hands-free measuring device.

The adaptor is produced from aluminium with a durable, black powdercoated finish and retails at £53.99 inc VAT.

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Very impressed by Carnauba Spray Wax from the marvellously-named, Mr Bling car care.

It’s an effective product good on any painted surface, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface.

An easy-on; easy-off wax that also has the ability to protect surfaces that it’s applied too, while also giving a strong hydrophobic barrier against rain. It beads well. I know because we’ve had lots of rain!

The deep gloss shine was mirror-like and Carnauba Spray Wax is a water-based environmentally-friendly product with no harsh chemical, abrasives or silicones, meaning it’s bodyshop safe.

The formula contains T1 carnauba wax and natural oils that aid that ‘just More >


Oil coolers are designed to cool the oil in high performance and racing car engines. The cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed plates. The oil-ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide air-ways, see photos below. Read more about Oil Cooler design and how they work in Merlin Motorsport’s article RACE CAR OIL SYSTEMS – AN OVERVIEW

The Castle Combe-based emporium supply Mocal, Setrab and PWR oil coolers which are oil-to-air coolers. The design of these oil coolers is beautifully simple and efficient.

Find out more here MOCAL, SETRAB AND PWR OIL COOLERS or call 01249 782 101 More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this clever Ceramic Headlamp Plug (#HLPLGCER), which is the solution for uprated, high-power headlamp bulbs.

This standard-format headlamp plug is made from heatproof ceramic with a PVC outer sheath and is pre-wired with female spade terminals on 150mm long fly-leads.

WHITE – Low Beam

BLUE – High Beam

BLACK – Earth -12V

A bargain at just £3.60.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.