The modern-day solution for an age-old classic, ensuring a revolutionary driving experience without compromising on authenticity.

Mini Sport, a leading name in the realm of classic car enhancements, is proud to unveil its latest innovation: The Mini Sport Electric Power Steering system for the iconic Classic Mini. Bridging the gap between heritage and technology, this new product promises to transform the way Classic Mini enthusiasts and owners experience their beloved vehicles.

Recognising the unique charm and driving feel of the Classic Mini, Mini Sport embarked on a mission to enhance, not change, the classic’s essence. The result? A power steering system that retains the ‘kart’-like feel of the Mini while offering all the conveniences of modern-day technology.

Key Features of the Mini Sport Electric Power Steering System:


Stealth Installation: Designed to be completely hidden underneath the dashboard, ensuring the Mini’s classic look remains untouched.


Performance-Driven: Speed-sensitive adjustments allow drivers to tailor the level of steering assistance based on their preference.


No Structural Changes: The system utilises CNC laser-cut bespoke brackets for a perfect fit, without any need for drilling or altering the Mini’s structure.


Energy Efficient: Unlike traditional hydraulic systems, the electric motor only uses power when needed, ensuring efficient performance.

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